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Proxyclick overview

Proxyclick enables companies of all sizes to manage the welcoming of their visitors.

Three applications:
1. Dashboard: web application for reception, security, staff...
2. Welcome: kiosk app for visitors
3. Today: smartphone app for employees

Main features are:

pre-registration of visitors

overview of visitors of the day

emergency list

badge printing

visitor check-in kiosk screen (on iPad, or other (touch)screen)

automatic e-mail sent to visitor (with access map)

automatic notification to host upon arrival of visitor

picture of visitor


easy import/invite of staff members

Visitor management is fully web-based and hence easy to deploy across different locations. It is also very intuitive and functions as a collaborative platform.

Visitors are impressed and feel welcome: they receive an email with meeting info (incl. access map and parking place number if relevant); people at the reception know their name and visit details

In one click, you have access to the emergency list, i.e. the list of all visitors present in your company. As Visitor Management is web-based, you can access the list from any device connected to the internet.

Proxyclick's visitor management comes with a number of time-saving functionalities. Examples include: automatic notifications to visitor and host; possibility to print badges in advance; possibility to create groups of visitors, address book for fast selection of recurring visitors.

All data on your visitors is available through Excel exports. As an office manager / facility manager, you can retrieve any information you want.

Languages can be added upon request
- Web Application currently available in: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Vietnamese and German
- Kiosk Application currently available in 18 languages
(Mar 2016)


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch and 16 other languages, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
Proxyclick screenshot: iPad kiosk integrated in reception deskCase study: Visitor management at food manufacturing sitesProxyclick screenshot: Welcome, Proxyclick front desk appProxyclick screenshot: Customize text, background and accent colorProxyclick screenshot: Make different visitors sign different agreementsProxyclick screenshot: Multi-tenants Welcome screenProxyclick screenshot: Set-up your kiosk so that frequent visitors request a permanent pass (QR Code)Proxyclick screenshot: Picture is sent to host at check-in and can be printed on the badgeProxyclick screenshot: Make sure visitors are who they say they are by inviting them to check-in with a QR codeProxyclick screenshot: Enable staff to communicate back with front desk with standard messagesProxyclick screenshotProxyclick screenshot: Nicely designed invitation sent to visitors in advance includes map, instructions, optional pdf, QR code and meeting detailsProxyclick screenshot: Text message reminder sent 2 hours before the visitProxyclick screenshotProxyclick screenshot: Fully flexible badge editorProxyclick screenshot: Example of a black and white badgeProxyclick screenshotProxyclick screenshotProxyclick screenshotProxyclick screenshotProxyclick screenshotCase study:  Visitor management at the workspace of tomorrowHow to create custom flows with Proxyclick?

Proxyclick reviews

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Ease of use
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Mark Hill

An enhanced visitor experience driven by the team's insatiable appetite to innovate!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-29
Review Source: GetApp

Above all I am most impressed by the continuous innovation that accompanies a Proxyclick installation - it just doesn't ever stop and in my mind demonstrates just how committed and passionate the team is about their product. Proxyclick has elevated visitor management well beyond the simple act of registration... and incorporated notions of security, health and safety, brand promotion, customer communication and privacy. It is also the most globally-minded system we have found on the market... not just by incorporating multiple languages but also by paying special attention to the importance of design. The result is that users of any nationality can use Proxyclick very intuitively (at the kiosk or in the back office). The set up is simple, and the settings are very configurable (without adding needless complexity) to give administrators the flexibility required to customise the product by client (eg, personalised visitor badges or registration flows etc.). In an age where digital technology threatens to eradicate the role of people... it is very refreshing to have a digital technology on the market that compliments our teams' efforts on the ground and ensures they can deliver a more dynamic visitor experience where human interactions thrive.

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René Verhoef

Proxyclick - Must have for Frontdesk

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-08
Review Source: GetApp

I am René Verhoef, 25y old and a active user of Proxyclick. my first experience with Proxyclick was implementing it for the company i worked for, as IT specialist i found Proxyclick very user friendly, the interface & information available on the website are very easy to understand, but as IT specialist there is enough in dept data to work with. This makes Proxyclick a unique tool for both the new and experienced employees of a company. The proxyclick expirience leaves a satisfied visitor, and saves the frontdesk a lot of registration time, this is why it pays itself back within weeks of use. on top of that it gives the Building service a unique enmergency list that's always up-to-date and user friendly, this alone is worth the buy. iv'e saw Proxyclick in company's from 10 to over a 100 employees, even as replacement for a frontdesk/reception. there is a lot of room for this tool to be a Must have for companys. Professional user expirience Enmergencylist + App Notification SMS / E-mail on arrive Visitor badge / security by photo friendly user interface very helpfull support desk

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Michael Ditlbacher

Great impact through utilising technology on customer experience

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-09-12
Review Source: Capterra

Using Proxyclick is so easy to use and will have a massive impact on the service you provide to your customers. It is a one stop shop for hosts to book their visitors in which then provides the visitors the information about the location and how they get there. This will not only make it easier form a process perspective but also provides the visitor the important information on how to get to the location or any other specific information. As well does it provide the front of house team all the data and the opportunity to focus on providing a great service and experience to its arriving visitor. The Proxyclick team has been great in helping us to launch this product as well being a great help providing feedback and suggestions on utilising it to the best where really quick in responding to any challenges or questions. Positive pre-arrival email Pre-arrival SMS sent 2 hours before Email to hosts advising of visitor arrival contains photo of the visitor so they can easily find them in reception. Email to hosts allows hosts to communicate with reception by advising if they will be down in 5, 15 mins, or with a text message. Iphone app for hosts allows visitor arrivals to be sent as a push announcement with photo and similar reception communication tools as contained with the email SMS sent to host on visitor arrival Allows for reception teams to use tablets to check in visitors Allows for self-service check in through standalone terminals Emergency evacuation list can be printed to identify those visitors who have check in Once arrived at the destination the reception team is already awaiting the the guest and will be able to quickly sign him or her in as the details are already in the system. At the same time the host will receive an email or message informing him or her of the arrival of his guest which will provide the picture of the guest and also option to respond to the reception on how quick the host will be there.

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Ezra Olubi

Proxyclick gives my organization a professional look.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

Proxyclick makes it easy for my organization to keep an efficient and updated record of people visiting my company on a daily basis.While also offering us special benefits like being able to follow-up and send reminders to visitors about their next appointment.Proxyclick makes it easy finding details about a visitors previous visit records with my organization by simply searching their name. Overall,Proxyclick enable visitors see my organization as professional and organized,while also keeping the work environment secured.I like the look of Proxyclick and a lot of our visitors have found it intuitive to use ,without needing much guidance while filling out their details on Proxyclick.I like the interactive dashboard which makes it easy for us as staffs within the organization to be informed when we have any visitor looking to see us. Ability to add in extra detail to a visitor information like comments and email addresses makes it easy to efficiently follow up with visitors in future,if there is a need to.

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Kerryann Mann

The ability to keep track of who is in the building & discretion from other clients is good.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-01-17
Review Source: Capterra

Privacy of who is in the buildingIt does away with pens constantly being accidently taken. There is little upkeep, apart from ensuring the software is updated or issues may arise. It's easy to book in people who have already attended the site.

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4-tier pricing: Free - Medium (100$/month) - Large (200$/month) - Enterprise (500$/month)
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Proxyclick features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Audit Trail
Automatic Notifications
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

Compliance Management (195 other apps)
Custom Fields (185 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (248 other apps)
Data Import/Export (243 other apps)
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Additional information for Proxyclick

Key features of Proxyclick

  • List of visitors of the day
  • Compatible with most badge printers
  • Automatic email/SMS notifications (to host, security...)
  • Emergency list (accessible from everywhere)
  • Picture of visitor (pic on badge)
  • Check-out enforcement (email notification to the host)
  • Visitor screen (iPad compatible, customization possible)
  • Invitation e-mail sent to visitor (incl. logo and Ggle Maps)
  • Address book (for fast selection of recurring visitors)
  • Add attachment to a visitor
  • Manage group of visitors
  • Easy import or invite of all staff members
  • Custom fields (drop-down, free text or yes/no)
  • Visitors sign agreement on kiosk (NDA...)
  • Import or invite colleagues to join
  • Customize kiosk (image, text, logo, accent color)
  • Recurring visitors
  • Badge editor (fully flexible)
  • Watch list (black list)
  • Calendar integration (Outlook, Google Calendar...)
  • ID scanning (coming soon)
  • Create visits from Calendar
  • Smart Flows
  • Multi-locations
  • Multi-tenants
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Professional image, no more logbook lying at reception desk, replace it by an iPad
Fully flexible online badge editor
Impress your visitors with SMS reminder 2 hours before meeting, branded checkin screen and more
Impress your employees with a SMS or an interactive email informing them that their visitor has arrived
Align welcoming of visitors across all locations of your company
No long term commitment, easy to set-up, 30 days free trial