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Clarizen for On Boarding New PBM Clients

Verified Reviewer  17th of November 17:14

MedImpact is a Pharmacy Benefits Management company with about 1001 to 5000 employees. Clarizen was selected to be the Project Management tool for the Implementation Services business unit. The Implementation Services team did not have a cohesive way to manage the New Client implementation projects. The existing tools and manual processes limited the capacity of new client projects that the business unit could accommodate and made it difficult to track down related emails, files, and decisions. If our sales teams have a really good year we would exceed our capacity to implement new business. For sustainability we had to move out of the dark ages of project management, Clarizen was our “light at the end of a tunnel”. Clarizen offers the best of social media, project management principles, work-flow automation, and an intuitive user interface design. Clarizen “Partners” with you to provide the best the tool can offer to improve your daily operations and reduce manual processes. The Clarizen Customer Success Team provides the best support and guidance that I have seen in years. This growing company is setting the bar for business to business relationships and project management solutions. While this tool was selected for one small business unit we are expecting that the tool will be used by many other business units as the versatility of the tool can accommodate their project management business needs.

Pros: Key features that we use: Salesforce integration; document or file management integration with Box; social collaboration; dashboards; automated notifications; work flow rules; customer collaborator feature; scheduled reports; project highlight reports; Gantt Chart and Road map widgets; customizable app plug-ins; and customizations galore.

Cons: Areas for improvement: Out of the box Clarizen offers "canned reports" but it was not easy to learn how to create the customized reports that I needed for my business unit. It would have been nice to have a report suite that contained examples tied to a business question or objective in order to better understand the application and use of the canned or dashboards reports. The Salesforce integration model did not provide the level of API security that our IT Security team required. The tool did not offer the data file security required by our IT Security team to use the Clarizen standard data file management features so we had to integrate with Box for file management.

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Success in Practice

Verified Reviewer  6th of November 09:50

I have used this application for around 3 months. WoW is here. I can analyze data I have on Live. The organization I work for have decent projects in the portfolio and we spent too much time talking something that we can actually find directly on Clarizen. Right now, data is here, it saves lots of my time and also my colleagues. I love the People module which allows me to do resource balancing and Dashboard module as well. There are more great things in this App.

Pros: - Live, everyone sees the same data set. - Be able to share reports/dashboards outside the Clarizen

Cons: - Sometimes the system shows slow responses when I send requests/comments.

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Clarizen's deep set of tools

Verified Reviewer  30th of October 13:35

We've used Clarizen for a few years now, and it's made a huge difference. I came in with project management experience, but many of our managers were just winging it. We moved from a simple time-tracking application to Clarizen's full fledged Project Management. That was a bigger step than most were ready for, but it's come into its own. We have visibility to things we didn't have before, and can make data-driven decisions instead of gut-feeling our way along. I've been able to prove that instinct was not the correct choice in many cases. Clarizen won't tell you what to do, but whatever you want to do, you can probably do it with Clarizen. Other packages I've used gave you a methodology with their software, but Clarizen is flexible, nimble, and robust.

Pros: -Lots of customization -SQL-like API calls -Detailed data -Does what it says on the tin

Cons: -Lack of a canned process for organizations that don't know where to start -I wish it was cheaper :)

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Verified Reviewer  14th of October 13:44

UX Designer (Computer Software company, 51-200 employees)

Yes it is project management but the way licensing works along with a lack of customization (I just want to see the tasks I am assigned) make this tool the most convoluted and stressful part of my job. Why can't I receive an email when I have a new task? I can't pin open the sidebar navigation so i am constantly opening it to figure out what I need to go to. Document management is atrocious.

Pros: it says it is capable of doing many thing

Cons: It doesn't do any of them well

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Clarizen Ease of Use

Verified Reviewer  28th of August 19:22

We use it to manage time and project data for our services and support businesses. Mostly for time and task tracking but also model our finances.

Pros: Flexibility and ease of use especially in terms of mass editing. Easy to deploy and get going.

Cons: Financial tracking vs specified monthly targets.

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Clarify your projects with Clarizen

Verified Reviewer  28th of August 12:50

I've worked in SMB IT for a long time and I've used a bunch of the packages out there for help desk management and to manage projects. Now, I work as the internal IT guy for a marketing agency, and we needed a way to manage our projects, too. After reviewing all the stuff we could find, we decided on Clarizen because it was the only one that did everything we wanted. It was only after having Clarizen for a few months that we really began to realize its power. Under the hood, you can do so much with it. Most of the packages I had used basically provided a method along with their software that you had to work under. It wasn't a bad idea, but Clarizen offers an open environment that you can customize to your business. We went from only tracking time, to having project outlines and templates, looking forward rather than only backward, and metricing our entire operation. Clarizen offers a ton of built in ways to manage, but also allows for customization so you can answer decision makers' questions. We leverage the API and also the internal coding you can do within the application to create information valuable to our users. Even out of the box, Clarizen but our old ways to shame. Finally, I've never gotten better support, no kidding. Our CSM is always responsive, and the programmers have had to answer a litany of my API questions.

Pros: -Great support -Customization -Well-built data object -If you have no project management, it will get you bootstrapped into basic PM skills and methods.

Cons: -Kind of pricey, but worth it. -Since it doesn't tell you how to work, you might need to make it work the way you want. -Not Fire-and-forget, you're going to need an admin with some basic programming skills, but these can be learned post-adoption

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Clarizen: Perpetual Motion Towards Great

Verified Reviewer  22nd of August 16:28

I started using Clarizen 18 months ago to manage multiple complex projects and to corral a pool of shared resources. Out of the gate, Clarion performed well. But what I am most impressed with is the perpetual evolution towards great. Updates are delivered on a regular basis and deliver meaningful improvements.

Pros: At its core, Clarion is a strong project portfolio management tool. The social media element is seamlessly incorporated and has added a valuable dimension to project management. The resource management component is strong and just got stronger with the Summer '15 update. And, most important, Clarizen provides a high-availability SaaS platform. They haven't left me hanging.

Cons: I am still waiting for a mechanism to assign multiple managers to a task. Our projects span multiple shifts. I need a mechanism to allow all shift supervisors to adjust tasks and sub-tasks as needed. The pricing model could be improved. The number of customizations are limited in all except the Enterprise package. We use all three customizations in our package and, at times, turn some off so we can turn others on. Surely a better balance can be reached.

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Clarizen a great Project Management Tool

Verified Reviewer  18th of August 12:56

My team has used Clarizen for a little over a year now. I cannot say enough good things on how well it has done for my team and organizing the implementations of our Software. My team from an employee level up to management are able to use Clarizen to run their individual days and teams. We implement time and attendance software for clients and use Clarizen to organize our Projects with our specific timelines that we have. Clarizen makes it easy for employees to know exactly where they are at with all of their clients and allows management to easily track the progress of their teams.

Pros: Customization. I cannot say enough on how exceptional the Clarizen technical team is with taking our needs and making them happen in the system. One specific example is I formulated a scoring system for incoming clients that based upon how they were going to use our system would be given a "complexity" score so that I could assign higher level clients to my best employees and lower level clients to my lesser experienced employees. Clarizen took my request that I submitted and within a month had the entire scoring system automated and up and running giving me a fantastic tool to use daily.

Cons: Pricing. Clarizen needs to be able to add options on as fixed costs instead of raising the overall monthly rate. My team doesn't use every aspect of the program so when I need more of just one option in the system I shouldn't have to pay for a higher level across the board with more of all their options when I need just one. I am hoping that can change in the future to meet individual client needs.

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Customer support

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Clarizen is a great tool for our PMO

Verified Reviewer  13th of August 15:16

Clarizen is a versatile an flexible offering that one will not regret implementing into their organization. I often say to people that ask what the best part of Clarizen is that "Clarizen wraps around your business processes rather than force you to bend them around it". This has got to be the most important consideration in my opinion. There are many great features of Clarizen, the API, interact, social collaboration and much more. I would suggest to anyone looking for a new software tool or replacing an existing to get on the free trial, speak with a Success Manager at Clarizen and really give it a good test drive.

Pros: Flexible, API, Interact, Social Collaboration and easy customization.

Cons: There are not many and I should point out here that Clarizen is actively enhancing this product and very receptive to their clients issues and recommendations.

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Customer support

Great product - Fantastic support!

Verified Reviewer  12th of August 21:53

Area Manager, Services - Pacific Region (Computer Software company, 201-500 employees)

Clarizen is a great product with fantastic support. Their webinars are great examples of how to do things right, they have Q&A sessions that anyone can join and get all of your questions answers. Keep up the great work gang.

Pros: Great support and webinars, fantastic innovation in the product.

Cons: So many features can make it hard to use for a none technical person.

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Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Powerful, Flexible and Robust.

Verified Reviewer  17th of January 10:55

Very robust software with great flexibility, having actual account representatives and live support would make it unbeatable. Clarizen has an extensive learning center and an abundant access to live interactive webinars, however the automated process is not a replacement for the interaction of a personal account representative. With an account representative and a live onboarding session Clarizen would earn a 5 star rating.

Pros: Robust "out of the box" features Flexible capable of custom configurations to match proprietary needs Interactive team collaboration with Knowledge base benefit Extensive training and live webinar support Custom services available

Cons: Lack of live account support for other than large licence users


Verified Reviewer  14th of January 16:10

while clarizen’s feature looks great from the outside, our experience is that they the product is convoluted and we did not get effective support or responsiveness to our support requests in a timely or complete way. For us the time and money invested in clarizen has not paid off. buyer beware.

Pros: The platform can do anything.

Cons: it takes a huge time investment to set up processes that fit our use cases. customer support was limited in their ability to respond to our requests.

Response from Clarizen

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to meeting with you to ascertain your needs. Please watch for a meeting request from your customer success manager. Clarizen holds customer success as a top priority.

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Clarizen Does it All

Verified Reviewer  16th of September, 2014 10:06

Clarizen is an intuitive, easy to learn and professional cloud based project management application that will improve the effectiveness of any organization. You can use it on your computer, tablet or smartphone and gives you everything you need to create and monitor a project. It also tracks staff timesheets, project budgets, resource allocation, Gantt charts, roll ups project progress reports and integration to Salesforce as well. They have thought of just about everything, their support and training is stellar and their people are always there to help and support their clients. You can't do better than Clarizen!

Pros: Feature rich, easy to learn, mutli platform, great UI and reporting.

Cons: None

All in one place

5th of February, 2014 08:10

Clarizen brings all of our previously disparate levers and knobs into one package. Since deploying, they have constantly upgraded and innovated to allow for more capability and smoother operation. The API has proven strong for us, and the customization means we can use it exactly how we like. Mobile and Outlook integration have proven valuable as well. We can present our users with multiple ways to use the technology so that they can pick the method they feel most comfortable with. My remark to our VP: "We're going to put success right out in front of you, where you can grab it." Our support has been excellent. Multiple people from Clarizen have supported us not only through the transition and rollout, but well beyond. When I need support, I get it, fast.

Pros: Vast behind-the-scenes tech support just about any environment, from micro to huge. You can use it how you want, you don't have to adopt a philosophy for your processes unless you want to do so. The best software support I get.

Cons: Reports and Templates, while great to have, need an interface overhaul and greater capability. Visualization of data could be better.

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Great Project Management tool

27th of December, 2013 15:56

Clarizen is the most versatile saas solution for all kinds of project managers. It's highly collaborative and communication solution.

Pros: Collaboration, social communication, professional project management features, cross platform, easy to use, powerful reporting module.

Cons: A little bit slow, no iPad integration.

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Terrific Product with Outstanding Customer Service

13th of December, 2013 06:49

I highly recommend Clarizen for my clients. The ability to start running out of the box, or customize the product to your exact specifications provides the ultimate flexibility. The product can evolve with your company, allowing you to maintain one product as your company grows. The customer service is unparalleled. Webinars, forums, and online resource tools prove to be invaluable resources when customizing this product.

Three way integration with Intacct and Salesforce works great

27th of March, 2013 16:50

With Clarizen's integration to Salesforce anyone with appropriate access can check the status of a project without having to pick up the phone and call our delivery team - visibility into project status is right there in Salesforce. If you happen to use Intacct Cloud Financials you will be even more pleased as time and expenses can flow from Clarizen to the accounting system. This three way integration has been a huge win for our company

Pros: good support. UI is very intuitive and easy to use the first iteration of the Salesforce plugin was so-so, the newest version is years ahead

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Reporting is not flexible enough

1st of March, 2013 23:55

Decent product overall and cheaper price, but you sacrifice a lot of functionality when compared to other offerings in the space.

Pros: More functionality that tools like Basecamp, Asana, etc. Web-based Easy Setup

Cons: Support is not very helpful. Very little guidance in best practices with their software. Reporting is not nearly as flexible as other tools I've used in the past (AtTask).

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Clarizen 5.4 review

25th of May, 2012 09:12

Clarizen brings peace of mind in a fast paced environment - we create multimedia animations - and makes sure everyone can focus on their key competences. Since we use Clarizen, we feel we have more control over our business, margins, reporting and overall customer success. Using Clarizen and customizing it is straightforward, for project managers using common tools (MS Project), Clarizen is a very easy to understand and use solution. The most important thing that impressed me is the proximity of the Clarizen team. They are quick with to the point answers, very accessible and open to listen to your challenges.

Pros: Clarizen gives you all ins and outs of project management and goes way beyond. If you go the extra mile and link it to, you get so much more customer insight - relevant data is shared amongst your entire company to every department.

Cons: Getting more reports out of Clarizen is a bit of a struggle if you want to step beyond the standard offering. It requires some tinckering with an Excel plugin, which does the job - frankly. That is a point of improvement Clarizen is very aware of.

Project Visibility inside SFDC

3rd of February, 2012 09:07

I have just completed our Clarizen and SFDC integration a few weeks ago. We are very satified with the results! We have 100s of active projects - these dashboards allows our Services Organization to better manage our business. The Clarizen-SFDC integration allows anyone from our Sales, Customer success, or our Support teams to see up to date project data. If you're familiar with Microsoft Project you can easily find your way around this app in minutes. Definitely recommend

Pros: I especially like their design of allowing Clarizen Projects to be linked to Opportunities, Accounts, and/or Campaigns.

Cons: Pricing a bit high

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Finally a real project management app for Salesforce

3rd of February, 2012 09:03

great to see integration with Clarizen. We have used Clarizen for years and recommend it to all our clients. We are always asked for solutions that integrate with and now we have a solution we can refer with confidence.

Pros: provide SFDC Dashboards to your Executive team using Clarizen project data

Clarizen - Work and Project Management

28th of December, 2011 12:13

The best project management solution for team work! Clarizen's cloud based SaaS software is easy to use, without needing any technical support. It is the best choice for Project Managers who run multiple projects and/or have a team of people working from different locations. Real time visibility means everyone can see exactly what the team is working on, ensuring that time and resources are not wasted. Managers get a full picture of the project, while team members only see what they need to know. Communication is easy with built in email, chat and notes. Everyone's tasks are clearly defined and deadlines are visible, via the Dashboard. A project can be planned, with a time line and milestones, so it is easy to see where you are holding, and which tasks have been assigned to each team member. In general, Clarizen's project management program can help you become more efficient by ensuring that all team members have the same information, and time and money are not being wasted.

Pros: Progress reports and reviews with real time data. Easy collaboration and communication between team members. Great online support team and webinars. Easy to track budget, time and resources from the same home page.

Cons: Clarizen's features mean that if you have a small, simple project that only needs a team of 2 or 3, Clarizen is probably too powerful.

I would highly recommend it to other PMs

17th of October, 2011 20:05

I'm using Clarizen to plan and execute my projects. I have a small project management business and a small team, but we really appreciate how easy it is to use the Clarizen software and how it helps us use our time and manage our resources so effectively. I would highly recommend that other PMs try the free trial.

Pros: Easy to use

Hands on Clarizen Project Management tool

3rd of May, 2011 17:20

After using clarizen for about 5 months, is has clearly helped us to have a mothe deep follow up in the planning and execution of our projects. It presents a small difference as a desktop tool as MS Project or Merlin for Mac. However it covers most of the needs to monitor a project.

Pros: Its road map view is a great way to see the big picture, the intarface is easy and intuitive for a project manager. And as a web tool all changes are inmediately shown to all users.

Cons: The philosophy of use is a little different as a desktop tool, and it takes a little time to get use to it. If the internet conectios is aslow is very paintful to work with the tool.

Clarizen Project Management Application

4th of March, 2011 13:35

After reviewing many PM applications, we chose Clarizen based upon its features and cost. Almost two year later, we are still happy with the application and its continual upgrades.

Pros: Ease of use for both administrators, clients and individual users Accessibility of information about new features - i.e. webinars, Clarizen staff, website tutorials Easy update features to keep everyone involved with the project up-to-date

Cons: Wish there was a feature that would accrue paid time off

Review by Software Project Management

18th of January, 2010 07:11

The best web-based project management software I worked with so far.

Pros: Scheduling, Task Management, MS Project Import, External Users, GUI Design, Usability Features, Support

Cons: Price: The first and the most important issue is Clarizen pricing. It is also a second and third most important issue respectively. Clarizen is expensive. It’s very expensive. History, Risk Management, Item Workflow

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