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SendPost logo

Cloud-based email verification platform.

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SendPost provides an Email API and SMTP relay for developers, software businesses, and ESPs with tools, expertise, and support needed to reliably deliver, measure and optimize transactional emails.

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Email Verifier logo

Accurate Email Verification Tool

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Email Verifier is a web based email verification tool that helps improve your deliverability rates by reducing bounces, getting rid of spam-trap email addresses, complainers, and perform MTA, Domain and Risk checks. Our unique email verification and email validation processes are like no other to help you accurately verify email.

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UniSender logo

Marketing teams and campaigns

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Unisender is a solution for challenging email tasks. This is an all-in-one marketing platform for personalized email and SMS campaigns.
Unisender features ready-to-use email templates, the next generation email-editor, and time-saving marketing automation tools.

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HCL Notes logo

email client software for managing contacts and calendars

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HCL Notes is an email management software designed to help employees access emails, calendars, and client contacts via a unified platform. It enables professionals to enhance user experience, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, and streamline communication management operations.

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Zoho SalesInbox logo

Email client built exclusively for salespeople

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Zoho SalesInbox is an email client used by salespeople that automatically prioritizes and organized emails according to the deals that matter most

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Leadcamp logo

Your lead was ready to buy, and you missed it.

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Give your sales team the unfair advantage of knowing which leads they should focus on based on real-time engagement.

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Ideagen Mail Manager logo

Email management platform

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Mail Manager is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that helps project and client-based businesses manage email communications. The tool enables users to search through emails that have been sent by one particular client or project. The system flags relevant emails and provides filing options as soon as they arrive.

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Revenue Grid logo

One-stop-shop for your sales engagement and analytics

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Users also considered
Mail Backup X logo

Email backup and management software

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Mail Backup X is an email management software designed to help individuals and professionals across SMBs to run remote backups for data on mail clients or services including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and Google Workspace, among others. Administrators can utilize the dashboard to receive alerts and notifications when mail backup is turned off for team members.

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InboxAlly logo

InboxAlly is the Ultimate Email Deliverability Tool!

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InboxAlly is a tool that helps email marketers stop their emails from landing in spam. It does this by teaching email providers to put your messages in the Inbox. This results in a dramatic increase in your open rates and your bottom line.

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Email Monster logo

Never reveal your email address again

learn more
Email Monster acts as a firewall for your email address. You never have to reveal your real email anymore.

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Spark logo

Email management solution

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Spark is an AI-powered email assistant that helps users get organized, so they can get back to doing what matters most.

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TigerLRM logo

All-In-One CRM with Sales Enablement Software built-in!

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TigerLRM is a CRM with built-in Sales Enablement designed by sales leaders for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Chaos Intellect logo

Business email software and CRM

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Chaos Intellect is a business-class email and contact management program. Use our powerful contact address book with appointment schedule, task management, and email all linked back to the appropriate contact. Send emails to groups of contacts or distribution lists.

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Hey logo

Email Management

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Hey is an email app that allows you to easily screen your emails by setting rules for what constitutes an important message and what does not.

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Leads And CRM logo

Generate leads and manage with inbuilt CRM like a Pro.

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Start saving tons of time and money by putting your lead generation on autopilot with just minutes of work.

Generate huge lists of potential customers with a few clicks and get their email addresses so you can reach out to them.

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ScriboWriter logo

Cloud-based AI writing assistant

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ScriboWriter is a Generative AI writer designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your writing workflow.

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Enabler logo

Enterprise-level email marketing software

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Enabler is an enterprise-level email marketing software which supports email consultancy, email campaign management, and email template design services

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Helpmonks logo

Shared inbox solution

learn more
Helpmonks is a team email management solution which supports an intelligent collaborative email management approach by enabling users to control and prioritize team emails by assigning them. The platform is also designed to transform the team’s email inbox into a powerful sales tool.

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SuprSend logo

Push notification software

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SuprSend is a robust notification platform that can enhance the product's communication capabilities. Teams can create and send transactional and engagement notifications across multiple channels with just one API.

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Spotzee logo

Easy to use email marketing service

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An email marketing software that helps businesses create newsletters, manage contacts and create RSS-driven email campaigns, surveys, and autoresponders. It allows to see opens, clicks, bounces, successful deliveries, unsubscribes, spam reports, social shares, message forwards and more.

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eGain Mail logo

Pioneer in web-based email response management

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eGain Mail, a web-based email management software for customer service, helps companies automate and personalize responses to customer emails, web forms, faxes, social posts, and letters, efficiently and at scale.

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365 Command logo

Application management solution for MS 365 services

learn more
Kaseya 365 Command is an application management software that allows users to manage & monitor the use of Microsoft Office 365 & other Microsoft online services

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Pega Customer Service logo

Software for managing customer service operations

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Pega Customer Service is designed to help businesses in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and other businesses forecast customers' needs, monitor outstanding tasks, and manage web interactions in real-time. It enables businesses to process incoming customer service requests and assure full compliance with internal processes and regulatory requirements.

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Users also considered logo

Self-hosted email marketing for enterprise & small business.

learn more is a self-hosted email marketing platform that comes with a proprietary MTA included for sending over your own IP addresses, and also supports SMTP Relay and APIs such as Amazon SES, Mailgun, and Sparkpost.

White label ready for agencies & resellers

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