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Rocket Matter

Legal Practice Management & Time and Billing Software

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Rocket Matter overview

Rocket Matter is the leading legal practice management platform that enables law firms to organize matters quickly, capture more time, improve billing efficiency, measure performance, and offer better client service. Customers have reported that after after using Rocket Matter—the first cloud-based product of its type—their revenues increased dramatically thanks to the fact that it has the easiest and most powerful time and billing software in the industry.

Rocket Matter also has a more powerful integration with Office 365 and QuickBooks Online than other other online legal practice management software. It also integrates with QuickBooks Online, Evernote, ScanSnap Cloud, Ruby Receptionists, Box, Dropbox, LexCharge, and many other popular applications.

Bottom line: Rocket Matter helps law firms make more money and truly makes the lives of lawyers a whole lot easier. With U.S.-based customer service that has won multiple awards, it’s no surprise that thousands of law firms swear by Rocket Matter. As Carmelous G. Aloupas, Esq. of Aloupas Law in Virginia has said, "I have used many legal practice management solutions such as PC Law, Abacus, and Clio, but Rocket Matter is the best. It is the most user-friendly, the customer service is excellent, and it is very affordable."


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Rocket Matter screenshot: View all of your case’s calendar events, tasks, related contacts, time and billing information, and account balances from a single location, quickly accessible from anywhere in Rocket Matter.Rocket Matter Office 365 IntegrationRocket Matter screenshot: Imagine having total confidence in the amount of time you’re billing each month. When you use Rocket Matter’s legal billing software, you avoid the whole end-of-the-month legal billing rush.Rocket Matter screenshot: Rocket Matter makes financial and productivity management fast and efficient with Advanced Analytics. A series of user-friendly reports offer you a powerful glimpse into your firm’s key performance metrics in just a few clicks.Rocket Matter screenshot: Rocket Matter Payments offers enhanced features like payment plans and recurring billing.  After the initial setup, you don’t have to do a thing— your clients will automatically receive a bill each month, or you can set plans to charge automatically.Rocket Matter screenshot: Rocket Matter templates allow you to define dates, deadlines, roles, custom fields, billing setup, and tasks for different matter types, saving you tons of time when you create a new matter or if a case changes course and there are new things to do.Rocket Matter screenshot: Thanks to its sophisticated, cutting-edge software architecture, Atlas 2.0 is the fastest legal software in the industry. View, add, and edit billing information without navigating away from the page that you're currently on.Rocket Matter- The Pioneering Legal Practice Management and Time & Billing SoftwareRocket Matter Payments

Rocket Matter reviews

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Steve Senentz

Awesome in the cloud practice management service!!!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-28
Review Source: Capterra

Our law firm has been using Rocket Matter since 2012. Moving to the cloud was a bit of a learning curve for some of our staff, but they quickly caught on. Since then we have continued to grow in our overall usage of Rocket Matter features and functionality. As a result our firm productivity has increased greatly - particularly in the areas of capturing time and expenses. This in turn has improved our billing and relatedly impacted our profitability. Being able to quickly capture information and bill our clients translates into faster payment receipt because if the invoices don't go out timely, the less likely you are to receive payment anytime soon! Overall I can't see the firm ever moving away from in-the-cloud practice management software as it allows our staff to access and enter key information from anywhere - office, home, while traveling. Ease of use. Available across numerous platforms. Accessible anywhere there is internet connectivity. UI appearance (aesthetics). "Spotlight" search and Advanced Search functionality. Customizable invoices (MS Word document format). Responsiveness of app/software. Friendly customer service reps who assist us with questions or issues that may arise.

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Rogelio Villagomez

Rocket Matter is everything you need. And it is Great!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

Rocket Matters (RM) is everything you need for your law office and most other practices. My company has been using it since around January 2013 and we are very happy with it. Before I have used ProLaw, Clio, and Abacuslaw but RM blows the others out of the water. You can upload documents to every matter/case you have. You can put in transactions. This is specially useful so that any user can see what has been happening in the case. It is also very easy to read unlike ProLaw/Abacuslaw. The system feels clean and clutter free. The system is very easy to use. Adding documents/notes/transactions/billing is very useful. We love that we are able to add tags to matters. Very often you have case numbers, family members that are a part of the case but the name of the case is in someone else's name. Without these it is very difficult to match some correspondences to their cases. There is a build in time you can use to assist you with billing for what you are doing. RM is very easy to teach to new staff. Most things are self explanatory.

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McKenna Cox

Rocket Matter makes my and my clients' lives easier

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-15
Review Source: Capterra

I love that I or my staff can look up anything we need to know about any case whenever we need to when a client calls; when we are on the go; or when working from home or on a trip. Uploaded documents and linking emails to a case on Rocketmatter makes every case file easy to find and use no matter where I am. It's like my whole filing cabinet is with me wherever I need it. And notes make digging through files for information or case status a thing of the past. I cannot tell you how much easier my life is since our firm has switched (and got my whole firm to switch) to Rocketmatter. Timekeeping woes are a thing of the past as I can enter time in my phone right from the courthouse. And billing takes 2 minutes instead of a whole day, with bills ready to be emailed or mailed to clients at a moment's notice. Clients really like the detailed, itemized statements Rocketmatter produces. The staff is responsive and ready to help. Easy to use, keep everything organized, keeps me on track, increase communications between staff and attorneys, mobile.

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Rocket Matter Support Team can't be Beat!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

Although I feel that there are some features that could be adjusted or tweaked to make better, I gave a resounding 5 star rating to the service team there and would have given more if available. When I hit a road block, 9 times out of 10, the team there gets it "fixed" while I'm on the phone, within minutes, (I do like being able to talk with a human quickly for most problems). If the issue is one that is a bit more complicated, they do not hesitate to get help from someone who has maybe been there longer or might have had the issue come up before. And, they are always willing to "put suggestions" in front of the developing team. They always work with you on your level and can put it in words that anyone can understand.That I can get help anytime I need it. Again, hats off to a great support team!

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Jodi Martin

Great program for Solo/Small Firm setting

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-09-14
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using Rocket Matter for the past 4 years and have been extremely satisfied with it. In my previous big firm life we used a billing system that wasted more time than it saved and we didn't even use a case management system. Starting my own firm I knew that I wanted something better that would streamline my practice. Rocket Matter filled those needs, plus some. The billing side of Rocket Matter makes my invoicing process more efficient and accurate. I handle a wide range of cases, so I use all of the billing options, to include flat fee, hourly, and contingency, and I like that Rocket Matter is set up to handle each of them. The trust accounting features allow me to stay on top of my trust account and know which files will need to be replenished. The integration with LawPay allows my clients to pay their invoices quicker. And my clients enjoy the client portal nearly as much as I do. On the few occasions I have encountered difficulties I have been able to reach out to support and receive quick and accurate assistance. The only reason I gave it four stars on features is because there are two things I think could be improved - it would be great 1) if clients could upload documents to the client portal and 2) if the billing in contingency cases was easier to close out. I can't imagine running my firm without Rocket Matter by my side.

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Key features of Rocket Matter

  • Calendaring
  • Task Tracking
  • Phone Messaging
  • Timer
  • Skype Integration
  • Mobile Access
  • Documents & Notes
  • Paperless Law Office
  • Tagging
  • Dropbox & Evernote Integration
  • Global Intelligent Search
  • Contact Management
  • User Dashboards
  • Matter Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Expense & Time Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Batch Billing
  • Matter-based Ledgering
  • Accounts Receivable Reports
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• Ability to configure your dashboard’s settings, manage your calendar, and add matters, contacts, and events with just a click.

• Bill-as-you-Work™ technology that offers nine ways to bill as well as multiple timers

• Smooth, intuitive batch billing with pre-bills that accurately mimic invoices

• Comprehensive trust accounting with an evergreen retainer feature

• Ability to add interest, discounts, and convenience fees to your fully customizable invoices

• Unlimited document and file storage, and document assembly

• Easy electronic payments, tightly-integrated payment processing with set-and-forget recurring billing and payment plans

• Integrations with applications you use every day such as QuickBooks Online, Office 365, Evernote, and ScanSnap Cloud

• Award-winning customer service

• Mobile access on any device, including iPhone, iPad and Android apps

• Comprehensive matter templates for workflow customization

• True conflict checking that searches your entire database for potential conflicts

• Superior individual and firm-wide financial and productivity reporting