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Turn Bounce Traffic Into Customers

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Picreel company is a team of CRO experts. Our main goal is to help convert web traffic into high quality leads.

Here's how it works. Picreel tracks web visitor’s cursor. It helps to predict when a prospect is about to leave the page. Just before it happens, Picreel triggers a pop up to re-engage leaving visitor. It stops shopping cart abandonment and increases the conversion rate.

Using Picreel doesn't require any knowledge of the code. There are pre-designed pop ups that can be edited by anyone.

It's easy to track performance of pop ups and ROI. Picreel technology shows real-time stats on a dashboard. It includes visits, impressions, and conversion rates.

Quick and professional support team is always ready to answer any question. It's 24/7, live chat, email, and phone.

Picreel in a nutshell:
• Converts website traffic to valuable leads;
• Decreases cart abandonment rate;
• Keeps visitors on your website longer to close a deal;
• Increases the conversion rate;
• Helps to build email lists;
• Integrates with any email service and database to automate your marketing.

Picreel Reviews (83)

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 Unbelievably resultative

I’ve been using this platform for about six month on my blog and must say that it’s unbelievably resultative. Never thought that such a small detail could so strongly influence conversions. Today I have about 120 subscriptions per month, comparing with their complete absence at the very beginning.

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Reviewed 16th of December, 2015 by


 Absolutely friendly tool

I have an experience with Picreel for about two months, and can confidently argue that it’s absolutely friendly and convenient tool. Generally my conversions started to grow from the second week of practice, and now I’ve already doubled them. In my opinion, it’s a “must have” addition to every ...

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Reviewed 3rd of December, 2015 by

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Picreel Pricing

Starting from: $14.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Pricing starts from $14/month. Get your 30 day free trial before you start!

Key Features of Picreel

  • Exit offers
  • Insight Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Mail Marketing Integration
  • 10 Second Installation
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Design Service
  • Unique Technical Customization
  • Mobile And Tablet Integration

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Intended Users
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported
Mac, Windows, Web-based
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Alternatives to Picreel


Picreel exit offers help businesses to:

• stop visitors from leaving your website;
• get more leads;
• decrease the cart abandonment rate;
• increase the conversion rate of your landing page and increase volumes for sign up pages.

What do you get when you use Picreel?

• FREE Designs to choose from
We understand that it is critical that Picreel fit well with your website’s style. It is for this purpose that we provide you with many fantastic designs to choose from. Indeed, you never have to tinker with the style you’ve always loved on your website. There is always something that will match it in the Picreel’s collection of designs.

• Exit intent
Onsite retargeting technology keeps visitors on your website longer. It monitors their actions and enables you to automatically engage them when it is most appropriate through popup messages and prompts.

• Analytics
Picreel collects real-time analytics about visits and conversions on your website. It is from this data that you will plan and execute responsive strategies.

• A/B Test feature
A/B test feature makes it possible to choose the most effective designs of your offers on your website. For instance, you can deploy two versions of a popup to select the one that leads to a higher conversion rate.

• Email Integration
Email integration makes your marketing even more targeted. For instance, it facilitates export of collected lead email addresses into a CSV. Furthermore, the Picreel onsite retargeting application integrates with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, iContact, AWeber, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor.

• Mobile Device Integration
We have designed Picreel onsite retargeting to accommodate mobile browsing devices such as mobile and tablets. This is in line with the exponential increase in the number of people interacting with the internet on these devices.

• Ready to Help Customer Support
Our highly skilled customer support team is always accessible on live chat, email, social media and a phone. Therefore, you will always get help when you face any implementation challenges.

We offer a 30 days trial period. During this time you will test all the above features. The process of having the application running takes a few minutes and you will not have to endure any tough coding.

We have made it possible that when you install the Picreel code on your website, you do not have to worry about tough coding to manage the app.

Who is Picreel For?

Developed for any company with an online presence, Picreel is used by businesses in a number of industries. In particular, the solution is popular with businesses in the retail, travel, publishing, B2B, finance, human resources, entertainment, and education sectors. Within organization, the system is most frequently implemented and managed by project managers, innovation officers, analysts, IT staffers, marketing leads, and sales leads.

The platform can be implemented by businesses of any size, from those with fewer than 2,000 monthly website visitors to those with 150,000 or more monthly visitors.

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GetApp Analysis

Customers are at the heart of every company, but acquiring more customers isn’t something that every business knows how to do. Picreel is a cloud-based solution that turns bounced website traffic into paying customers.

Utilizing mouse movement analysis, Picreel tracks the velocity and movement of a website visitor’s mouse. Using this data, Picreel detects the moment a visitor is about to leave the site, prompting the immediate deployment of an “event” designed to prevent the visitor from leaving. Picreel has worked with clients in a number of industries, including retail, travel, publishing, and finance. The solution is applicable for any business with an online presence.

What is Picreel?

Picreel uses exit intent technology to convert bounced traffic into leads. The web-based application provides businesses with a way to track the mouse movements of their online visitors, and then use that information to prevent those visitors from abandoning their sites.

When Picreel’s automated mouse detection algorithm indicates that a visitor is about to leave a website, the system immediately fires up a new pop-up page. This final page is the business’ last chance to create a compelling offer — usually in the form of a limited-time discount, which can be applied at checkout. Retail businesses can also use Picreel to collect customer contact information for their email marketing databases.

Main Features

Tracking Mouse Movements

Picreel tracks the movement and velocity of a website visitor’s computer mouse to determine the moment a visitor is about to abandon a page. At that moment, the solution immediately deploys a conversion page meant to keep the visitor on your website for longer.

To begin tracking the movements of your website visitors and turning bounced traffic into leads, add a line of snippet code provided by Picreel to each page of your website. Picreel’s code will not slow your website down, and it is possible to install with no coding skills necessary.

Creating Campaigns

The key to any campaign’s success is the banner page that appears when a visitor attempts to abandon the site. Picreel users can create templates for their campaigns using either Picreel’s Visual Editor or the HTML editor. Users can also contact Picreel directly for help creating a custom campaign design.

To make your own banners in Picreel, upload your design to the platform. Picreel’s specialists will convert your design into a ready-to-deploy campaign within 24 hours. You also have the option to use the HTML editor to a design a campaign from scratch.

Running A/B Testing

A/B testing is a way to compare two versions of a website to see which performs better among targeted visitors. Picreel provides users with a way run A/B tests using its mouse movement technology. Essentially, a business can deploy two versions of any campaign to see which leads to a higher conversion lift.

To add A/B testing to your site, click on the “A/B Testing” tab. All past A/B tests will be listed on the page, or you can create a new A/B test by clicking on the “Add A/B Test” button in the upper left-hand corner. A/B testing is only available for businesses with Plus, Pro, and Enterprise pricing plans.

Generating Statistical Data

The data that businesses generate through Picreel’s platform can play an integral role in determining how future marketing campaigns are set up. Picreel provides users with real-time statistical data on visits, conversions, and conversion rates, along with full campaign reports.

To generate statistical reports, visit the dashboard and select the period that Picreel should review. You can select custom start and end dates, and quickly review the total page views, conversions, and impressions for that period of time. You can also narrow down the focus of your reports by selecting specific campaigns.

Acquiring Leads

Picreel provides its users with data about every person who visits their sites. This information can then be funneled into the email marketing campaigns intended to bring those visitors back long after they’ve gone.

Click on the “Leads” tab to see a list of the leads that Picreel has collected. For each lead, you’ll see the request URL, the request time, and details like an email address (when applicable). You have the option to export your lead lists to CSV. Or, integrate your Picreel account with email marketing platforms like MailChimp and GetResponse to create custom follow up campaigns right away.


Picreel integrates with a number of email marketing apps and shopping platforms. The solution’s integration with shopping platforms enables retailers to quickly get their carts running with Picreel’s tools.

Integrations with almost half a dozen popular email marketing applications also allows Picreel users to follow up with online visitors who’ve abandoned their websites. A few of the email marketing apps that Picreel integrates with include MailChimp, iContact, AWeber, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor.


Pricing for Picreel starts at $19 per month for the Starter plan, which caps out at 2,000 monthly visitors, 1 campaign, and 1 template. For companies with more robust needs, larger plans are available. The Pro plan costs $399 per month, and includes 150,000 monthly visitors, 30 campaigns, and 30 templates. Exit intent technology, cart and form abandonment, and full service management are available with every Picreel pricing plan.

Bottom Line

  • Turns bounced website traffic into leads.

  • Site abandonment triggers the deployment of targeted campaigns.

  • Uses mouse movement analysis to keep visitors on your website.

  • Designed for any business with an online presence.

  • Integrates with popular email marketing solutions.

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