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Have utilized Zoho for a few years now. Found it available as an alternative to gmail with concerns for privacy and available support. Even though back in those times Zoho did not offer any mobile apps, I found Zoho to be be of a great value and strong potential to build a great value proposition to their users. And... My expectations came to fruition. Zoho has not let me down. Today I had to find out why one of my messages (an important one, if I may add) was not delivered to a recipient. I copied the subject, time stamp, "to" credentials and sent it to 12 hours later I received a thoughtful and thorough explanations (with visual data backing-up) on why my e-mail WAS delivered, but recipients server filtering out and deleting it through their spam protection. Steps were offered to remedy such instance not to happen in the future. I was "floored..." Today I have noticed that their Android and iPhone apps are present and function very well. Integration with mail clients is a breeze to configure. "Cloud" and support of such is available and we have no issues using it. Overall, I'm impressed with Zoho and their growing pains are very limited. From user perspective - I have not noticed any hurdles or bugs or goofy approaches to simplified mail service approach. Their new e-mail interface was not pushed onto me, but suggested to use. Still not sure if I like it and the option to revert to "old" and proven interface is still there for me in case I change my mind. How can anyone go wrong with such service if it is FREE, I thought?! When I'm asked to provide my e-mail, I proudly spell out "" and questions follow - "What is Zoho?" My typical answer is - "One of my best kept secrets..." I was one of the first to sign-up with gmail and am glad I discovered Zoho to be one of their first users as well. Give them a try - they are working out their support streamline and response SLAs are acceptable.

Dennis Ivanov
Sourcing and Recruiting Wiz

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