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Most favorable review

3 days ago 16:08
Verified Reviewer

The best for our business

“The Live Chat app fulfills the needs for live contact with our customers. LC provides a great reporting system that helps us keeping track on our KPI's. And last, but not least the supporters are always ready to help and professional in every way. Our full recommendations for the Live Chat app.”

Most critical review

28th of March, 2014 15:27

Terrible Support

“I called their support line and the rep told me he would not help, I would need to chat. So I chatted with the same guy online. His service skills went from bad to worse! Bottom-line, our company is now leaving LiveChat and going with another vendor because this company clearly does not value or care about customers. ”

31 User Reviews

The best for our business

Verified Reviewer  3 days ago 16:08

The Live Chat app fulfills the needs for live contact with our customers. LC provides a great reporting system that helps us keeping track on our KPI's. And last, but not least the supporters are always ready to help and professional in every way. Our full recommendations for the Live Chat app.

Pros: Great reporting system Providing detailed information about customers that helps our agents to do quick problem solving Professional and very helpful supporters

One word - Amazing

Verified Reviewer  6 days ago 08:24

Having a great piece of software is 50% of the battle. Having great and prompt customer support who actually know what they are doing is the balance 50% and everyone knows, its the end that leaves a lasting impression. From great customisation to a wonderful service with constant improvements there is nothing in the market at present to touch LiveChat. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys!

Pros: Service Speed of Service Software Features Ease of Use

Cons: There are none in comparison to the garbage out there which one can hardly consider as competition.

The best Chat App

Verified Reviewer  30th of September 10:13

Project Manager (Information Technology and Services company, 1001-5000 employees)
We were looking for the best solutions for our business, after comparing and testing several different tools we have come to the conclusion that LiveChat is unrivaled. No one is in a state close to multiplicity of functions additionally customer support doing a great job and are very helpful. Keep it up!

Pros: + plenty of configuration option + easy to use + great customer support + still developing

Quite simply the best.

Verified Reviewer  27th of September 10:59

We're a strategy backed managed live chat business and have used LiveChat since we began. Although the software wasn't developed for a business like ours running multiple clients through the same panel, the team at LiveChat have been faultless to work with.

Pros: Support. Whenever you need it and whatever the query. API. Freedom to build custom functionality to suit your needs. Communication. Updates, issues and a friendly voice. Intuitive. Navigation of the software is quick and intuitive.

Cons: Some features we've needed to build ourselves to suit our needs.

Easy to use and good customer support

Verified Reviewer  25th of September 15:53

If you are looking for a Chat feature for your company website, LiveChat is a good one to use. It is easy to use and manage. My account manager, Andrzej, has been nothing but amazing. He has helped us to get started with this new feature and answered any and all inquiries we had immediately.

Pros: Customer Service Support Ease of use Easy to navigate


Verified Reviewer  25th of September 13:25

The LiveChat platform is not one of the best, its the best. Extremely easy to use. Most friendly and supportive LiveChat agents who are REAL people willing to help. Need to ask a question at 4:26AM? No problem, they are on-line 24/7!

Pros: Easy to use Fast Simple Installation Supports billing system integration Great API Very customisable!

Cons: Couple of the best features come at a steeper price witch sometimes a small issue but nevertheless the LiveChat platform is not one of the best, its the best.

Best App Ever!

Verified Reviewer  23rd of September 09:22

Live Chat was suggested by our administrators as a tool to increase customer support and of course sales. We are thrilled! We raised our sales a least 10-15% (due to immediate response to our clients needs and questions). Our customer support is much much better now, because we can answer questions quickly and easily (and this means more quick sales). Our customers appreciate the direct approach and help (and since most of them are mothers of infants and babies, who have a huge lack of time, appreciate it more). Anyway, I recommended the application to everyone who wants great customer support and an increase to their sales.

Pros: They were very helpful when it came to our payment. Since we live in Greece, we had (and still have) huge problems with transactions, due to capital controls. They were very helpful, they extended out trial a few days in order to find solution to our problem and they actually found a solution and helped us pay our membership. This was much appreciated, because it gives us the feeling that they consider us as long term partners and not as money.

Cons: No cons! Just buy the app , I guarantee that you will be very satisfied!

The best chat service we've found

Verified Reviewer  18th of August 19:21

I've had the "pleasure" of implementing nearly a dozen live chat/customer support solutions over the years at 4 different companies. Some had some nice perks but they were all universally flawed in one form or another. No proper cross-platform support, tied to a much more expensive solution we didn't need, hard to manage, etc. LiveChat is an example of a company that has a strong product focus and does what they do REALLY well. Implementation and setup is very easy, managing chat (and team) users is very simple, the desktop apps are much better than relying on a browser and most importantly, they have the ability to customize the chat experience heavily which allows us to engage more users. That is the most important metric hands down. If users don't see the option to chat or don't like the experience, they won't take advantage of it. LiveChat is a great experience for the customer and the end-user chatting on the site. This is one service we probably couldn't live without...and their team has been great :)

Pros: Simplicity Customization Price Support

Cons: We have not had any specific issues, or at least nothing that wasn't resolved by the LC team so far

Purely, simply amazing.

Verified Reviewer  29th of May 20:06

A verified reviewer
It does everything you could possibly want it to do and more. I love being able to take all chats to my phone, so I can practically provide live chat 24/7. The support is the best live chat software support I have ever worked with, and they will bend head over heals to make sure that your feature request or any other type of request is completed to your satisfaction. Great software.

Pros: Mobile support Web browser support Secure AMPLE customizations Inexpensive for what you get Very helpful, quick support

Cons: No downloadable application

Response from LiveChat Software S.A.

Hello and thank you for your review. Just wanted to let you know that we do have support for downloadable applications - please visit to download the app for you.

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very happy

Verified Reviewer  22nd of May 12:23

A verified reviewer
Good solution and lots of stuff you can modify based on your needs can only recommend as other solutions when tested didnt do anything that convinced us to switch

Pros: optimisation we never had issues

Cons: not sure I can name any

Response from LiveChat Software S.A.

Thanks for all the kind words!

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Excellent service with over the top support!

Verified Reviewer  21st of May 14:27

I switched away from Liveperson and the change has been nothing but positive. The product is easier to use and the support is immediate and helpful. We have more live chats than we used to and it costs less. I would recommend this platform for any website looking to utilize live chat.

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Splendid tool

Verified Reviewer  29th of April 11:01

We are using the chat tool for about 1 month and are really enjoying it as our customers. It is a very easy and intuitive tool that let you do almost anything you need on the daily operation. Their support is great. They always have quick answers and information from their knowledge base ready for almost any question.

Pros: Easy tool, great support, great report

Cons: We have some connectivity issues from time to time affecting our agents availability to our customers. Spell check is not yet available for the desktop application.

LiveChat is such an awesome tool and their support team is even better!!

Verified Reviewer  23rd of April 20:09

A verified reviewer
I've had the pleasure of working with Daniel Zieliński, from their support team, because i was having issues with the Livechat and Salesforce integration. I too am apart of a support team, so i know what its like to be given top tier support and not just be treated like someone who doesn't matter. Their product is so easy to use and the integration from Livechat to Saleforce cases has been a HUGE win. Its soo easy and i wouldn't know why isn't everyone using them. Their support team ROCKS as well.

Pros: *Product is so easy to use and integrate with. *Their support team is super responsive. My issue with LC turned out to be end user error *blushing*, so it was me not them. haha

Cons: Can't think of any. Really, its that easy to integrate and sue.

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Amazing support!

Verified Reviewer  23rd of April 19:56

I absolutely love LiveChat! The apps are amazing, it's easy to use and has a ton customization option! I've had a couple issues with my desktop app, but their support team is so quick to help and wonderful! Would definitely recommend!

Pros: Easy to learn, easy to navigate, great support team, customization options

Cons: hashtag problems in the desktop app, but they're fixing it!

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Advanced and full of features, but still easy to use and configure!

Verified Reviewer  23rd of April 12:02

We are using LiveChat for a bunch of our clients and we are today servicing more than 30 000 customers per month in LiveChat. The setup is very easy and it is even possible for non non-techies to configure and maintain the system. Still the system is full of advanced features which makes it possible for us to adapt the system to our customer needs.

Pros: - "Out of the box" solution that you will have up and running very fast. - Advanced agent features such as templates, history, web site real time monitoring etc. - You will have a heads up when you see the customers typing before posting. - A lot of advanced api:s and integration possibilities. - GREAT support that will answer all of your issues promtly.

Cons: - Not possible to use the same LiveChat account for more than one subscription. - The reporting is OK but could be more "advanced"

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Outstanding result!

Verified Reviewer  23rd of April 02:21

We planned to get LiveChat for couple years, we were very scare to have this feature on our website. To have 24/7 access to real person is not easy task to deal. Now I regret that I did not try at least this option. Now we have consultation over the chat every day and every night, assist our customers right in the same second with no phone calls (at night for example I don't have to open my sleepy mouth, I can describe the solution in a sec over the Chat system, I am walking the dog? 1am? No problem, you want to get appointment for tomorrow at 6am - DONE ! We had customer who cannot speak! They use Chat as the only option to communicate! Love it love it love it! We had customers who were offenders (kids) , we just ban them for couple days :) A lot of people at work cannot use phone to arrange appointments, by Chat - simple - get the quote - no problem, get the idea how to unblock the toilet- no problem. Great software to use and bring new level of customer service.

Pros: Love the option to see previous chats with the same client

Cons: Better alarm noise to hear the new client messages, sometimes missing chats because on a Iphone is not so clear

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Great live chat software

Verified Reviewer  22nd of April 14:07

We are a managed live chat provider with a large team of chat operators. We use the software as part of our service towards our customers. We manage live chat on their websites. This requirement, managing multiple websites, was very important to us. As one of the few players ot there, LiveChat Inc's software meets this requirement.

Pros: - Excellent customer service from the developer - Rich functionality - Easy to use - Able to manage different websites - Proactive chat - Agent rating - Intelligent chat routing between operators

Cons: - Not the cheapest - Custom development work is not possible - Missing predictive targeting functionality - The Mac application crashes sometimes unexpectedly

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Slick, easy to use, powerful, never fails.

Verified Reviewer  22nd of April 13:52

My organization has used LiveChat for several years through our integration with ZenDesk. It is seamless, powerful and my team simply loves how it works. Customers get a kick out of real-time, chat support. LiveChat makes it happen.

Pros: Dependable, easy to use, simply does what you want it to.

Cons: Honestly, none. Pricing is good and you get more than what you pay for.

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LiveChat - easy to implement and administer

Verified Reviewer  22nd of April 09:24

A verified reviewer
We implemented LiveChat on our website around 18 months ago. It has been really well received by our customers and has led to improved engagement. The support from the LiveChat team has been incredible and their knowledgebase has continued to grow as more and more features are added.

Pros: Incredibly easy to implement and use

Cons: Some of the reporting tools could be stronger but this has been fed back and they're working on it.

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Easy implementation, customization and API friendly

Verified Reviewer  21st of April 13:58

We have been using Live Chat for the past 3 years and have made tweaks and changes to the button, greeting, invitations and multiple different iterations if animated GIFs for increased conversion. The multiple device flexibility to answer incoming chats makes life easy and mobile without having you tied down to a laptop. I frequently answer chats from my cell phone and then switch to my laptop for quicker typing.

Pros: Multiple Greetings, Numerous invitations, multi-domain friendly, complete colour and style customization, easy to implement and place on every page

Cons: Sometimes the Windows version will crash after not restarting the computer for several days. Restarting the program works every time.

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Fantastic Live Chat software

Verified Reviewer  20th of October, 2014 08:29

I can't recommend it well enough! It's great, easy to use and the stats are super useful. I highly recommend it.

Pros: Easy to use, good reports, easy to install.

Cons: I don't have anything to complain about it.

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Great Site Extension!

Verified Reviewer  11th of September, 2014 08:28

We have been using Live Chat for a year now and absolutely love it! We have tried other live chat clients such as Olark and Zopim but ended up coming back to Live Chat because it was so user friendly and had all of the capabilities we need to help us be successful. If you have an e-commerce platform, I highly recommend this chat client, it has helped us double our conversion rate since we have started using it.

Cons: I wish Live Chat had, 1.) Screen share with clients. 2.) The ability to set up automated messages to specific times of the day. So if it's morning, I can have all my greetings say good morning and automatically change for the afternoon.

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Love LiveChat

Verified Reviewer  2nd of September, 2014 23:34

Every startup website should have LiveChat! We have been amazed at the connections we have gained from implementing this incredibly powerful yet simple tool on our site. And with the LiveChat mobile app, we chat with people on our website right from our phones, like we are texting. It's very simple yet has all the functionality we need. This tool has brought us business we would not have received otherwise. Big fans!

Pros: Simple to implement, inexpensive, mobile app.

Cons: Mobile app could use the same archive features as the website.

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Terrible Support

28th of March, 2014 15:27

I called their support line and the rep told me he would not help, I would need to chat. So I chatted with the same guy online. His service skills went from bad to worse! Bottom-line, our company is now leaving LiveChat and going with another vendor because this company clearly does not value or care about customers.

Cons: Life is too short and business too valuable for dealing with this kind of company that puts no stock in customer support and service

Response from LiveChat Software S.A.

We are sorry that this one contact with our support rep ended up this way. We focus on keeping happiness scores of our customers on a high level. This accident will make us pay closer attention to the negative voices we might be hearing. If you ever decide to give us another chance, we promise a great customer service experience!

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Where it counts!

1st of November, 2013 21:55

I'd have to agree with the previous reviewer, there are some annoyances... However, to rate it so harshly ... I wholeheartedly feel you've done the blokes at LiveChat an injustice. Did you really way up the Pros & Cons? No matter how you stack up in the chain, credit where credit is due - particularly considering how important these channels of traffic can be. Here it is folks, LiveChat has provided more in ROI than any other direct channel - implemented on/off site. Factor around that as you may, theres no denying the facts.

Pros: Simple, Flexible, Powerful, Pretty and Sensational Support. Always getting better.

Cons: Nothing. in most cases its usually me/us, the users! But, if I had to pick at something. The iOS update is slightly overdue. I know its coming though. I don't lose sleep over it.

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prior Livechat version was more user friendly

5th of September, 2013 14:55

The prior Livechat version was more user friendly and resourceful.

Cons: It will not allow operators to communicate among each other. The second screen to view operators is slow and freezes very often. Also if you save your login information it will make you available even when you have selected to be unavailable.

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Great LiveChat tool

5th of September, 2013 05:32

It's a great tool for customer support with a clear overview of staff performance and friendly software. A great number of features is a benefit, however client for support agents has space for improvement.

Pros: - stats covers performance and makes monitoring staff easier - customer rating allowed - agent software - awesome integration with third-party applications

Cons: - is missing some of the features for ease of use - software/online agent interface is slower than our previous provider's due to canned replies being bit more complicated to use

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We didn't even feel the need to look at alternatives

17th of July, 2013 13:14

You don't often come across a product that does exactly what you want it to do, easily and at a reasonable cost, but LiveChat is exactly that! We tried the free trial, integrated it easily into our sites. Within a few weeks, we'd made the decision to subscribe, because we had increased our customer interaction and converted that to extra business. We didn't even feel the need to look at alternatives, which is unusual for us.

Cons: We had one complaint, which was the inability to stop auto greetings for returning visitors, but it didn't stop us subscribing. Would you believe it?! The guys at LiveChat listened to us and introduced the feature!! Amazing!!

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Simple, Easy, Best

16th of July, 2013 11:55

All these features, so simple & easy to use ! I did not even bother looking for better.

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This 'Chat' application is Fantastic!

22nd of July, 2010 18:21

It is easy to use.

Pros: Well, just the main thing, that I can 'talk' to people all over the world, easily. That I can 'see' where they're calling me from (country).

Cons: That I cannot use 'cut and paste' with other pages, its extremely aggravating, especially when I need to use 'translator' to talk to someone who doesn't speak English.

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Talk with your customers !

20th of July, 2010 05:47

LiveChat is the best software to talk with customers. Simple to use, and we see better conversions than email or phone!

Pros: Best features for good price. Very easy to use.

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