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Aircall overview

Aircall is the cloud-based phone system of choice for modern brands. By seamlessly integrating with the most popular CRM and Helpdesk tools, we help sales and support teams communicate clearly and efficiently. Admins can instantly add numbers from 100+ countries, scale their teams according to seasonality, and gain deep insights through real time analytics. Accessible by desktop and mobile app, Aircall is trusted by over 3000 companies worldwide. Start a risk-free trial to see Aircall in action.

Place and take calls anywhere, instantly obtain phone numbers in over 100+ countries, and handle calls on the go with Aircall's desktop and mobile apps. Automatically and efficiently route calls according to IVR selection, agent skills, time zone, and more, including an intuitive dashboard. Track performance and receive advanced analytics on agent and team productivity. Monitor the team’s activity in real-time on the live feed and cross-reference data with an existing CRM and Helpdesk for a richer understanding of processes.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
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Aircall reviews

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Murali Kumar

The best way to set up a call center and to enable support!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-01-26
Review Source: GetApp

I could set up a call center in matter of minutes, and it is very easy to use! And the calls that arrive, we can forward to personal mobiles, that has helped us to make sure that we would not lose any important calls. The best part is, we can record and make a note of all the calls, and we can also put up a setting for greetings. The desktop app is self-sufficient to receive calls, and I should say the quality of these calls are just awesome. The customer service team is very responsive, they have quickly got back to us whenever we had any concerns. The application integrates with pipedrive, slack and thereby had helped our staff to stay connected for better support. The application is very much cost effective in comparison to the features it provides.

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Bill Heany

Aircall is a great tool for startups and growing businesses alike

Reviewed 2016-03-22
Review Source: Software Advice

- Aircall gives me freedom to take calls away from my desk. Using the forward to mobile feature I need not worry that i'll miss something important - Equally as advantageous, is the feature to track and monitor calls as well as set greetings. This ups the professionalism of the business to new heights. Customers can't believe that we're just a small office working out of Seattle. - My favorite feature by far is the ability to easily dial out and receive calls via the desktop app. This has really improved our business being able to easily communicate with outside contractors and investors around the world. This is the 21st century, and it's about time we're finally able to communicate like it.

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Allen Walton

If you like a tons of bugs, features randomly removed, and terrible customer service that costs you money, go for it.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-08-02
Review Source: Software Advice

Aircall used to be a solid product with fair pricing and good support. I don't know what's changed in side their company, but something has gone wrong and now their product and customer service are suffering.

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John Thomas

Aircall and Piprdive combination do the job for me

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-09
Review Source: GetApp

Aircall integrates seamlessly with Pipedive to make our groups task easier. The phone numbers extracted through pipedrive email marketing campaigns are fed to Aircall and our phone markering people will take the charge at this point. Aircall has a great advantage that it works very well on the phone app which we never need a phone number to make the call. It cheaper as well compared to the services it offers.

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Praveen Rajan

Setting up a call center in just 5 minutes!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-19
Review Source: GetApp

Whenever we are done with creating a product/service we usually give everything to marketing and sales team but I believe there should be one more thing needed, the customer service to answer product related calls. We have been not granted with great infrastructure to set up a group of customer service associates at our office but with the help of aircall, we set up remote agents from almost every continents. I could easily monitor activities and real time performance from my office and they even allow a great iPhone app to do everything at great convenience.

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Aircall pricing

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Essentials: $30/user/month (billed annually) or $40/user/month (billed monthly). Professional call center features, unlimited inbound calls (toll-free excluded), integrations and API, smart queuing, phone support.

Professional: $50/user/month (billed annually) or $70/user/month (billed monthly). All Essentials features, plus Salesforce integration, PowerDialer, advanced analytics and reporting, live call monitoring, unlimited concurrent calls, dedicated account manager and premium support.

1 number included in each plan. Add extra numbers on any plan for $6/month.

Aircall features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
CRM Integration
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Call Reporting
Call Routing
Call Transfer
Caller ID
Instant Messaging
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration
Voice Mail

Chat (77 other apps)
Live / Video Conferencing (55 other apps)
SMS Integration (50 other apps)

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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GetApp Analysis

When customers call businesses, they’d rather speak with someone down the road than across this globe. This need for closeness can trip up businesses with national numbers, however Aircall has developed a solution that enables SMBs to be closer to their customers, regardless of their physical location. The phone support software helps small businesses improve the relationships they have with customers by using local phone numbers in 30 countries.

Beyond providing small businesses with local phone numbers around the globe, Aircall also offers advanced phone support solutions, such as call cascading for teams, shared call inboxes and follow up lists, queuing, analytics, and shared contacts. Aircall’s business users can make and receive telephone calls on their computers or smartphones using the company’s mobile app. Small businesses ultimately sound more professional when they use Aircall’s phone support software.

What is Aircall?

Aircall provides simplified, professional phone support for businesses of all sizes. The company’s software is designed for startups and customer support teams with between five and 50 people. Most Aircall users work within the technology space, with international and remote operations teams becoming frequent users of the software.

A major piece of Aircall is a desktop app that professionals can use to make and receive telephone calls on their own PCs. The software saves its users time on follow up calls, and integrates with most existing CRM solutions. Businesses that use Aircall can immediately become “local” in multiple countries, all at one time.

Who is Aircall for?

  • Experience level: All levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, startups
  • Departments/roles: All departments
  • Budget/point: Starting at $29 per month, for up to three users
  • Example customers: Admitis, PipeTop, Cybèle, Mis Clicks

Main features

Call Cascading

Using call cascading, Aircall distributes calls across entire teams or groups. The software either does this in sequence or all at the same time, depending on the settings that the business has chosen. Users have the option to change the cascading order, with a single click, at any time.

Call cascading is one of the ways that you can optimize the time you spend on the phone and connect with callers who might not otherwise leave a voice message. Assign a phone number to multiple people in your company and then define a “priority order.” If the first person who receives the call doesn’t pick up the phone, the call will automatically be routed to the second person in line, and so on. This ensures that prospects always reach someone on the phone, even if their primary sales contacts are outside the office or on another call.

Shared Call Inboxes

Aircall encourages its users to work as teams, with shared call inboxes that offer a complete view of any calls that require a follow up from the business. Users can archive a call when it’s been returned, which lets everyone in the group know that a follow up has been made.

When you log on to your Aircall dashboard and view your shared call inbox, you’ll see a list of all the calls your team has received from potential customers, along with information about whether a follow up is required. You can return calls through Aircall’s desktop or mobile app, and then mark calls as returned once your follow ups are complete. This lets your colleagues know that no more work is required.

Shared Contacts

Great sales teams know that collaboration is imperative to business success. Aircall facilitates this collaboration with shared contacts. Users can share the contacts they create within Aircall with their departments or teams. This ensures that everyone knows who is calling each time the phone rings.

Although you’ll want to share most of your contacts, Aircall also offers a feature that allows you to keep some of your contacts private. This may be beneficial if you have VIP clients or customers whose information you’d rather not share with certain people inside your company.

Local Numbers

Aircall offers its users instant local phone numbers in 30 countries. Rather than calling a national toll free number, customers can dial local telephone numbers when they contact a business that uses Aircall. As a result, customers feel like they’re working with neighborhood businesses, even if the organizations they’re speaking to are actually located across the globe.

Review Aircall’s country coverage, and then chose which local or toll-free numbers you’d like to select. You can port existing phone numbers to Aircall, and route your new numbers to the same location. All incoming calls can be answered from your desktop or connected mobile device.


Aircall offers web hooks and Slack integrations. Future integrations with Zapier and Zendesk are planned, as well.


Aircall will soon be adjusting its pricing to reflect upgraded features and tools for SMBs. The phone support solution will start at $29 per month, for up to three users. Additional users cost $9 per user, per month. The company also offers a premium plan for $99 per month and an Enterprise plan for $399 per month.

Bottom line

  • Phone support built for small and mid-size businesses
  • Frequently used by startups and customer support teams
  • Top features include call cascading, local numbers, and shared inboxes
  • Collaboration tools were designed with simplicity in mind
  • Decreases the time your team spends following up on missed calls

Additional information for Aircall

Key features of Aircall

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Analytics
  • CRM Integrations
  • Call Cascading
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call From Any Number
  • Call reporting
  • Call transfer
  • Click to dial
  • Custom music and messages
  • Desktop notifications
  • Forward to Mobile
  • Helpdesk Integrations
  • IVR (Vocal server)
  • Instant Numbers
  • Live activity feed
  • Local phone numbers in 30+ countries
  • Mac, Windows and Web App for each user
  • Manage multiple numbers and users in one place
  • Opening Hours
  • Pause Resume Recording
  • Power Dialer
  • Queuing
  • Real time modifications
  • Shared contacts
  • Smart Queuing
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Voicemail by email
  • Working hours per user
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Set up Aircall's call center software for your support and sales team in minutes.
Instantly get the numbers you need, in any country, and make sure all calls are correctly attended to.

No hardware required: just let your team members download the Aircall app to start making and receiving calls instantly!

Have your team work faster on calls with a shared call activity feed they can comment and collaborate on.

Your customer information in one place. Connect all caller history and records to your CRM, help desk or collaboration software.

Aircall’s advanced analytics and data visualization make it easy to present your team’s results and make realtime decisions