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Open Source Membership Management Software

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Open-source AMS for NGOs and the association's market

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Open Source
*No long-term contracts. No per User pricing. No per Admin pricing. No additional Processing Fees. Free open source software code is on GitHub. Unlimited contacts, supports large organizations 15,000+ members. Tendenci is the strongest and most secure web-based software platform for NPO’s globally. *Monthly hosting charges are based on the amount of processing power you need to efficiently manage your membership. This is a monthly charge with no long-term contracts. *YOUR website! That is the power of Open Source. *There is a one-time development charge to set up your Tendenci site based on the graphical and customization requests from your organization. *Training is provided as part of the initial development charge. Use our free online support to find answers to your questions or contact our Helpdesk for hourly paid support and development. *Demo the software now for free!

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My Member Software


Open-source membership management solution

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Open Source
Comes with installation of Joomla Component with 1 year updates.

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