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contactSPACE is a cloud contact center software solution which offers customizable Call Guides®, campaign creation tools, dashboards for performance monitoring, multiple dialing modes, contact filters, and more. The system’s multichannel communication capabilities include phone, email, SMS, and live chat, and inbound, outbound, and blended initiatives are supported.

contactSPACE includes a campaign creation wizard to enable users to create best practice initiative frameworks, and the initiative manager, which gives users control over which initiatives are currently live, how they are performing, and which teams are working on them. The data manager allows users to upload data lists, add data fields, review available records, create filters and segment targeting schedules, generate new data lists, create quality assurance (QA) and compliance management processing queues, control callback assignment, and set agent and initiative target KPIs. Customized agent interfaces can be created, with tailored workflows and custom shortcuts, and users can also produce Call Guides® to provide agents with dynamic product or customer information at the correct stage of each call.

contactSPACE offers multiple dialing options which can be assigned to different initiatives based on the desired outcomes. Manual dialing enables agents to place calls using an onscreen keypad. Preview dialing allows agents to select when the number is dialed, and in progressive dialing the call is dialed inside of a timeframe set by the administrator. Predictive dialing is included for high volume teams, and offers automatic management of answering machines and telecommunication errors. An automated agent can be enabled to handle inbound calls by directing customers through the workflow-driven interactive voice response (IVR) system, with a built-in payment gateway and the ability to dynamically promote offers and upsell through the process.

contactSPACE allows users to monitor performance of agents and initiatives in real time, with a home dashboard that summarizes inbound calls, outbound calls, agent activity, and emotion, and a team leader dashboard that supports listen in, whisper, and barge capabilities. Agent, team, and campaign performance can be compared against each other, and against targets and goals.


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contactSPACE screenshot: contactSPACE includes a campaign creation wizard, initiative management, call recording, skills-based routing, and morecontactSPACEcontactSPACE screenshot: Users can create custom Call Guides to assist agents throughout their callscontactSPACE screenshot: The call guides can be fully customized, and can be as detailed or simple as users requirecontactSPACE screenshot: Customer and product information is displayed to agents at the correct point in the callcontactSPACE screenshot: Multiple custom agent interfaces can be designed and managedcontactSPACE screenshot: contactSPACE includes multiple KPI dashboards which allow users to monitor agent and initiative performance in real timecontactSPACE screenshot: The team leader dashboard gives an overview of agent activity for the given teamcontactSPACE screenshot: Records of the last 100 outbound calls can also be viewedcontactSPACE screenshot: Individual agents' dashboards give an overview of the time they have spent dialing, talking, paused, and waiting, their assigned callbacks, KPIs, and morecontactSPACE screenshot: Multiple initiative types are supported, including inbound, outbound, and blended campaignscontactSPACE screenshot

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Hayley Harvey

The contact centre solution that changed the way my work flows

Reviewed 2016-04-18
Review Source: Capterra

Before we started using ContactSpace we were using a much more complicated application that had limited usability and in general made my day much less productive. The application regularly had outages which meant that we were unable to make calls from anywhere between two hours to a full day and because we were one of their smaller customers their support was sub-standard. Enter ContactSpace a much easier solution to use and much more reliable system from an operations perspective. We have been using ContactSpace now for around 18 months and in all that time there have been perhaps a handful of blips all of which were sorted in a matter of minutes. For me the ease of use, reliability and adaptability of ContactSpace to our needs has changed the way my work day progresses. I am much more productive as are the agents, I have less (or no) complaints from the agents about the system being down or them not being able to make calls. I love how easily I can import and export data as well as the real time reporting feature which means that I can check where we are in terms of outcomes at any time of the day. The listening in function is also great, with the other application we would have to dial a number and only be able to listen in once the agent was on the call, with ContactSpace all we have to do is click the listen button. It also looks great when we have clients come in to listen to calls or to meet the agents which in turn makes us look good. I would recommend ContactSpace to any business in this industry.

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Adam Soper

Fast, efficient platform, very easy to use

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-03
Review Source: Capterra

I like it how is so easy to set up through the wizard. We can get campaigns up and running within 10 minutes and we can customise it for our clients so that we can run tailored campaigns.

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Hayley Montgomery

ContactSpace has been our cloud telephony solution for 12 months. Dynamically linked to SalesForce.

Reviewed 2016-04-15
Review Source: Capterra

+ The platform will never pass it's used by date. Updates to the software are distributed to all users. + Very simple to use - build & implementation was straightforward. + Contact Centre Manager friendly; you will not need an IT department to configure or tweak initiatives, reducing response times and increasing flexibility. + Reliable service delivery. + Flexible support team filled with creative, 'can-do' people who take the time to learn about your environment and business requirements and ambitions. + Simple pricing structure that flexes to accommodate our changing environment. + The availability of professional services (reasonably priced) means you aren't alone! + Plays well with others; API connectors between ContactSpace and ScalesForce are reliable and improve real time information management.

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Richard Garnett

A dream for a dialler manager

Reviewed 2015-11-05
Review Source: Capterra

I've worked in contact centres for around a decade and nothing i have used has been as intuitive and fluid to use as contactSPACE, from building a campaign to analysing your data, every step is built around ease of use and giving you clear cut reporting. The productivity on the call floor increased exponentially and we hit a higher contact rate than we had ever hit using other dialling platforms. Using the data reporting tools was a pleasurable experience too, it helped us on numerous occasions identify shortfalls in how we utilised our data, these tools helped us utilise our data to its full potential.

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Bronze - up to 3 concurrent users: $199/month

Silver - 10+ concurrent users: $109 per user, per month

Gold: $249 per user, per month

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Additional information for contactSPACE

Key features of contactSPACE

  • Live agent statuses
  • Call monitoring
  • Real-time performance dashboards
  • Campaign creation wizards
  • CRM integrations
  • Guide/coaching interfaces
  • Configurable dialling preferences
  • Advanced filters
  • Multichannel communication
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Automated agent
  • Live chat
  • Email & SMS communication
  • Listen, whisper & barge functionality
  • Contact data import
  • Skills-based routing
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
  • Interface designer
  • Audit trail
  • Inbound number routing
  • Call queues
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The built-in automated agent is a workflow-driven interactive voice response (IVR) system which can be used to manage inbound calls, complete sales processes, upsell or promote offers, and more.

Live chat can be used in inbound and outbound campaigns, with users able to create response templates for commonly asked questions, and support for up to 6 concurrent active chats per agent.

Automated confirmation emails can be sent to contacts with a single click, and SMS messages can be sent to confirm bookings, times, or share links during or after calls.

Team performance can be monitored in real time through the KPI dashboards, and team leaders can listen in to calls, whisper, and barge as necessary.