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What is Veeqo?

Veeqo helps omnichannel retailers increase their sales. We do this by allowing you to run your entire online retail operation from a single, cloud-based platform.

With Veeqo, you can grow your ecommerce business quickly and efficiently. We take care of everything - ecommerce orders, marketplace orders, shipping, accounting and reporting. We even have a smartphone app so you can keep an eye on everything from the palm of your hand.

Veeqo allows you to manage your orders from multiple channels and inventory from multiple warehouse. You can ship up to 100 orders in a single click and gain invaluable insights on your business’ performance.

It’s easy to use, quick to set up, and saves you time to focus on what’s most important - growing your ecommerce business.


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Value for money
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Samuel Proctor

The best order processing system.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-17
Review Source: GetApp

We switched from another provider to Veeqo a few months ago and have not looked back. The two-way sync between our Woocommerce store and Veeqo is seamless. There is now no need to close orders manually, Veeqo handles everything we ask of it. Shipping integration is fantastic too and works well with Interlink Express.

Shipping integration. Two-way communication between integrated channels. Custom invoices etc. Easy to use and to teach other staff members. Customer service both over the phone and via email is fantastic.

Handling of multi-currency could be better and should allow you to print an invoice in the chosen currency. Manual invoice creation for business customers could be more in depth and the ability to email and invoice straight out without downloading would be ideal.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Jay Paleschi

A replacement for so many services rolled into one!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-09-18
Review Source: Capterra

So far, Veeqo has been a game changer for us. Our stock is syncing on all of our selling platforms, our stock checks are so much easier now and most of all our Dispatch department are having a much easier time processing incoming and outgoing goods.

The fact that we can sync stock from our numerous selling channels such as Shopify, eBay, Amazon, FBA (both UK and worldwide) so that we are listing our complete stock levels across all channels - automatically, with no need for constant stock updates to each channel!

Honestly - our catalogue is extremely large (100,000 SKU's +) so the initial set up, linking listings together to share stock, was an exceptionally long project.

Response from Veeqo

Hi Jay,

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this review, we really appreciate it - and your feedback means a lot to us!

It's really great to hear about your positive experience with Veeqo.

We look forward to growing with you for years to come.
Thanks again,

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Darren Smith

Frustrating and missing some key functionality to run an normal eCommerce store, very much built for 3rd party selling.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-05-22
Review Source: Software Advice

We do keep getting told a lot of this is in the pipeline mmmm..... We've also been given a months free usage because of the inconvenience caused and not doing quite what we we're sold it could do! Works well for 3rd party channels, certainly not great if your business is more through your own website!!

User-friendly interface with OK top-level reporting Works well with 3rd parties channels, I think this is where the initial design and build has gone into! Customer service seems like good guys but seems under a hell of a lot of pressure. Integrates with carriers well.

Where do I start, been with these guys for 2 months now and each day another drama unfolds. We used to run everything on Sage line50 which is at heart an accountancy package with a clunky warehouse/inventory management system. Honest opinion key areas we have taken a big step back. Simple day to day procedures that have become a total nightmare, I really can't understand how this is supposedly been built from an e-commerce background. I would say at the moment it's taking the warehouse 3-4 hours a day longer to operate! You can't partially refund a customer, so a customer buy's two pairs of pants returns one, no way of partial refunding, we've been told work in progress! Also simple things like refunding a customer postage, can't do! When you part ship an order there's no way of tracking this, so you need to go into all your shipped orders one by one checking which one's are part shipped or allocated. You can't do shortfall on your orders to see which order you need to order stock for so you need to go into each and every order new and old to see what needs to be ordered, we've sort of coping on a day to day basis using tags but not ideal at all and extremely time-consuming. It doesn't automatically allocate purchase orders Reorder levels don't work so very hard to understand when reordering, it also doesn't recognise zero's which is a massive problem. You've got to manually link your products with supplier codes which is a massive problem when you have over 7,000's sku's. A lot of duplicate data handling is required to keep Veeqo and your inventory on your own store updated, it does;t pass inventory updates from Woo back across, which is a bit of a pain.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 3/10

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Paul Jones

Multi Channel Inventory Management

Reviewed 2015-03-06
Review Source: GetApp

We have been successfully running an online Golf and Fitness Business across multiple channels for many years, however in 2014 we expanded our channels to include a second Ecommerce website. We have been running a Magento backed Ecommerce site for quite some time and had expanded our business to include a Woocommerce backed Ecommerce website that we needed to be able to run using a singular master stock file. We also sell across the eBay and Amazon channels. We searched for quite some time to find a product in the marketplace that would link with all of our sales channels and allow us to work from one singular master stock file. We were quite surprised when we found that the best fit for our needs was based in our home town!! After having some discussions with Matt at Veeqo we could see the potential in the Veeqo system and after some system testing we signed up and have been using Veeqo since October 2014. Since this time Veeqo have been working hard at implementing more and more functionality into their products and we have worked closely with them on what we believe to be the best solutions for business in the real world to achieve maximum return from their investment in the Veeqo system. We would have not been able to achieve our goals without the dedicated support from the team at Veeqo and we thank them for all of their hard work during the rollout of the Veeqo system at Just Sports Online. Now with the Veeqo system in operation we are able to have cast iron control over our inventory management! We are looking forward to the rollout of product pushing from the Veeqo system that will allow us to create all of our SKU's in one location and push them through to all required channels with ease!

Single Master Stock File Simple Order Management Multiple channel management Excellent help desk support

No product pushing yet!

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Jacob Nezri

Veeqo has changed our business & allowed us to understand it so much better:

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-07-06
Review Source: Capterra

Veeqo helps us control stock, process orders and gives us a general overlook of our business. I can say that Veeqo saves us at least 2 hours daily and its many features help us know when we are to place an order, what products are doing well/badly etc. It saves us making errors processing orders and our packers now have an organised list, order labels are in the order they prefer - all these little preferences add up ... to hundreds of hours a month.

Having used several other software Veeqo is by far the most User-Friendly. Veeqo has so many features - I am impressed every day when I find another one. Veeqo is made to feel personal for you. Every request or need you have they work on and the turnaround is amazing. I find their customer service AMAZING. The onboarding process is made very easy and they help set up most of the backend stuff. Overall Veeqo has changed order management for us and offers so much more than other platforms as is user friendly - something difficult to say about other platforms.

I can honestly say there are ZERO cons. I have used other platforms and this list will be very long for other platforms.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Key features of Veeqo

  • Bulk print shipping labels for USPS, UPS, FedEx & more
  • Fulfil orders with 1 click.
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Shopify Inventory Management
  • Amazon Inventory Management
  • eBay Inventory Management
  • Xero Inventory Management
  • Quickbooks Inventory Management
  • Discount shipping rates from the world's best companies
  • Shopify Plus Inventory Management
  • Integrate your ecommerce store
  • Optimise inventory performance
  • Multi Warehouse support
  • Flexible user control
  • Enter order information by Phone, Email or typing.
  • Manage Orders from your webstores and marketplaces.
  • All orders in one system
  • View orders by store, order status or stock location
  • Create & manage purchase orders
  • Get notified in real time.
  • Be in control of your business
  • Analyse sales performance
  • Beautiful & easy to understand sales & profit reports
  • Track sales performance by product, SKU or Channel
  • Save up to 70% off your shipping costs with our discount
  • Create your new purchase order and have a PDF of it emailed
  • Push your orders into Xero
  • Import and Export product, order,sales, and suppliers
  • Forecast sales by product, store or channel
  • Directly create new orders in Veeqo
  • Replenish stock in real time
  • Sync your ecommerce sites & marketplaces
  • Track Inventory changes in real time
  • Create new Sales orders in Veeqo
  • Forecast inventory levels
  • Analyse sales performance by product, SKU or Channel
  • Issue pro forma invoices to suppliers
  • Compare best performing products, Channels etc
  • Sync inventory in real time with eBay and Amazon
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Inventory management that can be trusted

Bring together your inventory from across all of your stores. Edit stock levels, see inventory update instantly and take control of your inventory without the worry of overselling. Whether that’s an Amazon and eBay marketplace or a Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or WooCommerce store, you can track what happens as it happens. Get the most out of your inventory and try advanced features like creating bundles, re-order levels and stock pushing rules.

Sell more and keep on top of all your orders

Keep the whole team on top of all your orders from start to finish. See key information and print invoices for all your orders in one dashboard and save everyone time tracking down orders across different accounts. It’s easy to add new stores to Veeqo so when your orders grow you can be confident when setting up a new web store or marketplace. You can even list your store's products straight to all the major marketplaces worldwide from Veeqo. With the listing tools, you'll have direct access to the customers of Amazon and eBay in a couple of clicks.

Save time and get shipping

Get orders out the door quickly and make your customers happy. Using Veeqo to print your shipping labels, send customer e-mail confirmations and mark orders as shipped automatically for all your stores. With built in integrations from Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, FedEx, UK Mail, DHL, Interlink Express and DPD, you can ship orders in seconds and cut your processing down by up to 5 minutes per order. Get shipping quotes tailored to your business to save up to 60% and find the best UK and international delivery rates from the companies you trust.

Take your business with you wherever you go

Whether it’s a trade show, down the warehouse or the spare bedroom, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your business with the Veeqo app for iPhone and Android. Manage your inventory, check your sales and update stock levels on all your stores in seconds. Speed up order processing and create a pick list in seconds. Scan products with your phone's camera from around your warehouse to get orders out of the door and picked correctly.

Profit and accounts that are always up to date

Speed up your whole accounting process by syncing your orders, cost of goods and purchase orders directly into either QuickBooks or Xero. Always get an accurate profit and loss report in QuickBooks and Xero with every sales invoice updating to show the cost of good sold (COGS).

Better insights into your business

Get a complete overview and find out exactly what’s going on with your business in one place. Be in control and see exactly how much profit you’re making per store, the cost of goods and inventory per warehouse to make smarter purchasing decisions. Keep the right products in stock by checking the product report for your best selling products and comparing how a product is doing on eBay and Amazon against all your other stores.