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Aventri overview

Aventri (formerly etouches) is a global end-to-end event management software solution. The success oriented and cloud-based platform delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process and increase ROI. Founded in 2008, and reintroduced 10 years later as Aventri, we have assisted over 20,000 event professionals in planning, executing and measuring their events.

With a focus on venue sourcing, registration, marketing, logistics, engagement, mobile and event performance, the multilingual software solution has served more than 1,400 customers in over 35 countries. The event platform offers solutions for event professionals to optimize their events in real-time through onsite engagement solutions and react post event through a detailed analytics engine that is integrated at every step of the event process.

Robust, user-friendly and easily customizable, Aventri offers a complete solution for pre, during and post events. Over 20 million registrations, 115 million event emails, and 100,000 events have been created with the event management platform. Offering 20+ payment gateways and over a dozen best-in-class software integrations, Aventri offers clients a seamless process to deal with the flow of information.

The state of the art event platform is a top choice among event professionals, serving a global customer base that includes corporations, associations, agencies and educational institutions. Headquartered in the United States in Norwalk, CT, the company has additional offices in Florida, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, UAE, India and Singapore. For more information visit etouches.com and follow Aventri on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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Aventri screenshot: Build out your attendee registration process, with easeAventri screenshot: Stay on top of every aspect of your event with customizable dashboardsAventri screenshot: Create and submit your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play with 1 clickAventri screenshot: Track attendee engagement in real-time

Aventri reviews

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Susan McMahon

Our complicated ticketing was made much simpler!!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-06-20
Review Source: Capterra

TEDxSydney is a one day event, with a complicated ticketing/purchasing process and many categories of attendees. In the past, we have managed this complexity via a combination of spreadsheets and home-grown databases, which has often resulted in loss of information or registrants on the day, as well as created challenges with reconciling multiple lists of registrants. We used etouches for our event this year, and it made such a difference to have one source of truth for all our registrations, payments and refunds, and to allow us to have an easy and quick snapshot of all our attendees at our fingertips.I enjoyed having a one-stop shop for all our registrations and the super-flexible configuration capability that handled most of our complex needs. We were able to accommodate all of the attendee categories with the variety of set-up options within eReg. I also liked the ability to link events to mailing lists in eMarketing, which we only really scratched the surface with this year. Next year, we plan to integrate them together even more. We also really benefitted from the ability to print badges for the event on the day directly from etouches. Again, we did not use this to its full potential this year, so looking forward to utilising the software even more in this area next year.

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Martin Bay

etouches for association management

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

Kellen has partnered with etouches since 2012. We have seen the company grow & prosper, and we are very pleased with the results. Top successes include continued ease of use, great customer support, good online learning, useful API, great integration between modules, great onsite experience. Some of the challenges include lack of development of the online booth sales & management module (ebooth), slow development of integration with association management systems (AMSs, such as NetForum, YourMembership, i4a...), limited scope of the appointment-scheduling module (esocial). We have used other systems, and for an all-around event management solution, or just as a registration management tool, we feel etouches can't be outdone. We feel we've been part of their development, through sharing challenges and helping design solutions. They've come a long way with their Call for Abstracts module (eselect), and we provided a lot of feedback on that in the early stages. We use ehome quite often, and it's very easy to learn & use, in support of the ereg module. We do not use the task management or budgeting solutions. We have used both emarketing and escan successfully. Their customer service department is responsive, and we are happy to report that senior management is also very responsive to inquiries (when we feel more urgency is required). We process around 10,000 registrations, plus 1000 eselect uses, annually. We chose etouches based on projected ROI and have not been disappointed. We also appreciate and utilize the system's ability to work with multiple currencies, multiple global payment gateways, and multiple languages, including Chinese.

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Julien Carlier

Multi Event platform for association that becomes our CRM

Reviewed 2016-11-23
Review Source: Capterra

We are organizing around 10 events per year which are our touchpoint with our members and all the community. Etouches has been first our registration software. What we value most is: Registration setup : - managing members only rate with automated filters - easy design of the pages - setup administrative invoices and other documents - management of complex information gathering (session, extra-data, share-transportation...) And also a templating of these setup to allow us to duplicate all or parts of these setup... Communication management: - manage layout of emails easily with global templates or event-specific customization - send out invitation and monitor answers - manage the "no" answer (great one) to allow you to remind only the one that did not answer in & single click - manage automated email for incomplete registration, confirmation, changes in the programme... Financial & reporting: - really easy automated report - daily email custom report (just magic for other stakeholders) and live private lists - finance management with our context (taxes are complex for association)... Sponsor management: - we also used etouches to manage sponsorship - from confirmation of packages - invoices - quota management for badges and VIP pass CRM management: we use the option of "global database" : - this include that our global DB is automaticaly updated by every single registration - we have cross events data - we can monitor engagement, loyalty - we can detect low engaged people to be proactive in the communication with them before they leave the association - we can provide detailed data about quality, quantity and interest of our community to our potential sponsors --> fully integrated with no import / export / excel skills (and time spent)

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Elvire de Chalus

Not a good experience at all : we do not recommend it and are now changing our software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-11
Review Source: Capterra

I don't find now any benefits from this software actually, I am probably kid myself because we had a very bad experience. But we choose Etouches at the very beginning because we had the feeling that they do understand our job and our problems. the Registration module is very complete but we have the feeling that now they just want to sell their products without any willing to improve their products. Etouches is stocked in early 2010 years ! The biggest aspect of our dissatisfaction is that they don't care at all about problems in our organisation due to bugs from their software. They don't care if can't open your event and if you have plenty of participants waiting for their badge ! If you have a big events with a lot of data for each participant, the software is very slow : and as you as you report that to the team, after showing videos to proove it because that's the way they work (they always say that is due to other factor ...), the answer is this event is very big and you have a lot of data per participant ....... We are now fed up with their fake explanation on each important bugs reported and have the felling that they don't care at all. Registration module : eReg, it is very complete and flexible. You can manage any type of event using it, but event in this module you can find discripencies and inconsistency as everywhere in the woftware

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Elizabeth Hobson, CMP

eReg is life changing!

Reviewed 2016-03-11
Review Source: Capterra

eReg has changed our lives! With our previous event registration system, there were constant complaints from attendees about the registration process. To the extent that nearly all of our registrants would actually register by phone or through staff in the office. What's the point of having and online registration platform. Now 95% is done through eReg, enabling our staff to use their energy and talents on the actual event production and execution. Through the efficient use of the onsite registration and mobile check-in features, post-event wrap-up is easy and no hassle. With a few clicks and pre-drafted email templates, we can send 'thank you' emails to those that attended, 'sorry we missed yous' to those who never made it, and tax deductible notes to those who supported the event first thing the day after the event. The integration between eTouches and Salesforce has been lifesaving for us. With our previous system, unique guest lists and email lists were created for each campaign/event. After the event or campaign was complete the information would be updated back into Salesforce if time allowed, which was rare. Now we know instantly who received which emails and what program they registered for, which makes our Membership Group and Business Development teams VERY happy. There are a few things I wish could be more integrated in eTouches, but as those things come up I've been able to submit our needs through the customer support portal and eTouches continually adds them to the development queue. They constantly make updates to the different modules to increase functionality and better the user experience.

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Pricing is per registration, the price drops as registration volume increases.
Minimum commitment of 1000 registrations per year.

Fixed-fee Enterprise pricing is available for volumes of more than 25000 registrations/year.

Aventri features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Automatic Reminders
CRM Integration
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Customizable Branding
Customizable Reporting
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Reporting & Statistics
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Activity Tracking (120 other apps)
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Additional information for Aventri

Key features of Aventri

  • Attendee, speaker & exhibitor registration
  • Badges, certificates & invitations
  • Housing & travel management
  • Event website builder
  • Event mobile app builder
  • Email marketing management
  • Surveys
  • Event venue management
  • Project planning & task management
  • Resource scheduling
  • Budget management
  • Team wiki pages
  • Automated attendee/ delegate meetings
  • Seating management
  • Booth & floor planning
  • Badge scanner
  • Speaker/ topic submission & review
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ease of use: You don't have to be a technical wizard to use our software. Simple, Intuitive, Powerful.

Free 24/7 in-house support by etouches very event and software experts. Regardless where you are in the world or what time it is day or night, we have you covered!

eReg: Design registration workflows, generate ad hoc reports, manage speaker submissions and registrations, badges, certificates, invitations, travel arrangements & more.

eHome: Create a customized event website with a point-and-click configurator to display schedules/agendas, floor plans, speakers and attendees. Embed YouTube videos, RSS, Twitter feeds & more.

eMarketing: Execute email marketing campaigns to promote your event to target audiences. Track click-throughs, insert banner ads, and create HTML/ text emails.

eSurvey: Create attendee surveys with unlimited questions. Upload survey feedback and generate pie, bar & line graph charts for reporting.

eRFP: An add-on product to quad or pro packages that lets you automate the venue management process by soliciting, qualifying, selecting, & communicating with travel and hospitality vendors.