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Runit RealTime Cloud

POS & Inventory Management for Multi-Store CLOTHING & SHOE

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Runit RealTime Cloud overview

Runit is a hosted, real-time POS and inventory management system that enables organizations to improve ordering and manage centralized distribution. The solution was designed specifically for multi-store apparel, footwear, sports and gift retailers, ranging from three locations to 100. Runit allows users to manage their business on-the-go with iOS and Android native apps for mobile devices.

Runit provides a broad range of functions including point-of-sale, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, automatic ordering and replenishment, accounting, reporting, workforce planning, and business analysis. With the accounting A/P module users can process checks for invoices, set up recurring expenses, and review payment calendars. Organizations can track and search vendor terms by invoice date, date due, invoice number, payable category, and more.

Runit’s eCommerce integrations enable organizations to seamlessly synchronize their online store with physical locations for tracking all sales, inventory and customer purchases in real-time. Users can maintain a contact database for all vendors, suppliers, merchants, and customers, as well as assign shipping and payable terms, manage purchase order discounts, and more. Runit’s employee management module helps analyze sales performance, manage schedules, and track staff with the employee time clock.

The Runit Open Pro app for iOS offers full functionality of the POS module for an iPad. The app's most commonly used functions include real-time sales transactions, barcode scanning to add items, customer profile information, customer merchandise history, store credits, and more. Users can view real-time inventory data for all locations including on-order, on-hand, received, and in-transit. Runit also specializes in serving gift retailers such as museum, arena, hotel and airport stores, as well as liquor and wine shops.


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Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Runit is cloud-based and runs on any computer with a browser and an internet connectionSpecialty retailers can optimize inventory levels at all timesRunit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Scanning items onto a transaction in Runit Open Pro for iPad.  Use at the counter, throughout the store, and at events.  EMV capable via Ingenico iCMP bluetooth card reader. Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Checking inventory levels on the fly in Runit Open Pro for iPad.  Verify on-hands in any location, and process quick transfers from store to store, without having to leave the customer's side.Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: On-screen signature capture during credit card transaction in Runit Open Pro for iPad.  Full-featured eReceipt follows this step, including banner advertising, social links and customer satisfaction survey. Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Inventory matrix view in Runit RealTime (PC/Mac version).Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Runit's powerful stock balancing setup screen.Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Powerful inventory analysis reports offer many settings/options for understanding your business.Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Sample inventory analysis report from Runit RealTime (PC/Mac version).Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Runit's in-depth inventory analysis goes further by offering the user many additional rules/exceptions to contemplate.Runit RealTime Cloud screenshot: Runit RealTime’s auto-distribution tool offers eight methods of dispersing merchandise to your stores; stores will always carry the merchandise that they need.Hosted Point of Sale Software Enables Denim Chain's Dramatic Growth

Runit RealTime Cloud reviews


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Timothy Styler

Great Solution for Businesses from Small to Large and everywhere in between!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-05-02
Review Source: Capterra

Better Visibility to Inventory Ability to Grow When we were looking for a solution at the time as a 19 store operation we were too big for many solutions and too small for others. We found RunIT fit the bill allowing us to grow from 19 to upwards of 75 locations along with our backoffice support and integrate with our Distribution Center(s) and Online Business. The ability to grow with us rapidly at times is a major plus to RunIT. The team is easy to get in touch with and support is available quickly, keeping your business up and running. With our unique situations, RunIT is adaptable - allowing for customization of modules and out of the box solutions to accommodate the many variables of their customer's businesses. At the time of our investment into RunIT software - very few solutions had LIVE inventory, most were polling inventory which meant your ability to make key business decisions were delayed until you reconciled. Yet having live inventory, decision makers can pull information fast and have real-time data to support the decisions to operate the business. From a backend user perspective the ability to set sales, update store information, user settings, even machine based options remotely is key to managing our network of systems. As your company grows it becomes harder to have the regular in-store touch points and you need this flexibility in the system you choose. RunIT offers that and more. We continue to grow and improve and RunIT is alongside us in the journey.

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Corey Anderson

Biggest business mistake ever then SAVED by Runit

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-06-13
Review Source: Capterra

Wanting the best POS system for my company, I went with the most popular brand name out there being used by some of the largest chain stores in the nation. Worst mistake of my life. I spent $20,000 on purchasing the equipment, set-up, installation, training, tech-support and the like. It was a nightmare from the first week. The company was slow to respond, the set-up and training fees were unnecessary, and most importantly the software was nowhere near what I wanted. I realized that in the POS world, the popularity of a POS software company has NOTHING to do with how good the software is, or if it will handle your specific needs. Every business requiring a POS system has different industry needs. For our business at The Root Beer Store, we have a cross of retail sales and fast-casual food service. After our nightmare with the other POS company, we set up a spreadsheet with a list of 20-30 very specific things we needed. Everything from inventory transfer capabilities and invoicing, to quick menu features and free customer service. Even little things like a tally/count of items being rung up were important to us--something so simple, yet a feature our last service did not have. We then spent weeks researching, downloading trial-versions, talking to reps, and investigating which of the myriad companies out there had it all. We narrowed it down to 20 companies, then 10, 5, and then just the last 2 or 3. We ended up with Runit...and couldn't be happier. Wow. Runit has proven to be exactly what we needed, and is VERY versatile. Although it is specifically geared towards the shoe/textile industry, it still works perfectly for our needs. I wholeheartedly recommend this software to anyone who does not want to go through what was for me, the most costly business mistake I have ever made in my 26 years of running a business. As an FYI--I know this is a glowing review, but please know I don't work for the company, am not being compensated, and personally as the President of the company don't even have time to write such reviews being as busy as I am...but wanted to for the sole reason that they have saved my life vs. my experience with the "other guys."Free Customer Service Inventory Management Inter-store Transferring Capabilities Phone-app Integration Gift Card Capabilities Reporting Quick Menu Screen Item Count Tally Easy User Interface Training Module etc. etc. etc.

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Rebecca Moon

Highly function POS system

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-10-03
Review Source: Software Advice

I liked RunIt alot. the store i managed before opening my store had it an i set it up for 4 stores. I would have used it for my own store, however it can be rather expensive for a start up.Offers many options for running reports. Easy to enter inventory. Overall easy to set up new inventory. Time clock is built into system

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Joe Brigden

My Favorite Customer Service

Reviewed 2016-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

The other night I was updating 4 different computer terminals. As is the case with many upgrades or updates sometimes issues will occur. I ran into a driver problem with one of my printers and I had been staring at the same problem for far too long at a very late hour. I was distressed to say the least. It was around 2 a.m. and I decided to call Runit. I did not believe that anyone would be there but I called anyway and after only a few rings I hung up in defeat. It was only after a few moments that my phone rang. Runit was actually calling me back and at 2 a.m. A very friendly and courteous technician named Derryck was able to help me refocus on the problem and together we solved the issue. Just having someone on my team was the boost I needed to get through my trouble so the next day our business could perform the way it should. This is just one instance of the help I've had from Runit. Their tier 3 staff is also exceptional. I can't spell that out enough. People like Betty, Mark, and Walter are impressively masterful. It's an utter relief to hear their voice on the other end of the line whenever a problem occurs. They make me feel so confident that an effective answer is on the way and quick. The best thing I love about Runit is their human touch. So many other companies I have had to deal with either have too much of a process just to get to a person to help or unattainable. I am very pleased with the fact that when I have a problem, day or night, I can actually reach a knowledgeable professional that is going to get me to the other side. I wish more companies were like this.

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Jeanette Angene

Highly recommended. Best kept secret!

Reviewed 2015-03-17
Review Source: Software Advice

I like the ease of use. It's definitely geared for the clothing industry with excellent seller pros, such as Buyers Club rewards, the ability to track a customer's purchases, birthdate, etc., and excellent special order tracking. Best part has to be reports, being able to know what item is selling the best, and when I need to replenish. The training department was excellent and helpful.

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$129/machine per month (minimum of 2). Vol disc available.

Runit RealTime Cloud features

Activity Tracking
Customer Database
Customizable Branding
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Mobile Integration
Third Party Integration

Activity Dashboard (164 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (156 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (152 other apps)
CRM Integration (110 other apps)
Calendar Management (142 other apps)
Contact Database (106 other apps)
Custom Fields (126 other apps)
Customizable Templates (127 other apps)
Electronic Payments (112 other apps)
Email Integration (144 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (162 other apps)
Social Media Integration (125 other apps)

Additional information for Runit RealTime Cloud

Key features of Runit RealTime Cloud

  • Business intelligence
  • eCommerce integration
  • Branded eReceipts
  • Encrypted payments, EMV & Apple Pay
  • Contact list management
  • iPod & iPad options
  • Auto distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Security & PCI compliance
  • Employee management
  • Transfers
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Purchase order management
  • Layaways and special orders
  • Transaction receipt
  • Accounting
  • General ledger
  • Accounting A/R, and A/P
  • Customer management
  • Point of sale
  • Marketing & loyalty
  • Return merchant authorization
  • Receiving management
  • Warehouse management
  • EDI Integration
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Runit's warehouse management features allow organizations to automate all day-to-day tasks related to transferring goods to retail stores.

Runit's receiving management module enables users to print stickers and tags, as well as barcodes based on ordered and received merchandise.

Runit offers seamless, integrated, and fully encrypted EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) and smartphone payment capabilities.

Plugins are available for real-time eCommerce integrations with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce & WooCommerce.

Runit supports special orders that enable businesses to generate a unique purchase order and add advanced discounts and promotions.