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ServiceM8 overview

What is ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is the app for any service business. It will guide you from job quoting through to invoicing and payment. You will have real-time information on what jobs are currently active, what quotes have been issued to clients, and where and when staff are at clients sites. ServiceM8 is designed to be used by everyone in your business, from each individual field staff member, to back office staff, through all levels of management. It is simple and effective, and best of all, it's available anywhere, anytime.

Get a bird's-eye view of your business in real-time and take control. Visually see staff and clients locations - make smart decisions like allocating the closest staff member or take travel time into account for quotes. Receive and manage jobs, produce professional quotes instantly and communicate with clients via SMS messages or email with a few clicks. Bring up any previous quote or work order in seconds. No other system makes managing your business this easy.

The dispatch board also acts as your online schedule for all staff within the business. View all unscheduled jobs and quotes, create new jobs or quotes at the click of a button. Easily allocate jobs to staff members using drag-n-drop onto their daily schedule. Staff with iPhones will have instant access to schedule changes while on the road. Print daily schedules, work orders and routing maps for each staff member.

Eliminate time wasted by constantly calling the office for client information or details on getting to your next job. Access all client details and your schedule from a few taps on your phone, even get directed to each job as required. Complete jobs at the site rather then at the end of the day, updating the office instantly - sparing staff from disruptive calls from the office. Head office is constantly updated with the advanced mobile tracking system, which displays staff locations directly on the dispatch map in real-time. Allocate any urgent jobs to the nearest vehicle, saving your business time and delivering faster service to your clients.

The job diary allows you to upload any type of file, image or quote against a job. Record history of client contact, attach notes and other relevant information during a job to ensure all staff are kept up to date. Create and allocate tasks to staff such as following up client quotes, ordering parts or scheduling manufacturing work, get notified when tasks are overdue. ServiceM8 in not an accounting package, but we still make sure you get paid for each job and nothing falls through the cracks. We're about managing your jobs to make sure that each job is either paid instantly or an invoice is raised in your accounting package.

Reporting is simple and easy to understand. Each report shows key information about your business. Get reports emailed to you on a weekly basis showing key metrics about number of jobs created and closed for the week, keeping you up to date on any changes in productivity or market conditions.

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ServiceM8 user reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Timothy S.

I love this product. I am a daily user and use it for all of my online invoicing for my business.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-12
Review Source: Capterra

A real time-saver and great for monitoring all invoice statuses -

My favorite feature is the way you can send via email, a past due notice for your invoices and how easy it is to customize all email templates. Customize your quotes, estimates, invoices, past due invoices, and schedule the past due invoice notice date

Only that you can only schedule one follow-up past due invoice. I would like to send past due notices every 15, 30, 45 days and send demand for payment emails at 60 and 90 days and then a notice for collections notice at 112 days stating past due account goes into collection at 120 days - Then it is out of our hands -

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Katherine B.

A must have for trades

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-05-20
Review Source: Capterra

We have only been using the platform for a month

- The pricing structure is something that initially drew our attention. Instead of being per user it is a monthly fee (plus add-ons). - The job scheduling is very easy to use and with a team scheduler add-on you can select multiple team members for the same job. - the phone app is extremely useful. You can select to text a customer when you are on route (providing you've set it all up before hand). - You can take payment in the field as well as invoices generating a link that customer's can click on to make payment. Payments are shown in the job diary. - job diaries are autogenerated so you can see a good audit trail from creation to closure. You can add to existing jobs from the inbox feature. - the network request add-on is really useful for our business where we use contractors who don't require a logon to our system but complete jobs on our behalf. We have set our templates up with forms and questions that need completion and when these are done it shows up on our portal which says time having to manually enter data in from emails.

- Sometimes the navigation functions can be time consuming. It would be handy to raise a job from within the client module window (i.e. when you open a client you can view current and past jobs but you cannot raise a new one and therefore have to go to dispatch board). - It would be good to have a shortcut to raise a new job on the main menu rather than having to select dispatch board. - the asset scanning only appears to work with purchase stickers from ServiceM8 (unless we haven't discovered correctly how to do this with other ones...) - It is limited to IOS so we have had to purchase iPad minis to sync with our android devices.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Lauren M.

Needs More Customer Focus For Future Improvement

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-11
Review Source: Capterra

Overall it has great features but lacking one major feature for us which would cut down our admin time for invoicing and that is batch invoicing. Customer service unable to help with timelines for this upgrade or indication if it will be implemented?

Stability in remote areas where signal is poor, Servicem8 holds up and we've tried them all

Invoicing more than one job for one client during the month, no ability to combine jobs into one invoice? Feature requested in 2012 for batch/bulk invoicing and still nothing....

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 7/10

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Danielle A.

Lots to like..but when you find issues, you will be ignored by ServiceM8

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2021-02-11
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall, the software is pretty good; it covers a lot of ground and addresses a few of the pain points. There are glitches and no software is perfect but that's not really our issue. Our problem is the lack of customer service you receive when there are issues. Last year, over the space of 6 weeks we had 92 duplicate jobs appear in our calendar. Confused the team and was a tedious pain to find & remove them all. I reported and also asked if we could have these jobs removed from our billing as we're on a legacy pay per job plan. Their first response had a suggested solution - it didn't work, it instead created more duplicates and I was told that one of our staff must have created the duplicates....considering the staff they accused was on site with my husband working at the time, with her phone in the car, I know it wasn't her. We were told it had been passed on to the development team and they'd let us know. That was in November 2020. Since then the only contact I've had was after I complained every 2 weeks that we'd heard nothing and more duplicates were being created. Emails go unanswered. Messages to live chat got the templated 'it's with the development team' answer and I never heard back about billing. We ended up taking the long way and solved it ourselves by deleting every recurring job & setting them all back up. Then rearranged the calendar to fit in the 92 duplicate jobs. PITA If customer service is important to you, this is probably not the app for you.

- Integrates with merge fields but enough to make it work - GPS & time tracking - Service reminders

- Zero followup or support when reporting glitches - Dispatch board gets very buggy and sometimes won't render correctly on desktop - On the CRM side, you need to memorise where you can edit things without it glitching e.g. you can't change payment terms via editing a client found in global search, updating a client doesn't update the recurring job - you need to also update the template...double handling, if you try to edit/add contacts or change their role from the client page it will fail to pull these into a new job.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Julio E M.

Best Service Managing software I have used!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

Ease to schedule, invoice, quotes and payments.

It is a very well rounded software. Every year they add new features at no cost that improve the interaction with it.

Wish they mad a version for Android. Most of my team uses Android and we have to provide them with an Apple device in order to use the software.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Additional information for ServiceM8

Key features of ServiceM8

  • A list of events with their respective dates
  • Access the software remotely via mobile devices
  • Access/operate the system via mobile application
  • Add customized logos and colors to the interface
  • Add notes and track history to document conversations with specific contacts
  • Alerts/notifications within the system
  • Allow customers to make a partial payment on an invoice and track remaining debt
  • Allows for integration with other systems/databases
  • Alter the layout and content of reports
  • An electronic record of patients, clinical documentation, created and stored digitally
  • Analyze floor plans to generate workflow
  • Assemble applications and processes by dragging over and arranging pre-built components
  • Assign issues and tasks to users based on their availability and capability of completing the task/issue
  • Automate customer payments on a predetermined schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc)
  • Automatically extract information from documents or websites and input it into a database in a specified format
  • Business with more than one location/store
  • Buy necessary items in compliance with established business policies
  • Calculate total itemized costs, including initial costs and any changes
  • Capture a signature via a mobile device
  • Capture and analyze information about your customers and interactions with them
  • Centralized database of stakeholders and their contact information
  • Centralized database to track details of fixed assets such as depreciation and maintenance scheduling/history
  • Communicate with and outreach to followers/customers/clients in multiple ways
  • Create a path to complete a specific goal and guide leads based on the time between actions
  • Create and automatically send premade copy in response to customer's messages
  • Create and manage monetary interactions between parties (i.e. bills and invoices)
  • Create and send email blasts/campaigns
  • Create quotes/proposals and maintain a central repository of previous quotes
  • Create unique categories of information to embed within your communications
  • Create work orders and track their status to completion
  • Create, design, and visually represent processes within the software
  • Create, manage, and share multiple calendars
  • Create, save, and re-purpose formatting
  • Create, store and share information, data, and support articles in a centralized database
  • Create, update, and manage bookings, itineraries, and reservations
  • Customize your contracts and forms so customer's become associated with your brand
  • Dashboard to view activity
  • Development of software programs
  • Electronic storage of staff contact information and job status
  • Encryption secures data associated with a signed document and helps verify the authenticity of a signed record
  • End users can schedule appointments online
  • Expected cost based on factors before a project begins
  • For chemical engineering
  • Gateway through which end users can access the system
  • Graphical representation of the data
  • Identify an individual's or an asset's location at any given point in time
  • Import and export information and reports to and from the program
  • Improve business process by accessing more features and applications by combining third party integrations
  • Informational updates that are delivered to users as soon as an event occurs
  • Integrate with a third party accounting system
  • Integrate with email such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.
  • Log and record hours worked and costs spent to assist in billing and invoicing
  • Log and store the source of contacts/leads
  • Manage all job information in one place
  • Manage assets throughout their lifecycle to optimize profit
  • Manage company interactions with current customers
  • Manage inventory based on different requirements of individual work orders
  • Manage relationships with customers and address customer concerns while tracking previous interactions
  • Manage sending personnel and resources to a site as needed
  • Measure time to completion or hours worked
  • Monitor and track project related activities based on various metrics
  • Monitor assets (i.e. equipment, tools, software, hardware, etc.) lifecycle and usage from acquisition to retirement
  • Monitor the movement and quantities of inventory items
  • Notices sent to individuals when a task, deadline, appointment, or activity is approaching
  • Online gateway through which employees can access and track their own information and metrics
  • Organize, store and distribute forms and form templates in a centralized location
  • Plan and coordinate all the resources, costs and time needed to execute assignments
  • Plan availability and assign specific time slots for tasks and resources
  • Plan the most time and cost effective routes for drivers / field staff
  • Premade examples and templates for emails
  • Provide directions and plan the day's work to optimize employee scheduling
  • Receive information and notification of changes as soon as they are available
  • Record customer information, purchase history, and other notes
  • Regulate who can view and use the system by setting permissions and issuing passwords
  • Reporting on changes over time to the state of a request, a process, or an object
  • Reporting on how each task or process has advanced since its initiation
  • Schedule predetermined or ad hoc maintenance services and labor requests
  • Schedules are automatically created based on business need and employee availability and qualifications
  • Search available resources to locate required information
  • Searchable repository of information about clients
  • Set a task to repeat
  • Sign a document within the system
  • Store and access documents, forms, and photos in one centralized place
  • Store documents in a centralized location for easy access
  • Swipe a credit card or manually process payments while with the customer in the field
  • Synchronize with other calendars to view mutual availability and schedules
  • System notifications about the need to bump priority level of ticket
  • System that enables financial institutions to offer credit card activity management with integration to online banking.
  • Track and oversee work orders assigned to technicians
  • Track changes and view date/time records
  • Track information, qualifications, and contact details of subcontractors
  • Track specific people who attended events or the total number of attendees
  • Track system's health and performance continuously with information and updates being available instantly at any point in time
  • Track the amount of time spent on a job or task
  • Track work performed and resources used for past customers, sites, or assets
  • Track, store, and access client/customer contracts
  • Track/log the amount of time employees worked per job
  • Tracks employee schedules, availability, performance
  • Upload, track, and submit receipts in a central database
  • View and track pertinent metrics
  • View team, job, equipment and vehicles locations on a map
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Better Cash flow
Create invoices in the field, and process credit card payments through the ServiceM8 mobile app with no external devices required.

Improved Professionalism
Inspire confidence in your clients with professional quotes and invoices. Automatically notify clients you're on-approach to the job.

More Productive
On average businesses using ServiceM8 complete 30% more work in the first 3 months.

Better Service
With professional quotes, better communication and faster service, you’ll win more new work and earn repeat customers.