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ZenDesk for the extra layer of customer support.

Verified Reviewer  4 days ago 18:01

My company works with telecommunications companies all over the world. We currently have offices in the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, and Germany. When our customers do not need to utilize our immediate LiveChat service they create support email tickets through our ZenDesk program. I am immediately notified of all incoming requests for support which allows me to quickly respond to the needs of our customers. There are lots of integrations and the reporting/analytics allows me to keep track of how we are doing compared to the industry standard. Since we are an expanding company ZenDesk has allowed us to constantly meet our customer demands without the normal growing pains.

Pros: The pricing is extremely affordable for both large and small business- depending on your specific needs. Customer support staff is always available and eager to assist. Detailed reporting and apps integrations are added bonuses. Ability to add tags and even group ticket. Manage client needs quickly and with ease.

Cons: I have not had an issue in over three years of using ZenDesk. There have been many updates and additions to the program and each of them has been beneficial to my company and customers. I have no doubt that if I do have an issue, complaint, suggestion- that the support staff will be right there for me.

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Customer support

Zendesk Just OK

Verified Reviewer  6th of October 16:33

IT Support Engineer/System Operations (Consumer Goods company, 501-1000 employees)

Zendesk could be great as a customer service tool however we use it as a Help-Desk IT tool. The forms do not work as well as I would hope mostly because the form information does not come across in the body of the ticket rather it's all on the side and not easy to read. to be able to really automate and customize anything you need to purchase extra 3rd party apps and add to the already high cost of Zendesk. In my opinion it might be best to find something else or at least extensively test everything.

Pros: interface is easy to use, knowledgebase works ok

Cons: Forms do not work well need 3rd party apps for automations cost

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Customer support

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Easy button for helpdesk software

Verified Reviewer  2nd of October 13:50

Excellent platform for helpdesk. Internal and external customers will love it.

Pros: Intense KB. Public discussions. Great helpdesk tools to manage issues and see team metrics. Surveys. Email threading. Mobile app.

Cons: Could improve integration with internal Knowledge Base and problem resolution. (Eg metadata/key work matching to suggest answers)

Good solution for a startup

Verified Reviewer  29th of September 14:53

Zendesk was used as the primary "support" comm after the launch of an app I was involved with. There were very few complaints about the ease of use or glitching during the hectic hours after the release of the app. Overall, this was a well-priced help desk solution for a small team managing very general feedback/support questions about a mobile app.

Pros: Any member of the team was able to begin using it and answer questions, so a huge pro is ease of use. The pricing was ideal for what we are looking for.

Cons: For enterprise SAAS, it might be more expensive than what we used it for, but you get what you pay for, so that shouldn't be a deterrent. Support is one of the most crucial elements of a business and I would pay for the more expensive packages if needed.

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Customer support

Zendesk is a great SaaS helpdesk, quick to deploy, easy to maintain and easy to use.

Verified Reviewer  29th of September 14:51

VMUG Leader (Information Technology and Services company, 1-10 employees)

Zendesk is a great SaaS helpdesk, quick to deploy, easy to maintain and easy to use. While I have had experience with other competitors as well, Zendesk hits the right price point and is easier to configure/deploy/change than other products I have used. Zen desk provided us with great value as we can use the iOS and Android apps to stay up to date while in the field.

Pros: Easy to 'brand,' configure, setup custom menu selections and knowledgebase for easier user self service. Great reporting tools too.

Cons: While SaaS based anything has an initial learning curve, this one is relatively quick to master. Technical Support is very quick/helpful when necessary too.

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Customer support

So far so good

Verified Reviewer  17th of September 22:20

A verified reviewer

We've been using zendesk for a little over a month now. We're still on their $1 plan and are happy so far. It has allowed us to manage our customer service in a much more organized manner and things don't fall through the cracks. I'm sold!

Pros: easy to use from the get go and keeps everything organized

Cons: nothing I can think of

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Customer support

Gets the job done.

Verified Reviewer  17th of September 16:15

I've looked for replacements for Zendesk several times because I would like to add a little customization, but nothing really meets Zendesk in terms of basic functionality and ease of use.

Pros: Really simple to get started. The site has been very reliable with only short outages in the 4 years I have used it.

Cons: The reporting functionality for "time to first reply" is frustrating -- even if an agent initiates the ticket, a public reply still has to be made to stop the timer. It messes up a lot of our metrics.

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Customer support

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Best value for the money

Verified Reviewer  14th of September 12:54

A lot of people use Zendesk and some big ones... I just add a ticket opened from Lenovo and they are using it! Starting from 1$/ month you won't find anything cheaper for what it offers. It gives your business a professional appearrance.

Pros: Cheap, easy interface, good customer support at Zendesk

Cons: Nothing yet. We all want more for cheaper but in this case i will pay the 1$

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Value for money
Customer support

Great, simple ticketing system

Verified Reviewer  10th of September 19:47

Director of Operations & HR (Computer Software company, 51-200 employees)

ZenDesk allows your IT team to log, track, complete, and report on all IT issues that are happening within the organization. The simple "Submit a Request" url allows the user to submit a ticket. Most of our employees have added it to their desktop bookmarks so they can access it easily. No bells and whistles, but gets the job done with ease.

Pros: Great for tracking and holding the IT team accountable. Simple and easy to use.

Cons: For what we need it to do, there aren't any cons that I can think of.

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Value for money
Customer support

Zendesk Review

Verified Reviewer  7th of August 18:47

Technology Manager (Restaurants company, 1001-5000 employees)

Very happy with our Zendesk purchase. We initially purchased it for just a help desk. With all the built-in functionality we can now tie in our remote desk top utility as well as tie in the system we use for our asset management. Very pleased with how easy it has been to get set up, get it up and running and how easy it is for our internal staff to use. There wasn't any training required and everyone has been using it flawlessly.

Pros: We are able to tie in our asset management and remote desktop utility

Cons: I haven't found any flaws.

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

We can't support our customers without Zendesk. Period.

Verified Reviewer  19th of December, 2014 16:45

After using Zendesk, our average response time for support requests has reduced by 52% and overall customer happiness has improved by 12%. Also, since we are an existing Zopim customer, we felt right at home with the user interface and the Zopim + Zendesk integration is just pure genius. Our support team can create tickets on the fly during conversations with our customers by just clicking a single button. Now, that's convenient. In fact, after using Zendesk, we saw fewer premium cancellations and an increase in trial to paid conversion rate. We didn't do anything different earlier except that we started using Zendesk. Our awesome support team now have the right tool to support our super awesome customers. To sum it up, it's simple, easy and just works perfectly well.

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Bad pricing structure.

Verified Reviewer  4th of November, 2014 22:05

A verified reviewer

This is not business friendly. Pricing is way to high and they put this 1 dollar service that comes with nothing.

Pros: Nice service if your a fortune 500 company.

Cons: The price structure is developed by some MBA guy. Its an online platform people, get over yourself.

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Great idea, really bad....

Verified Reviewer  25th of June, 2014 18:34

I know the say 40,000 customers, but I question how many are happy. We're small, we manage under 10 websites that need unique customer service emails. We have a few agents, some need to see all sites, others just 1. We just wanted basic email tickets from inbound email, assign to the right person, reply, all syncs up... not too much to ask. We're about 4 months in, and its been a pretty horrible experience. While customer service does answer the phone at Zen, getting the same answer twice is rare. You basically need a PHD in Zen and very few, even at the company have it. I suppose a large company pays them to do it or has a dedicated IT Zen guy on it and gets his own PHD in Zendesk. But we're small (under $10M). I gave it 2 stars, as the staff is very nice, and eager to help. And they do claim they can do it. We're pretty savvy, and figure most things out. Zen got close, but really, they're not for the small company like us. I didn't like that they bait and switched us with free live chat, and 2 weeks after, they asked us to pay for it? odd. We were thinking of using the phone system, but I can't review that as we couldn't even get the email ticket system to work, so I just don't trust it. We lost thousands in sales with lost tickets. At one point, they had marked days of emails all as spam that were legitimate emails.

Pros: Friendly customer service

Cons: Too many to list and complex issues.

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friendly tool for our ticketing system

Verified Reviewer  4th of June, 2014 00:46

Zendesk is a friendly tool for our ticketing system to support our clients and customers. I provided 5 stars for my rating because I don't have any issue using the application.

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Customer Support For The Modern Age:

Verified Reviewer  27th of May, 2014 14:12

With the countless hours chasing tickets and maintenance's there is a new way to manage tickets. As a service provider and network engineer when it came time to determine what system to use for tracking customer support issues I knew there were a lot of choices. I looked into ticketing systems I have used in the past that require a lot of support and local maintenance and found a few light weight systems that I could install. I searched for ticketing systems and found a list that included Zendesk. Curious about the name I went to the website and in two clicks was signed up, set up, and ready to take tickets. Testing the system and running with “test” tickets, before I knew it I had set up my entire system for two ticketing systems and was ready for taking calls. My customers were going to be updated via emails directly and I received notices 24/7 of any tickets created. This fulfilled all of my current needs but I was looking for a robust option for the future when the business takes off and I have a few more agents working with me, or a hundred. This system has already proven that it can grow with my needs as I have just upgraded my services. We are more than satisfied with Zendesk and it support and training as well as its social media links, which helps us stay connected to our customers.

Pros: Quick set up. Easy to begin the process of setting up a help desk system. Nearly immediate results for customer notifications and for internal email notifications.

Cons: If your not connected to the internet you don't have access. You have to purchase second level of service in order to gain access to customer lists... a very powerful tool.

Excellent Value for a Very Flexible and Extensible Platform

Verified Reviewer  27th of May, 2014 12:43

Zendesk levels the playing field for smaller businesses who want to keep track of open issues through their lifecycle. Even at lesser subscription levels, one has access a very deep feature set that allows us to handle support like companies who are 100x our size. We had previously relied on Netsuite and before that Salesforce.com for our "ticketing" system and Zendesk has allowed us to shed significant cost, but retain a professional presence from a support perspective.

Pros: * Inexpensive * Easy to implement * Very easy to use * Flexible and customizable

Cons: None

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Nothing but great

Verified Reviewer  27th of May, 2014 12:40

Director of Customer Success, Partner (Computer Software company, 2-10 employees)

As a person who manages support at my company, I try modeling my support after Zendesk's. The service is great, the product is awesome, and they have an extensive help centre to help answer any questions. The ticketing service itself is intuitive and easy to use. Would definitely recommend Zendesk.

Pros: Easy, simple, flexible

Cons: Sometimes unclear when emails get send upon changing ticket status

Zendesk makes support fun

Verified Reviewer  16th of April, 2014 16:33

I am really happy since using Zendesk. I actually look forward to getting support tickets! I develop & sell software to consumers. I use support techs who work out of their home. It's not always easy bringing them up to speed on some of the more complex technical issues. We used to use straight email. I did not get to see what my employees were telling customers, so I couldn't monitor the quality of service, and give the employees training when required. Now I can see what they are saying, and I can jump in and assist in some of the more complex cases. When I answer support tickets, I am more motivated to give detailed answers, because I can refer my employees to my replies, and they can learn. Now that we all share access to the pool of support tickets, we can give more prompt replies, and customers get faster service. Customers are much more forgiving when they see answers in minutes instead of hours or days. When a customer is thinking of buying and sends us a question, he is more likely to buy if the answer comes back in minutes, and he is still in a buying frame of mind. I love being able to tell at a glance the status of all our outstanding support issues. The Markdown codes enable us to use typographic features to better lay out out replies, making them clearer and more easy to understand. I like the email format that Zendesk uses. It is the most natural and convenient way to communicate with customers. I like that customers don't have to sign into a ticket management app if they don't want to. We tried using a Support Forum so that customers could get access to all past support answers. That did not work out, as some disgruntled customers left nasty and overly negative comments for all to see, which would discourage prospective customers. I am going to tell all my software developer colleagues about Zendesk. Now if you could add Tables to the Markdown code, Zendesk would be beyond perfect.

Pros: The Infusionsoft integration is fantastic. One click and I can tell what my customers are contacting us about. (We make a dozen different products. They think we can read their mind :o)

Cons: Sometimes the Infusionsoft app loses the link. I have to Sign Out & log back in. No big deal.

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Zendesk needs consistency

18th of March, 2014 14:45

A problem I always encounter with Zendesk is that it doesn't pick up existing users and I go to create the user and it does not allow me to create their formal name to their email. It is a glitch in the system. This should be automated. Also, we need a way to automate macros with the information that we input into the left panels. We need to see more improvements Zendesk! You are lagging behind!

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Rolling with the

5th of March, 2014 11:30

Thanks for making this product, not only great, but also available for start-ups like us! When you're just getting going, you find most "necessities" are simply out of reach. It's nice when someone like Zendesk puts you on equal footing with the "big guys" with something as critical as customer support. Much appreciated.

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Life saver tool

25th of February, 2014 05:30

Excellent product, can't imagine how we could have managed our customer support without it.

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software that does it right

24th of February, 2014 17:02

There have never been as many ways for a customers to reach you. Twitter. Facebook. Quora. Blogs. Email. For some organizations, this has presented a challenge when it’s really an opportunity for positive interaction. Bottom line: you need to be wherever your customers are. Because if you’re not responding to a tweet, your competitor will. If your support system doesn’t centralize support requests into a unified ticket system, it’s obsolete. Agents don’t have time to worry about monitoring 10 places at once! Zendesk is one example of software that does it right - connecting all your customer conversations, regardless of where they’re happening.

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Poor Communications and Support

20th of February, 2014 05:55

We have been using Zendesk integration in our product for 2 years. Zendesk shut down an API we were using with no email warning to us because our "usage levels didn't hit a certain threshold". They send us advertising spam every month, but didn't bother to include the fact that the API was being shut down. It took 3 days to get the beginnings of a response from Zendesk. At no time did they apologise.

Pros: None

Cons: This caused us difficulty with our own customers.

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Zendesk is Awesome

18th of February, 2014 05:35

Versatile, Easy, Simple, Fast, Good Look, Excellent ,outstanding and many more....

Pros: - Easy to Use - Big improvement - Stable, never hanged in last 8 months. - Fast -SLA improved because of zendesk.

Cons: None

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Zendesk is Awesome !

12th of February, 2014 16:59

Zendesk has been a great solution for us, simple and easy to use.

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The Magnificence of Zendesk

11th of February, 2014 15:03

I am dazzled by the versatility and accessibility of this superfluous customer service system.

Pros: Easy to use and understand, useful when communicating with customers, permits customers to feel as if their needs are being taken seriousily

Cons: I don't like when the user guide connects with the ticket system and doesn't permit access (routes me) to the ticket system.

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great system, even better attitude.

17th of January, 2014 15:25

I have been using Zendesk for a year and a half, since changing companies,my former employer used LANDesk, which was a big and unwieldy beast, that often froze or crashed. I really like the fresh and open look of the Zendesk application and I really like the approach and ethos of the company as a whole, it is rare enough to find a company that seems to be genuinely committed to it's clients and they give off a real fun vibe too. The system Is reliable and highly customizable, and on the rare occasions that we have contacted the support team, they have responded very promptly and dealt with our issues efficiently. I would highly recommend zendesk,especially for any small to medium company looking to scale up their support system

Pros: Reliable system, friendly,human touch. Adaptability

Cons: None.

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Top marks for Customer service provider

16th of January, 2014 03:07

Zendesk is an excellent interface for our customer service needs, it is extremely easy to set up and use and the support from the team is fantastic. Highly recomend

Pros: Easy to set up, easy to use, customers are happy and so we are happy

Cons: Would be nice to have more flexibility with the account packages and be able to mix and match the services we need to support our customers more.

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Amazing Support Solution

15th of January, 2014 14:11

I have watched Zendesk evolve over the last couple of years from becoming a great product to an absolutely outstanding product. Our workflow has been reduced which in return gives us more time to focus on our customers needs. Happy customers equals more business. Would be lost without you Zendesk. Take a pat on the back guys

Pros: - Easy to use - Always improving - Integration with 3rd party apps - Great apps for mobile/tablet - Detailed analytics

Cons: None to think of

Lets us focus on support

15th of January, 2014 11:11

We have been customers since 2009 and have absolutely loved the ease of use and focus that Zendesk has given us. We just hit 10,000 support tickets and are throughly happy with them.

Pros: Simple to use, easy interface and the memorized views are awesome.

Cons: they rolled out a new help desk that is very hard to log into with crazy password requirements.

Excellent Customer Service software

15th of January, 2014 10:52

I've worked in various IT organizations for over a decade and used many different ticket tracking software packages. We've used Zendesk here for about 3 years and it's been my favorite to use. It's easy to set up use, mobile, and low cost. Customer service has been easy to contact and very helpful. They've also been great at feedback and follow-up on the rare occasions there have been issues with their software.

Pros: Easy-to-set up, easy-to-use, mobile, low cost, stable and great application up-time.

Easy and robust solution

15th of January, 2014 10:51

The new UI introduced in 2013 is great. It creates a really easy workflow and has a lot of smart features, like the ability to have multiple ticket tabs open at once. We've also been able to set up additional workflows, like allowing our users to email a ticket and have it converted automatically to a ticket and automatic responses. We also recently started using the Help Center tool where you can create your own knowledge base portal for users. It's a fairly good solution compared to the rest of the market, but is pretty new so we are eagerly anticipating new enhancements that would make it much easier to administer.

Pros: Clean interface Smart workflow and queue options, including tagging and classification options Built-in help center options Automatic and built-in reporting options Decent price Fairly good app store for add-ons

Cons: Very strict password requirements frustrate our users. In some cases, it prevents people from logging into our support portal.

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Tradeshift loves Zendesk

20th of December, 2013 10:02

At Tradeshift we're revolutionizing business interactions. That cannot be done without an outstanding support service. We use Zendesk as our support software partner since we want the very best for our users and customers. Our support teams live, breath and sleep in the Zendesk interface - and they love it. It provides us with all the support functionalities that a professional cloud based support software can provide, and more. It allows us to customize our end-user and agent facing interface completely, so that we can provide the best experience to our users. We love Zendesk, and would recommend it to anyone.

Great software - easy to use - resonably price - fantastic customer service

19th of December, 2013 13:24

The title says it all. Really great support system. Always making enhancements to the application. Very easy to train people to become agents.

Allowed us to scale!

19th of December, 2013 12:54

2 years ago we had 0 customers and now we have 22,000. We implemented Zendesk at the beginning and it has allowed us to scale at an amazing rate. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Pros: Always innovative, software is rock solid, no downtime, rarely encounter a bug. Support is great

Our SLA compliance has improved significantly since we started using it

27th of November, 2013 16:52

We saw an immediate commercial impact when we integrated Zendesk – time savings, cost savings and a powerful way of benchmarking how we support our strategic partners. We’re very impressed

Pros: Cloud-based software Customisable solution with APIs to extend functionality Reporting feeds into Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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Not very Zen

21st of November, 2013 05:29

Zendesk annoys me every time I have to answer an assigned ticket. It starts from the time i click the link; already there its annoying by being very slow to load up the ticket. Also instead of showing attached images inline, I have to click on every image to open it up, usually to find it is peoples email signature images. And when it finally comes time to answer the ticket, half the time it wont let me send the response. Instead it just sits there. At least it saves it somehow, so that when our customer service people ask me the next day why I didnt respond to a ticket, when I go back to the ticket my response is usually still there and i can retry sending it. About the only positive thing I can say about Zendesk is that it beats the shared gmail folder we used to use before.

Pros: - Beats using shared gmail

Cons: - Slow loading - Poor UI(doesnt show attached images inline, have to click to open) - Often times responses wont get sent, and you have to push send several times and/or try to close browser and open ticket again, which is a slow process

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it’s all in one place, our lives are a lot easier

31st of October, 2013 14:26

When you run a web design business that’s as large as ours, you inevitably end up with customers needing help. Most of the time they don’t really need much; it’s usually some small niggling thing that they can’t quite figure out. Previously, we had to search through all of our emails and contact forms to find the answers and fulfill these queries. Now that we’ve got Zendesk and it’s all in one place, our lives are a lot easier. It’s been an amazing time saver

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Amazing Support Solution

28th of September, 2013 02:57

Without expertise or knowledge... in 1 day we created our support page.

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Good product

27th of September, 2013 21:22

We're a small company without in-house developers, so we were looking for a service that would require minimal integration but look professional

Pros: ease of integration price ease of us customizable

Cons: search function is a little clunky when searching for old tickets

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Excellent service for companies to provide excellent Customer Services

25th of September, 2013 04:59

A must have for any customer oriented business. Genius and easy to use!

Zendesk lost 2 days worth of tickets:((

15th of August, 2013 03:42

ZenDesk stopped service without because of glitch on their end so I end up with 2 day of tickets LOST! As result bad customer reviews. Zendesk agent refused to offer any compensation! Very frustrating.

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good service!

18th of February, 2013 06:24

Zendesk is a good service. I recommend it to everyone ;-)

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Zendesk - powerful, elegant, and fun to use

16th of February, 2013 17:27

Zendesk has many tools and customizations that can help any company provide world class customer service. While it is very powerful and robust, it is easy to implement and learn. Show your customers how much you appreciate them. Get Zendesk now!

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What else do I need to say? Zendesk is what i chose for my company.

15th of February, 2013 22:32

I am going to keep this brief. At AMCC we choose products and services first based on functionality and second based on value. Zendesk is tops in both categories.

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We've loved Zendesk since 2009!

15th of February, 2013 17:05

Kavi sells our own SaaS application suite to standards organizations seeking to manage their standards process, increase engagement, and achieve consensus faster - so we were already pre-sold on a SaaS model for our own customer support team. We adopted Zendesk on a month-to-month basis to 'try it out' in May of 2009. Zendesk quickly became core to our support operations, and we've expanded our use of Zendesk to include account management, custom production requests, and collecting/managing feature requests from our customer base. We use Zendesk forums to share support tips, future product updates, system availability news, and are currently building our own 2.0 version of a Knowledge Base to share with our customers. Along the way, I have a suite of tools that lets me evaluate/measure how effectively we're supporting customers (backed by the free GoodData integration that comes with our Plus level account) - plus the entire team at Zendesk have turned into an extension of our own small team to help us solve problems or extend the product into other tools/services we use to manage software development. (JIRA, Salesforce, etc.) That's why we're now on an annual contract with Zendesk, and why we're happy to host the quarterly Zendesk User Group meetup here in our offices in Portland, Oregon. In short, we LOVE Zendesk.

Good but expensive

15th of February, 2013 14:18

This product is good and simple. It works like it should be, but recently ive found other tools that do the basic features i need in much better price. I have the limitation of the 3 users in this platform and im thinking to switch to another platform when i hire the 4th agent...

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Awesome Sauce

15th of February, 2013 13:26

Zendesk tailors to everything a business needs to keep customers happy!

Zendesk is great

15th of February, 2013 13:10

It is easy to get up and running and provides for great functionality at a very reasonable price. The people at Zendesk are fantastic, very warm, open, & helpful.


15th of February, 2013 13:05

I have used Zendesk for a couple of years now as a ticketing system for my technical support business. It has been amazing for us! It is incredibly robust, and very affordable for a small business. Our company of 3 has the ability to use the same ticketing system that enterprise companies use. I HEART ZENDESK!

Great Universal Help Desk!

13th of February, 2013 13:02

We have enjoyed our time with Zendesk.. Looking forward to moving up a plan with more agents. Customer service is the name of the game

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A+ for helping a small company's to establish support system quickly

12th of February, 2013 13:00

We've been using Zendesk for 3 years with great success. Ticketing is well taken care of, with great feedback to customers and easy management of support cases. The Forums provide easy to set up knowledge management with sufficiently granular access restrictions for individual customer segments. We love the solution for a small company. As we grow, we are finding pricing for a growing organization to be somewhat of an impediment, as it jumps from VERY reasonable for small orgs, to VERY expensive without any transition. This is the only reason for our four rather than 5-star rating. keep up the good work and do some more thinking on pricing, all you Bhuddas.

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Zendesk - Awesome in Every Way!

11th of February, 2013 13:04

I've been using Zendesk for a couple of years now to manage support tickets for a small web service I operate. As a small company that lacks a dedicated support team, it was very important to me to find a support solution that was very professional but also easy to set up and manage for anyone in the company handling support issues. After dealing with custom installed options that weren't super reliable, I decided Zendesk was worth a shot. Managing support tickets has been problem free since I made the switch. And managing tickets when I'm on the road or in between meetings is made easy thanks to the solid mobile app options (I use the iPhone and iPad apps). Seriously -- it's rare that I say this, but everything about Zendesk is amazing. From the front end website, to its own support and documentation, to the interface, etc...it just works. And it works exceedingly well. As my business continues to grow, I know Zendesk will be there to grow with me. If you're looking to get a support ticket system up and running in a few minutes, take a look at Zendesk. It's awesome.

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Everything you need in one place

15th of October, 2012 10:13

We have been using helpdesk software for about 3 years and as a small business owner, I turned to Zendesk for the past 12 months. It enables us to maintain a customer-facing solution that is economical, scalable, and well suited to our available staffing It helps us keep the lines of communication open between technical staff and users. The interface for technical staff is easy to use and supported on multiple platforms. We rely primarily on e-mail exchange with our users, and that works very well to keep them informed of progress.

Helpdesk is no longer a worry

1st of October, 2012 00:51

I've been using Zendesk as an admin for about two and a half years now. In that time it's come on leaps and bounds. The best features are the macros which allow the cookie cutter responses, the forums to help users do some self-help and just recently the ability to record a screencast and attach it to a ticket - this has been a real bonus. The worst features are there is a learning curve and seems like no best practice so you do have to try things and then make changes. Also the tagging system to tracking tickets can be to free-form and therefore hard to get meaningful results from. Overall though it is definitely much better than a lot out there and compared to using just email it's fantastic.

Great integration with Salesforce

10th of May, 2012 14:58

We switched from SalesForce cases to Zendesk 16 months ago. The thing we were giving up was the ability to easily look up customer account information. Now with the new integration, we can push whatever fields we want (even custom ones) to Zendesk so our agents don't ever have to leave our Zendesk system. My only gripe is that the initial search lookup can be pretty slow (up to 10 seconds to load data), but I suspect this is more on the SalesForce side as opposed to something Zendesk could optimize.

Pros: email integration

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With Zendesk you can provide great customer support

22nd of November, 2011 11:40

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support and help desk ticketing system. It doesn´t require any download or installation and you can start communicating and chatting with your clients right away. The software offers two special features: First, clients can monitor the progress and changes of their issues. Second, Zendesk´s self service support, where clients can help each other through an online community. I think that the application is particularly interesting for small businesses because of its simple set. The pricing system is reasonable. The cheapest account costs only $ 10 per month which makes the tool accessible for small companies with a low budget.

Pros: Easy to use, customers can monitor issues

Cons: Since Zendesk is a software for enterprises with limited budget, the customer service capability is good but limited.

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