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Real time email verification and email list cleaning service

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NeverBounce overview

NeverBounce is an online provider of email verification and list cleaning services free of contract pricing and supported by extensively documented API deployment. Designed to assist email marketers and users overseeing the distribution of a high volume emails, the solution effectively analyzes uploaded mailing lists before cleaning out duplicates and those deemed invalid to produce new optimized and "clean" lists that raise delivery rates. NeverBounce utilizes a 20+ step proprietary cleaning process to achieve real time verification, spanning mail server validation, domain health checks and risk detection. The product also boasts out-of-the-box integration with the leading email platforms such as iContact, MailChimp, Marketo, Drip and Campaign Monitor, plus broader coverage via Zapier.

Bulk email verification is achievable for lists of any size, analyzing a .CSV file upon upload via the web-based dashboard. NeverBounce offers a free "Instant Bounce Analysis" with a recommendation on whether cleaning is required, before returning validation results and the option to download the new, cleaned list. The product claims an average processing time, variable to email type, of 2-10 minutes for 10k-strong lists, with a promise that the outputted clean list delivers 99.9% of validated emails. Validation results are displayed within color-coded pie charts, detailing percentages for valid, invalid, catchall, unknown and disposable numbers. Real time verification is also available for individual, one at a time email address entry with the inclusion of 1,000 free API-based verifications included each month. NeverBounce's custom developer API and webhook can be used from scratch or via a selection of drag and drop wrappers, boasting usage and submission attempt monitoring etc. The service can also be embedded into an online form more simply for non-developers thanks to a copy and paste JavaScript widget that also identifies origin and browser of every submission.


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NeverBounce screenshot: The NeverBounce dashboard provides a centralized hub where email lists can be uploaded and cleaned, single emails verified, results downloaded and progress tracked with real time statistics  Fathom - NeverBounce Partner SeriesNeverBounce screenshot: Real time email verification services can be added to online forms without developer knowledge via the available JavaScript widget snippetNeverBounce screenshot: The platform's own custom API provides developers with access to email verification for single emails and bulk listsNeverBounce screenshot: Validate single emails to validate one email at a time, entering the email address to receive an immediate resultNeverBounce screenshot: When downloading results, common presets or own custom presets can be created and applied after customizing the downloadNeverBounce screenshot: The Analyze My List button within the dashboard provides a free analysis of an uploaded email list, giving a recommendation on whether a paid list clean is advisableiContact - NeverBounce Partner Series

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Thaddaeus Hubbard, MBA

NeverBounce helps you clean your email lists by eliminating "bad" emails.

Used monthly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-07
Review Source: Capterra

This software is internet based so you can clean your lists from wherever you are. This is a pay as you go service, so there is no monthly fee. All of your jobs are in your Dashboard. You can upload your list so NeverBounce can review it for free "Free Analysis" and let you know the estimated email bounce rate. This takes a couple of minutes to complete. For example an 1% estimated bounce rate will say "Congrats! This list may not require cleaning." A 10% estimated bounce rate will say "This list is very dirty and requires cleaning prior to mailing." If you don't want your list cleaned, just do nothing. But if you do, simply click the green "Clean My List" button to the right and choose a payment method (Paypal not included). You can also use credits to pay for cleaning your lists - I think you get credits everytime you pay to get your list cleaned but honestly I don't understand how that works. Cleaning time takes about 5 minutes give or take. After cleaning the emails, you'll get an email to download your cleaned list. You can download different versions of the list - Deliverable (valid), Undeliverable (valid + invalids + disposable + bad syntax) or All Results (valid + invalids + disposable + bad syntax + catchalls + unknowns + duplicates). You can even customize your downloads though I have not yet had to do that.

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Dean Maloney

NeverBounce Review

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-01
Review Source: Capterra

The benefits of using NeverBounce is that we always have crystal clean email lists and they prove 1,000 free credits a month!NeverBounce is the easiest software to use. All you need to do is drag over your .csv file and let it do the rest!

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Ratko Ivanovic

Best tool to clean your email list of non-deliverable emails

Used monthly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-12-30
Review Source: Capterra

It's an irreplaceable tool for checking our lists before we do a send out.Cost effective - we've used a few tools that do the same job and NeverBounce is the most cost effective one. Ease of use, you can simply upload a CSV of emails and NeverBounce gives you the results if the emails are correct, incorrect or risky. That's all good, but integration is what makes it amazing! They integrate with a few tools out of the box, plus you can connect them through Zapier as well. But it's simple to integrate it through an API get request - we've linked a Google Sheet with it, so we check all emails we want to include for the future. What I love is their flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, you don't need to pay in advance, rather get billed for what you use and you enjoy their volume based pricing. Truly amazing support as well, they explained everything and set the software for me to work on.

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Louise Feaheny

For squeaky-clean mailing lists

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-04-03
Review Source: Capterra

As well as cleaning mailing lists, I love the option to test just one email address at a time. We sometimes have clients attempting to send to or from an invalid email address and I can quickly test and let them know what the issue is.

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An easy interface for email database cleaning.

Used weekly for free trial
Reviewed 2018-10-04
Review Source: GetApp

The best thing I found in this application is its integration with various email marketing applications. This integration saves lots of time. In the email marketing app only I can filter my email lists and execute my campaigns.

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NeverBounce pricing

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Priced per email, volume rates as follows:
Emails up to 10,000 = $0.008
Emails up to 100,000 = $0.005
Emails up to 250,000 = $0.004
Emails up to 1,000,000 = $0.003
Emails up to 3,000,000 = $0.0025
Emails up to 10,000,000 = $0.001

Contact for higher volume pricing rates.

NeverBounce features

Activity Dashboard
Third Party Integration

Automatic Notifications (51 other apps)
CRM Integration (60 other apps)
Call Monitoring (52 other apps)
Call Recording (81 other apps)
Call Reporting (50 other apps)
Call Routing (62 other apps)
Call Transfer (58 other apps)
Caller ID (58 other apps)
Chat (72 other apps)
Conferencing (69 other apps)
Instant Messaging (55 other apps)
Live / Video Conferencing (50 other apps)
Receiving (53 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (56 other apps)
SMS Integration (49 other apps)
Voice Mail (50 other apps)

Additional information for NeverBounce

Key features of NeverBounce

  • Domain check
  • Syntax check
  • Mail server validation
  • Spam trap detection
  • Catch-all server detection
  • Disposable email detection
  • Single email verification
  • Bulk email verification
  • API
  • Application integration
  • Email integration
  • Widget
  • Activity dashboard
  • Data verification
  • Email list analysis
  • Real time monitoring
  • Email archiving
  • Archiving & retention
  • Secure data storage
  • Quality assurance
  • Bounce tracking
  • Duplicate detection
  • Email bounce removal
  • Results segmentation
  • Mail server monitoring
  • Domain health check
  • Scrubbing
  • Real time updates
  • Real time analytics
  • Data import / export
  • Data visualization
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NeverBounce provides an online email verification and list cleaning service promising real time results, requiring no contract and subscription pricing but rather a staggered, discounted rate per email based on volume that can be PAYG or invoiced monthly.
Supporting both batch list and individual email addresses, the service quotes an average processing turnaround time of 2-10 minutes for 10k emails, depending on type, with an average of 100k email jobs performed within 45 minutes.
The platform's own online dashboard provides a user hub where email lists (CSV format) of any size can be uploaded, progress tracked with real time statistics and customizable results downloaded using common or custom presets.
Email platform integration options are available out of the box for leading third-parties including Campaign Monitor, Drip, HubSpot, Instapage, MailChimp, Marketo and SendGrid, with many more possible through Zapier.
Duplicates and bad syntax is removed at no additional cost, with a free developer API accessible to allow developers the ability to make service calls within custom apps or non-developers add real time verification to online forms via JavaScript widget.