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Collect real-time customer feedback using the NPS framework

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AskNicely overview

AskNicely customer feedback software is built around the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework to help businesses improve customer experience and accelerate growth.

Create a customer-centric culture of continuous feedback in your business. Automatically collect feedback from every customer at any point in the customer journey on any channel (email, web, SMS) using a a flexible short survey format.

Empower every team member with the feedback they need to make every experience great on the right screen - Salesforce (with full NPS dashboard, leaderboard, text analytics, and reporting capabilities), mobile app and TV dashboard

Automate customer reviews, referrals, and retention. Use workflow tools to turn feedback into reviews that boost your Google rating and case studies that win new business. Boost retention by automating follow up with at-risk accounts.


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English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Portuguese
AskNicely screenshot: AskNicely dashboard shows trend analysis in real timeAskNicely screenshot: Create questions with scores and share with respondents using AskNicelyAskNicely screenshot: Track response and feedback with AskNicelyAskNicely screenshot: Access AskNicely across multiple devices including PC, smartphones and tabletsAskNicely screenshot: Generate the periodic net promoter score and share with AskNicelyAskNicely screenshot: Respond to customer feedback directly, either from inside AskNicely, or from an existing CRM or HelpDesk softwareAskNicely screenshot: Get real time insights and track NPS by product, channel, rep, and more

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Tom Okagami

Ask Nicely for internal staff NPS and external customer NPS

Reviewed 2015-08-14
Review Source: Capterra

I'm a product owner and manager involved with developing online web applications in the IT/ICT industry. People and customer operations are part of my portfolio so I was looking to find a NPS tool that would be quick to setup, easy to administer and nice to use. Obviously it would have to be effective. I had a choice of building our own, using a survey tool (google sheets, sgizmo, surveymonkey, wufoo etc) or something dedicated. Building would distract me from our core product offering and likely leave us with a basic but effective tool with moderate effort. Using google sheets would be very cheap, quick and easy but leave us with a bit of an administrative overhead and an average user experience. Using a sgizmo, surveymonkey or wufoo would in some cases be somewhat costly, and the administration intensive. I felt using these platforms the NPS surveys are one of many forms of surveys so the entire survey tool/product has to maintain some generic conventions. When looking for dedicated NPS platforms none of them have the contemporary ultra-designed feel of AskNicely which means that our administrative overheads are low, the product is tailored to NPS so we get digests and it has features like flow control, automatically asking NPS scores after 180 days, etc that would not be possible with generic survey tools. The pricing model is extremely accessible as for our internal staff NPS I expect we'll be entirely on the free plan. Luckily we have enough customers to justify the reasonable costs for doing our external customers. All in all I couldn't be happier. This is not only good for NPS but I've used it as a case study in design and product development. I cite the onboarding, the clean design, the bias toward beautiful functionalism. We asked them about how we could use their segmentation feature and they even improved it and pushed out the change in less than a day. Pretty amazing all round actually.

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Outstanding Product, Necessary for Customer Feedback and Advocacy

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-20
Review Source: Capterra

* Let me start off with the ease of use, since that probably is what sticks with me the most. Uploading contacts is a breeze, and managing campaigns could not be more direct. Managing and tracking feedback is also very intuitive, with one of the smallest learning curves I've ever experienced. * Customers can respond directly in the email, instead of having to log on or open up a survey link. This made for a much higher response rate on initial outreach from what we had previously seen. * The functionality is stellar; it performed exactly as we had wished. Individuals are tracked instead of just campaigns, which allows for year-to-year follow-up with sites and users. * You can customize the contacts, and thus the data, by any elements you wish (zip code, state, product, etc.). The data is based on your needs and what information you can provide. * Responses are easy to track, and the data displays are easy to read and readily accessible. * This provides a necessary customer feedback loop and an immediate NPS outcome. For any company or organization with a serious mind to change their culture based on user stories, this is the tool for you.

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Sean Case

Great Team, Great Service!

Reviewed 2015-07-19
Review Source: Capterra

We had recently switched to AskNicely and I've been happy with how much easier it is to organize our surveys when submitting new recipients. We're even able to customize our uploaded data for better organization! With other NPS services in the past I had to take extra steps to get my data uploaded to get that exact formatting; I had to go through step after step to get what I needed. Now I don't have to worry about a thing with AskNicely. It's simple, it's straight forward, then it's done and I can focus on looking at results. You can even receive weekly updates by email with those results, making NPS updates regularly available. The layout of their page is easy to understand and sleek. The Dashboard is very helpful with visual graphs, and it even does half of the calculations I used to do manually! We're able to filter out any segment we require for a higher degree of precision data. This is an absolute necessity for us and I'm sure it would be more than valuable for others. I'm also impressed with the breadth of other features and I'm eager to see how these can improve our overall experience, or even improve our process. The surveys themselves are visually pleasing. No 20-step process, this survey will get exactly what you require, and that's your NPS. You can schedule your surveys whenever and however you want them to be sent and in increments rather than all at once. Giving you more control over how you're heard is fantastic. To top it off, the AskNicely team is phenomenal! They're so helpful and understanding and are able to respond very quickly. They're talented and I've even had them make changes to their website (on the spot!) just to meet our needs! They're very open to new ideas for improving their service, too. Overall, these guys really deserve the 10!

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Adam Kourakis

Good solution to NPS results

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

The ability to know what our customers thought of our service. It gave me the ability to make changes based on customer feedback and it gave our customers a more discreet and easy way to give feedback.The real time responses allowed me to stay on top of the reviews I was getting. I also liked that it was able to integrate with our existing (internal) software. It made everything a one-stop-shop

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Elissa Bernstein

Helps keep the support team on track

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-08
Review Source: Capterra

This survey is a really fast, easy way to get continuous feedback about our product. Users answer frequently and honestly, and we use their responses to implement new features, make improvements to existing features, and learn more about our user base.

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Key features of AskNicely

  • Lifetime data archive
  • Multi-language surveys
  • Survey branching logic
  • Fully configurable
  • Custom domain
  • Multi-language, multi-brand
  • One click integration
  • Regular sampling
  • Triggered delivery
  • Live reports
  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Advanced filtering
  • Time-based charting
  • Publish to dashboards
  • Text analytics
  • Real-time NPS TV dashboard
  • Multi-brand surveys
  • Templates
  • Email distribution
  • Unlimited users
  • Recurring surveys
  • Social media integration
  • Daily survey scheduling
  • Salesforce & MailChimp integration
  • Data analysis tools
  • Testimonial publishing on website
  • Dashboard
  • Customizable survey wording
  • Monitor & manage customer feedbacks
  • Customized response alerts
  • Periodic reporting
  • Multiple question types
  • Event triggered surveys
  • API
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AskNicely automates the customer feedback collection process with one-question email surveys which are based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework.

With continuous NPS monitoring, businesses can monitor customer ratings and feedback in real time.

Business users can take immediate action on customers' feedback through the AskNicely interface or directly from the integrated CRM solution.

Users can automatically post scores to Salesforce or KPI dashboards like Geckoboard or Klipfolio.

Business users can build leaderboards and rank top segments, products, and agents to instantly gain key business insights.