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JotForm overview

JotForm Mobile Forms is a completely free and reimagined app that gives users the flexibility to work anywhere, easily collaborate, and streamline their data collection process – all on the go. Here’s a look at some of its features.

Create and edit forms. Building forms just got a whole lot easier. Quickly and easily create forms and make edits on the go.

Offline data collection. Whether you’re in the field, on a mountain, or flying over the sea, gather important information offline — with no internet connection.

Advanced form fields. Take advantage of advanced form fields, such as geolocation, voice recording, and e-signatures to get more complete data for your business.

Kiosk mode. Kiosk mode allows multiple people to fill out a form over and over again on a single device. Use kiosk mode at trade shows or conferences to collect important information.

Assign forms. Assign forms to your teammates so they can access, fill out, view, and manage their responses.

Customize Notifications. Enable or disable notifications on your forms so you can cut through the noise and stay on top of what matters most.

Share your forms and submissions. Easily share your forms and form submissions via email, text, or through other apps.

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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French and 9 other languages, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
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JotForm reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Christopher Kemman

The Most Powerful Form Builder Online, Anywhere.

Used occasionally for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-09-20
Review Source: Capterra

Fantastic. From the limitless possibilities with the form builder to the knowledgeable Q&A support staff, JotForm definitely has a winning solution. I would recommend this for small and large businesses, from technical to food service, from cars to dress alterations, from vacation rentals to feedback portals. The people at JotForm listen to feedback and feature requests, I myself was able to have a widget updated after I found a bug that had previously gone unnoticed. You won't find a better combination of power, flexibility, compatibility, user-friendliness, and helpful support in such a refined package.

In short, everything. For starters, the ability to sign up for free and begin immediately creating forms that work within minutes is unmatched. I am impressed by the extensive amount of widgets that can be utilized for custom data entry, from QR code scanners to file uploaders to widgets that can perform custom calculations. The logic editor for controlling if and where questions, textboxes, widgets, etc. appear is very powerful and allows for virtually limitless form possibilities. I've used these to in conjunction with QR scanners to load pre-populated forms that allow technicians at my workplace to upload photos of machine issues, describe repair procedures, and even add parts used for repairs. Seperately I've also worked on forms used to report inventory / ERP data discrepancies that can be mailed to specific recipient groups based on which part of the ERP system is in question. I could ramble on about the endless customization with the design editor, the ability to do advanced back-end coding including the addition of dedicated HTML, PHP, and other code languages, the ability to integrate forms with everything from Google Drive to Airtable to PayPal, secondary integrations with Microsoft Flow, you name it. And the amazing thing to me is, the forms look stunning on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. And if you don't like how a particular widget looks, crack open the CSS on the back end and you can build pretty much anything.

The power and capabilities of the system can be a bit overwhelming to a new user. There isn't an easy tutorial to get you going right off the bat, so you're left searching at times for how best to accomplish a particular goal with your form. That said, the Q&A portion of the website is very helpful, and the ability to ask questions and get fast feedback more than offsets any initial disorientation. The only other con is the weak integration with Microsoft products and web-based services. I'm not sure what the issue there is, but it has been a hiccup during my integrations and projects. There are work-arounds for this, but those are weak as well. That said, JotForm is always developing new plug-and-play integrations, which means this is something that could be seen in the future. And they listen to their users' feedback.

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Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Vasilis Skarleas

Better it can’t

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-07-19
Review Source: Capterra

Very easy in use. Nice design stuff etc. I think they could provide more free prebuilt designs for your forms as for example Typeforms do but it’s ok. You can embed the form inside any known and unknown website platform even if in scratch mode and it provides all types of integration and smart stuff like to be displayed as online chatting like intercom do but in reality it’s a form and you can connect your forms with CRM or Audience lists in Mailchimp and much more services

This software isn’t the most extended online forms editor. Better than google’s one, with plenty of built in integrations, great premade forms and of course the well known “Jot Logic”. Actually you can program your forms based on users locations for instance and send specifies autoresponded emails or change the content the language, hide or show fields etc. Amazing

When because may if you banish their policy (can’t be used of course for users’ accounts infos) they don’t inform you that your accounts and you’re forms are suspended and they are closed automatically so you have to contact them and because you can’t login the message that you send is live/public and guess what, one day I found my name on the web which the title “MY NAME - Auto suspended account - JotForm”

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Nathan Roberts

Business forms made easy

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-17
Review Source: Capterra

We run the forms for all our websites through JotForm. The form responses are collected in a database and we are able to display the results in html tables on our intranet. There is even BI on tap, so questions that have defined responses, such as a multiple choice questions, can be visually represented on web pages as graphs. When it comes to collecting information, JotForm has become an indispensable tool in our arsenal.

I became a JotForm user when Adobe sunsetted its FormsCentral product and I've never looked back. With a little effort, truly anyone can build an attractive, functional form using JotForm. You don't have to know any html, CSS, JavaScript, etc. That said, you will probably have to know some CSS to get a form to look just the way you want it to if you are adding it to your website. At least that is my experience. While the the form builder does allow for extensive customization, I've found that I've had to add my own CSS to achieve the perfect look I was seeking. Fortunately, JotForm makes tweaking the form look using your own code very easy. JotForm is a very mature and feature-rich platform that contemplates nearly any form need, from conditionals, to calculations, to autoresponders. All field types are available and it's easy to set the properties for each, such as required, character limits, hover text, example text, etc. Using URL parameters, you can pre-populate your form fields, too. You can also use hidden fields to perform calculations or set up honey pots for security. Perhaps the nicest thing about JotForm is all its options are available to every form you build, regardless of which level you buy (or even if the free tier is all you need). What you pay for is the number of forms and the number of submissions. There are literally hundreds of plugins that extend functionality, all included. Customer support is top notch and documentation extensive.

We purchased a tier that allows up to ten users, however, only the primary user can create forms up to the tier limit--the others users essentially have the limits of the free plan. The only way they can avoid those limits is by moving forms they create to the primary user and sharing the form. I've also occasionally experienced issues with payment.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Patty Breech

JotForm is the best way to gather information from anyone, for anything.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-09
Review Source: Capterra

JotForm makes our team much more efficient. We're able to streamline processes that would normally take our team a lot of time to complete. For example, rather than posting a job application and combing through all the CV's that show up in our inbox, we're able to use JotForm to host the applications and easily view the submissions in one grid. We can also designate which team members should receive certain applications, so that everyone is notified in real time and there's no need to go through and forward messages. It's been so helpful to us, and I can't recommend it enough for automating processes.

I love how customizable JotForm is. You can get it to do anything you want, with as many custom conditions as you want. We use this for both external-facing forms like job applications, and internal forms like incident reports and expense reports. I love that you can not only receive an email for every completed form, but also easily download a PDF of each one or download a spreadsheet summary of all responses to date. Or better yet, you can have JotForm deposit all of that straight to Google Drive for you. The form features are very robust, and I'm constantly taking advantage of new ones. For example, we have a very long form that users can choose to save before they submit it. I've set it up so that they get an email reminding them to go back and complete the form later. I also use the e-signature feature, the "upload file" feature, and I'm constantly setting up show/hide features. As in, if someone answers "Yes" to question 5, hide questions 6-9. JotForm has added a cool new feature to make their email notifications dynamic, so that only questions that are answered are included in the auto response. It's wonderful!

I wish JotForm did a better job with compiling survey data. The feature to graph your results is buggy and looks strange. I was able to easily download my survey responses and create my own graphs in Excel, but I don't think JotForm would be my software of choice for another large survey (we've only done one so far). I also wish JotForm offered the option to have a default email formatting style. As it is now, I have to go in manually to each email template on each form and add our logo and other formatting.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Omar Alabsi

Site @JotForm : To create electronic forms

Used daily for free trial
Reviewed 2019-06-10
Review Source: Capterra

The easiest and most effective ways to create a form of the early originators of the forms (if not the first) to emerge on the internet, and during this time they improve the service and make it perfect and second to none. Claim that they have the easiest service, when you want to create a form, you can see why easily. You don't need to spend money or give credit card information to use the features of the site, but they offer an unlimited number of forms and reports fields and forms. For this reason alone, you need to experience JotForm

- Is the location of the @JotForm : To create electronic forms in an easy manner and very flexible to support the addition of the boxes especially with the credit cards, and input information directly to you through several programs. Uses sentences if it is through, you can hide some fields and show them based on the selection User While most of the sites and programs to modify PDF files that can help you to edit the model or form you already have, the little tools give you the option to create a PDF form the full of yourself, like if you want to create a CV or a contract or something like that. Site Jotform is the place you need to mean to achieve it. It is a free site and wonderful to create files and documents PDF forms with different templates. All these templates were designed by site Jotform themselves to give to everyone without charge. Divided forms templates to multiple categories, such as certificates, agreements, contracts, resumes, etc., knowing that each category contain many other forms, so I prefer to use the search field of the site. Once you find the template you want to use, open it within the editor Jotform and then make your edits to any part of the model then save it as PDF on your device. The only problem here is the watermark Watermark for the site that are placed on each page, lists you must subscribe to the premium account

Will fans create the forms difficult to leave this long email will take some time to respond

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 6/10

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Free 100 form submissions/month. You can even stretch the limit to 200 without paying. If you need more submissions the price starts from $19/month.

JotForm features

Access Control
Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Custom Forms
Customizable Branding
Customizable Templates
Data Import/Export
Drag & Drop Interface
Electronic Payments
Reporting & Statistics
Search Functionality
Social Media Integration
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eCommerce Integration

Content Management (102 other apps)
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Website Management (65 other apps)
eCommerce Management (79 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options
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Additional information for JotForm

Key features of JotForm

  • 24/7 Support
  • 2500+ Form Templates
  • 40+ Form Fields
  • Captcha & ReCapthca
  • Conditional Logic & Branching
  • Form Themes
  • Fully Customizable Forms
  • Multi-Users
  • Payments, Subscriptions, Donations
  • SSL Secure Forms
  • Submission Limiter
  • Universal & Mobile Uploads
  • Visual Report Builder
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Digitize your forms and surveys
✓ Save time and money with paperless forms.
✓ Generate, view, and edit forms.
✓ Collect and manage data instantaneously.

Collect data anytime & anywhere, even offline
✓ Fill out your forms and review submissions on the go without having to wait until you
have access to a computer.
✓ Once you are back online, JotForm syncs your data automatically.

🧡 No internet connection, Wi-Fi, or LTE data usage needed!

👍 Advanced Form Fields
✓ GPS location capture
✓ QR code and barcode scanner
✓ Voice recorder
✓ Signature capture
✓ File upload
✓ Take photo

📌 Run your forms and surveys in kiosk mode
✓ Enter kiosk mode to collect multiple submissions from a public or personal device.
✓ Lock down your app and turn your device into an online or offline survey station.
✓ Continue without locking to look at your other forms.
✓ Go from a completed survey to the start page automatically and securely.
✓ Perfect for trade shows, conferences, and fundraisers

Surveys display full screen — no toolbars or menus will be available.

🔔 Take action quickly with notifications
✓ Receive instant push notifications for each response
✓ Enable or disable notifications for specific forms

📌 Collaboration with your team
✓ Share forms via email, text, and other mobile apps (Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, etc.)
✓ Assign forms to members of your team to send and view responses
✓ Team members can access their forms without a JotForm account
✓ Take an action according to your team responses.

With JotForm Mobile Forms, you can quickly access every JotForm feature from your mobile device. New to JotForm? Here’s what you can do with the world’s easiest form builder:

🚀 Build Any Form in Seconds
✓ No coding skills required
✓ Drag-and-drop Form Builder
✓ 5,000+ customizable form templates
✓ If you need, login or sign up with your Google account
✓ Create registration forms, application forms, order forms, contact forms, sign-up forms, offline surveys, and more!

⚙️ Automate Your Workflow
✓ Add conditional logic, calculations, and widgets
✓ Set up autoresponders for confirmation emails and reminders
✓ Generate analytics reports for your data

📌 Connect with Your Favorite Apps
✓ Integrate with CRM software, email marketing lists, cloud storage, spreadsheets, and
payment processors
✓ Popular integrations: PayPal, Square, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Airtable,
Dropbox, Mailchimp, Zoho, Salesforce
✓ Connect with thousands of more apps using JotForm’s Zapier integration

💸 Collect Money Online
✓ Accept credit cards for one-time payments, recurring payments, and donations
✓ Integrate with 35 secure payment gateways, including PayPal, Square, Stripe, and
✓ No additional transaction fees

🚀 Publish Your Form Anywhere
✓ Copy and paste a short embed code into your web page HTML
✓ Embed on any web page, such as WordPress, Facebook, Blogger, Weebly, Squarespace,
and Wix

🔒 Protect Your Data
✓ 256-bit SSL encryption
✓ PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
✓ GDPR compliance