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Unified management tool for customer service conversations

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Dimelo overview

What is Dimelo?

RingCentral Engage Digital best suited for companies with a minimum of 100 employees.
RingCentral Engage Digital is a unified platform for customer service teams to manage all digital customer care channels and conversations, including email, social networks, chat, and mobile, through a single platform. Engage Digital unified interface is designed to increase the agent’s response rate, streamline resources allocation and level the flow during peak periods as well as track customer conversation history, monitor channel activity, and more.

RingCentral Engage Digital allows users to create and define custom categories and criteria on which to filter and sort messages. Users can also set up routing rules which assign incoming messages automatically to the most qualified agents based on the their skills, languages, specialities, and more. All spam is automatically filtered and archived to ensure agents only focus on important messages. RingCentral Engage Digital helps users streamline customer service activity with features such as queue management, message prioritization, and desktop notifications. Users can set escalation rules which forward pending messages to other teams if an agent is unavailable.

RingCentral Engage Digital enables users to manage customers effectively with conversation history tracking and one-click customer record access. Single CRM integration allows users to aggregate customer interactions and sync ticket information and customer profiles with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. RingCentral Engage Digital helps users respond to customer inquiries by grouping all customer messages into one conversation. Automatic responses and a reply assistant enable users to answer messages quickly and efficiently. Users can also set up a knowledge base to help agents respond more accurately to inquiries.

RingCentral Engage Digital incorporates tools which help users supervise agent activity. Supervisors can set up validation rules for responses and track agent activity, in addition to monitoring agent screens in real time. This enables users to guide agents or follow along with live conversations. Supervisors can also manually assign messages to different agents in order to manage the incoming message queue. Users can monitor their activity on digital channels as well as measure the quality of their responses via a customer satisfaction questionnaire.


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English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish
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Amber Griggs-Long

RingCentral Engage Voice

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Reviewed 2019-12-03
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My overall experience with RingCentral Engage Voice has been great.

I loved most about RingCentral Engage Voice is how easy it has made it to collaborate with my team.

I don't have any negative feed back from our customers and it's overall great.

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Dimelo features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
CRM Integration
Customizable Branding
Email Integration
Instant Messaging
Knowledge Base Management
Multi-Channel Communication
Real Time Monitoring
Reporting & Statistics
Social Media Integration
Surveys & Feedback
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

Alerts / Escalation (73 other apps)
Monitoring (108 other apps)
Multi-Language (73 other apps)
Support Ticket Management (77 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options
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Key features of Dimelo

  • Customer engagement center
  • Automated routing
  • Customer inquiry processing
  • Email management
  • Social network management
  • Message forwarding
  • Reply assistant
  • Validation rules for responses
  • Real-time screen viewing
  • Message centralization & grouping
  • Self-learning algorithm
  • Custom chat windows
  • Custom invitations & CTAs
  • Responsive chat window
  • Multiple concurrent session management
  • Push notifications
  • Multimedia content sharing
  • 360 degree customer view
  • Customized filtering
  • Single conversation ticket
  • Online community
  • Activity tracking
  • Communication management
  • Content management
  • Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics integrations
  • Custom reports
  • Data synchronization
  • Employee management
  • Attachment sharing
  • Authentication forms
  • Customer conversation history tracking
  • Mobile integration
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Offline access
  • Real-time agent activity monitoring
  • Real-time customer information synchronization
  • Customer record management
  • Request routing
  • Resource allocation
  • Resource management
  • Rich text editor
  • SEO management
  • Single sign on (SSO) integration
  • Service level agreement (SLA) management
  • Social media integration
  • Traceability
  • Video content
  • Workflow management
  • Activity dashboard
  • Escalation rules management
  • Prioritizing
  • Customizable categories
  • Software development kit
  • Data export
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Data storage management
  • Social media metrics
  • API
  • Live chat
  • Personalized fields
  • Gamification
  • Routing rules
  • Message filter
  • Categorization
  • Archiving
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Queue management
  • Support ticket management
  • Anti-spam filter
  • Email tagging
  • Performance reports
  • Customer contact management
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Inbox management
  • Spell checker
  • Desktop notifications
  • Team management
  • Customer management
  • Automatic responses
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Offers a single, unified platform from which users can manage customer inquiries on all social media, web, chat and mobile channels.

RingCentral Engage Digital is an omni-digital solution, allowing any digital channel with open APIs to be integrated, including messaging, chat, social apps, email, forum channels etc.

CRM integration allows users to aggregate customer interactions and sync ticket information and customer profiles with CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Users can set up their routing rules so that agents receive inquiries automatically based on their particular skills, languages or specialities.

Desktop notifications ensure users never miss a message and respond quickly to incoming inquiries.