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CHILI publish

Artwork & marketing material creation solution

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CHILI publish overview

What is CHILI publish?

CHILI publish is a cloud-based artwork and marketing material creation solution which helps marketers generate digital artwork automatically, and manage and print custom documents based on business branding requirements. CHILI publish lets users convert graphics into templates to create multiple versions of similar documents.

Key features of CHILI publish include social marketing, marketing automation, multi-channel marketing, template management, document administration, text editing, and web content publishing. The platform comes with multiple editing functionalities to define CMYK/lab colors, as well as modify inline text. CHILI publish also allows users to send alerts to warn clients about potential problems across the pipeline. The platform supports user access control, allowing administrators to lock documents, layers, pages, paragraph styles, and more.

CHILI publish’s omni-channel output module helps users export files in multiple formats for print or online use, and preview 3D designs in real-time. Integration with existing web portals allows users to provide a custom user interface for publishing artwork.


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Campaign Management
Content Management
Customizable Templates
Multi-Channel Marketing
Template Management

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