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TMetric overview

TMetric is a time tracking application designed for freelancers, remote teams, IT professionals, and businesses in a range of industries.

TMetric includes a timer for recording time spent on tasks during the workday. Hours are recorded in a workday timeline, which is split into 10-minute increments, and users can click on any entry to assign it a task description. Existing tasks can be selected from a drop-down menu, and custom tasks can be added. Users can also assign time entries to projects, add activity tags, and mark entries as billable time. Time can be added manually if necessary, either by entering the numbers, or selecting hours and minutes on a clock dial. Breaks can also be added to the timeline, and the total breaks for the day are displayed above the timeline. If users forget to stop the time, TMetric automatically notifies them after 10 hours of a continuous session, and will not track any more time until a finish time is manually entered.

With TMetric, users can generate a range of reports, including project, task, and team summaries, daily reports, and detailed reports. Users can specify the time range for their reports, with options for the current and previous day, week, or month, all time, and custom date ranges. Reports can also be filtered by team, project, client, billable status, and tags, and exported as a PDF or CSV file. TMetric integrates with a range of project and task management tools, including Asana, Basecamp, JIRA, Producteev, Todoist, Trello, and Wrike, and offers a desktop app for Windows and browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Download desktop client app for TMetric to track time without opening the Web browser, enable tracking reminders and user activity recording. Install mobile app on your phone to track time spent on meetings and out-of-office activities.


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TMetric screenshot: The main window of working hours time-trackingTMetric screenshot: IOS mobile app interfaceTMetric screenshot: TMetric app for AndroidTMetric screenshot: Android mobile app interfaceTMetric screenshot: Reports can be generated to cover a range of time periods, including custom date rangesTMetric screenshot: Browser Extension InterfaceTMetric screenshot: Creating a new projectTMetric screenshot: Default Work TypeTMetric screenshot: Detailed report time durationtTMetric screenshot: Filter invoicedTMetric screenshot: Bulk editTMetric screenshot: Total time of selected time entriesTMetric screenshot: Jump to time entryTMetric screenshot: Work typesTMetric screenshot: Default billable rate for clientTMetric screenshot: A project code helps identify your project.TMetric screenshot: Sorting time entries by timeTMetric screenshot: Work types allow having multiple billable rates per project. TMetric screenshot: Customizing project's work typesTMetric screenshot: When you track your work time you treat work types as tags.TMetric screenshot: Running time reports

TMetric reviews

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Joshua Ede

The only time keeping software I'll ever use!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-02-21
Review Source: Capterra

When I started as an employee as a website developer and IT Support Officer I wanted an easy way to keep track of my time and how I use my time. I asked myself: That takes up the majority of my time and how often do I change tasks throughout the day? The system that was originally developed was very manual and required the required only journal for start and finish times. After trialing a large amount of software and solutions on the market I started using TMetric and have had my best time management experience. Not only do I now keep a time log of my work but I can also analyse my time history and provide my employer with instant reports within seconds based on my key words (Tags) and/or Project and/or Client. The amount of options is amazing. I have submitted development requests and have seen some of my great ideas developed within Tmetrics online application. With the product continuous being improved, I won't be moving away from TMetric. TMetric has helped me organise my website developing skills into a development areas. The recording of website development time segments has helped better prepare for more accurate quoting for website customisations.Segmenting of tags for accurate reporting along with: Automatic starting and stopping.

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Ben Danby

Data is power

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-21
Review Source: Capterra

TMetric is a innovative tool, that initially I was extremely resistant too, as I didn't understand the value in recording time. After 1 whole month of recording time, I immediately saw the benefit. Even though I have been working in a similar way for a long time, I did not truly understand how much time I lost. I knew there was parts of my day to day work I needed to improve, but couldn't fully pinpoint where the churn of time was. Luckily, Tmetric allows me to see just how much time I TRULY spend with tasks not important to my real work, and where I can best spend that time instead. The UI is brilliant now. Other then the below improvement suggestion, it is actually very smooth to use. Easy to learn and easy to master. Improvements: I would like to see it better predict what tasks I am putting in. There are some tasks, especially in the morning, I feel it could be smart and know I always have a stand-up at 9:30AM in the week if i log time that day. Then, If I happen not too, it would be easier for me to remove, rather then keep selecting this on a day to day basis.Time logging Reporting Group subsets of tasks Finding work churns Truly understanding resource allocation

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Xander Wouters

Time tracking essentials without the bloat

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-07
Review Source: Capterra

After another free time tracking app we used completely overhauled their UI in favour of providing lots of features we didn't really need, we went to look for an alternative solution. We stumbled upon TMetric, a new time tracking app seemingly still in its early stages. This is great because the team behind it clearly focused on the essentials first without bloating the software with feature creep. The core interactions required for a time tracking app are all very polished and unlike the competitor products. I personally really like the timeline and seeing my logged work hours and breaks so visually. It's also really intuitive to add breaks or worklog items after the fact. Integrations with common project management software are plentiful and the one I used so far works seamless ly (GitLab). The only shortcomings are in the billing rate options, these are still very basic so having multiple different rates depending on task type etc is not possible yet (as far as I know). However, Devart has a support portal where they are reasonably active and you can request features there.Very simple and intuitive, visual timeline for your worklogs and breaks

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Daniel Lambert

Perfect for a Startup

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-21
Review Source: Capterra

I've been using T-Metric for months, and it has been my go-to time-tracking software. It is currently offered for free so its value for money is superb.We'll see how they choose to charge for their service in the future. For now, it being free and having a nice Chrome extension that plays well with Asana, as well as its extremely easy-to-use interface and simplicity are what drew me to it and keep me here.Simple, free, easy to track track time and generate reports.

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Brandon Zell

Nice Straightforward Time Tracking App

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

My favorite thing about TMetric is the day view. This is the main view where you start and stop tasks. It's incredibly simple and has a fantastic graph showing all logged work for the day. This lets me easily see: - How much I've been working on a task during the day - How much time I've logged for the day - By hovering, I can see how long each break I took was. I've used several other time tracking services, and none of them made it this easy to cover those basic features. -- Pros: - Great day overview graphic. - Easily see how long breaks where. - Free for up to 5 users! Cons: - The UI isn't the most intuitive. Once you understand how things work, it's easy. - Desktop app is for Windows only, so I can't take advantage of their automatic tracking. - Reports don't generate any graphics, just line items with hours. Currently the reports tell you things like "You spent 40 hours on this project", but I don't see a way to see a graphic that would tell me when I worked those 40 hours. -- Overall, this a great tool for time tracking. My one piece of advice if you're thinking of trying TMetric: Commit to trying this for a week. You need to push past the initial setup and slight learning curve to enjoy how easy TMetric is to use.The thing I like most about TMetric is the "Today" page. It provides great information and makes time tracking quite simple.

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TMetric pricing

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Now three pricing plans Free, Professional, and Business are available:

- Free plan is now limited to 5 users per account. It has kept most of the features, gaining new ones as well.
- Professional plan adds billable rates and task management, unlimited users, tasks and todo lists. The service fee is $4 per user/ month if billed annually, $5 if billed monthly.
- Business plan adds cost rates and time synchronization. The service fee is $6 per user/ month if billed annually, $7 if billed monthly.

TMetric features

Activity Tracking
Project Time Tracking
Task Tracking
Third Party Integration

API (156 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (97 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (99 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (118 other apps)
Collaborative Workspace (86 other apps)
Commenting (90 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (95 other apps)
Gantt Charts (85 other apps)
Prioritizing (115 other apps)
Progress Tracking (88 other apps)
Project Management (125 other apps)
Project Planning (115 other apps)
Project Tracking (84 other apps)
Task Management (87 other apps)

Additional information for TMetric

Key features of TMetric

  • Time tracking
  • Manual time entry
  • Billable hours tracking
  • Workday timeline
  • Billable rates
  • Revenue & expense tracking
  • Activity tags
  • Tag filtering
  • Summary reports
  • Daily reports
  • Timesheet export
  • Project & task management system integrations
  • Team view
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-project & multi-client support
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Task tracking
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Time tracked for each workday is visualized in a timeline, in 10-minutes increments, which can be edited to add tasks or breaks if a user forgets to start or stop the timer.

Both billable and non-billable time can be tracked, with users able to create custom tasks, select existing tasks from a drop-down list, and set billable rates for tracking revenue and expenses.

Entries can be tagged to group logged time based on activity, enabling users to filter task summaries and reports by activity.

Team, project, and task summaries, daily reports, and detailed reports can be generated, with users able to select custom time periods and filter reports by project, client, team, billable status, and more to drill-down to the details.

TMetric can be integrated with a range or project and task management softwares, including Asana, Basecamp, JIRA, Producteev, Todoist, Trello, Wrike, and more.