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inContact offer a range of solutions to meet your contact centre needs. The cloud contact center software is scalable and built on the basic foundation of multi-channel ACD and speech-enabled IVR. CRM integrations, customer feedback, predictive dialers, workforce optimization, quality and workforce management, network connectivity, disaster recovery and reporting and analytics can then be added on.

The solution is based on a pay-as-you-go billing model and can be used to support multiple contact centers, including agents working from home anywhere in the world. inContact's Cloud PBX solution guarantees 99.99% availability as it operates in a carrier-grade, geographically redundant environment. The Blended Predictive Dialer software uses SLA based inbound-to-outbound and outbound-to-inbound call blending to help manage large amounts of calls. Calls are automatically shifted between inbound and outbound agents depending on call volumes.

inContact Contact Center Reviews (49)

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 Awesome Product and Service

We have used Incontact's products for 2 years and be more pleased with the quality and level of sevice provided.

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Reviewed 27th of February by KOdy Christianson


 incontact is easy to use

incontact is easy to use: the tools provided are easy to learn but very flexible. Studio has all that one might need to create the custom script needed. The management site has intuitive tools needed for reporting, overview, other management functionality. Support site is easy to submit issues ...

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Reviewed 27th of February by Shawn Kim

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Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
iPhone-iPad, iPad
Supported Countries
Canada, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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Pims Auto Dialer

Starting from: $125.00/month
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Pricing model: One-time License, Subscription

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Key Features of inContact Contact Center

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • CRM Integrations (like Salesforce)
  • Multi-Channel ACD
  • Workforce Management
  • Personal Connection™ Predictive Dialer
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Cloud Contact Center Platform
  • Verint Speech Analytics Engine
  • Social, Chat, Phone, Email
  • Smart Inbox™
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Agent Scripting
  • ECHO Customer Feedback
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Quality Management
  • Automatic Call Back
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • Supervisor On-The-Go™
  • ACD Universal Queue for Multi-Communication Channels


- The service operates in a carrier-grade, geographically redundant environment with guaranteed 99.99% availability

- Intelligent call suppression - this feature verifies if the business or individuals you are calling on a tailored suppression list.

- Agent scripting . Build custom individual agent screens or scripts. Create decision trees and design your agents work flow.

- Multi-number hosted predictive dialing - Define custom retry option for up to 20 phone numbers.

- Message lay-down campaigns to dial contacts and lave automated messages without the need for agents

- Automatic call-back for cusotmers who don't want to wait in the queue. You can also set up a scehduled callback at the customer's desired time.

- Integrate with custom built CRMs and third party solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Oracle RightNow.

- Automated Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech is available in multiple languages

- Speech analytics software helps to identify top concerns and the most important calls based on specific criteria. Use custom call tags to categorize calls by cutomers' reasons for calling.

- Quality management tools include role-based scorecards with KPIs, integrated eLearning and coaching management, speech analytics, customized evaluation forms, synchronized audio and screens for recorded interactions.

- Smart Inbox™ deliver scalls based on specific call data such as DNIS, ANI, call duration and direction.

- Workforce Management can be used to forecast customer demand and schedule and manage staff. Use real.time visibility into staff availability and call volumes, as well as historical workload trends to create optimal schedules.

Alternatives to inContact Contact Center

GetApp Analysis

inContact is an all-in-one contact center software solution that streamlines call center operations, improves agent productivity and maximizes the customer experience while significantly minimizing operational costs. Cloud-based, inContact allows contact centers to do away with pricey on-premise call center infrastructure, IT professional services for hardware, software and database administration and maintenance.

The software enables customers to communicate with contact center representatives via their communication channel of choice. Whether that’s a phone call, tweet or email, agents are able to handle customer interactions without having to switch between disparate systems, allowing for a seamless and delightful experience for all parties involved. inContact’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities give managers real-time insight into how many agents are on call versus available, the number of calls in queue, agent skill sets, and so on, so that adjustments, if warranted, can be made accordingly and quickly.

Some of inContact’s core features include multi-channel ACD (automatic call distribution), IVR (interactive voice response), ECHO surveys, predictive dialer and workforce optimization.

What is inContact Contact Center?

inContact enables multi-channel contact center communications via one universal queue, servicing various customer types depending on how they prefer to communicate – social media, mobile app, VoIP, SMS, phone call, chat or email. Its automatic routing system intuitively connects the customer to the most qualified agent, whether that’s one from the billing department, tech support, or who speaks a particular language. CRM integration gives agents full visibility into the customer’s previous interactions and transactions with the company, all in a single interface, eliminating the need to shuffle between systems or transfer the customer from one agent to another.

In contrast to premise-based contact center solutions, in the event of an operational interruption – such as flooding, heavy snow, and the like – inContact-powered call centers can function as usual by asking their agents to work from home, or wherever there’s an Internet connection, even route calls to other branches without negatively impacting the customer’s experience. Workflows can also be altered on the fly with a few clicks.

Main Features

Multi-Channel ACD

Customers nowadays are communicating with companies through various platforms – social media, voice, mobile applications, email, among others. Having the ability to interact with customers using their preferred communication medium without switching between applications is a capability provided by inContact to customer-facing agents, resulting in more efficient call resolution, more satisfied customers, and more cost savings.

inContact ACD’s skill-based routing feature directly connects customers to the most qualified agents and extracts critical customer data from CRMs like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. This way, agents are equipped with necessary information even before they speak to the customer. With information and tools in one integrated system, representatives are better able to service customers, creating a more positive experience for both sides. The multi-channel ACD also allows agents to call back customers who are unable or unwilling to wait.

Interactive Voice Response

IVRs are primarily used to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible, either through self-service or speaking to a live agent. The inContact IVR solution fully integrates with the ACD software and can be programmed with relative ease through a drag-and-drop interface that supports on-the-fly adjustments, allowing you full control over how the IVR system handles inbound calls.

To minimize call handling time and improve agent productivity, the IVR gathers necessary customer information even before the customer reaches an agent, and the reporting tool provides visibility into the effectiveness of customer self-serve applications, which can then be improved to further increase customer satisfaction and cost savings. InContact’s IVR can also be used alongside your existing phone system, where phone numbers are rerouted to inContact and subsequently handled and managed according to the predefined rules you’ve set up.

ECHO Customer Satisfaction Survey

Surveys and customer feedback are essential for contact centers to gauge the effectiveness of their customer-facing initiatives. The same are used to evaluate individual agent performance, provide kudos or coaching, and generate reports for a more comprehensive analysis, which can then be tapped to improve existing service processes.

The inContact ECHO customer satisfaction survey is a real-time solution offered to customers after each agent interaction, while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Aside from making customers feel appreciated, you get the benefit of accurate FCR (first call resolution) statistics to gauge if you’re meeting customer expectations or not.

Predictive Dialer

When outbound agents are not enough to support call volume and satisfy service level agreements, inContact’s blended predictive dialer software switches inbound agents to outbound mode, and vice versa, depending on the need. This maximizes your available resources when managing various campaigns. The predictive dialer also allows agents to contact only those they need to contact via the intelligent call suppression functionality, instead of filtering people out by manually contacting them.

The inContact predictive dialer offers various dialing methods: predictive dialing, where multiple calls are placed per agent, the pace of which is dependent on agent headcount, list attributes and legal regulations; progressive dialing, which are tailored for business-to-business campaigns; preview dialer, a combination of automated dialing and customer information preview so that agents know whether to accept or decline a call; and message lay-down where customers are contacted and left with automated messages. Ten phone numbers can be configured for each contact, and customized retry options can be created for each number.

Workforce Optimization

It’s been said again and again: The workforce is the backbone of an organization. An organization, however, is only as strong as its people. inContact’s workforce optimization software analyzes customer interactions with agents through voice, email and chat conversation capture, saves time through automatic schedule creation based on skill levels, work preferences and call volume forecasts, targets and improves KPIs (key performance indicators), addresses skill gaps and identifies the reason/s behind agent and customer behavior.

Ensuring consistent agent coaching through regular agent performance evaluation lets contact organizations improve overall customer satisfaction scores, realize goals and devise efficient solutions to operational issues and bottlenecks. inContact’s workforce optimization software streamlines this process by scheduling eLearning and coaching events, as well as assigning courses from the quality management portal.


inContact has ready-made integrations with CRM software like Salesforce, Oracle RightNow and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Also, inContact has just recently unveiled its inCloud Developer Portal where developers gain access to well-documented RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits), 120+ already available APIs, including those that will still be published, and tutorials and FAQs on how to best develop SDK solutions and REST-based apps.


Depending on the company’s size, inContact offers a subscription-based pricing model. Its pay-as-you-go approach allows organizations to cost-effectively scale capacity to demand.

Bottom Line

  • All-in-one cloud-based contact center solution
  • Intelligently routes customer calls to the most qualified representative
  • Supports multi-channel communication – email, chat, phone, SMS or VOiP
  • Robust reporting and analytics provide real-time insight into the strengths and weaknesses of both the call center and individual agents
  • Supervisor-On-The-Go mobile application allows supervisors to access the system while on the go to meet SLA (service level agreement) requirements through agent coaching and monitoring


Who is inContact Contact Center For?

Created for small to large call centers across various industry verticals that include customer service, financial services, telemarketing and hospitality, inContact has been specifically built for roles such as operations managers, supervisors, team leaders, customer support representatives, tech support specialists, data analysts, quality control personnel, workforce managers, and training professionals.

Used by 85,000+ contact center agents in over 1, 300 call centers worldwide, inContact clients include Schumacher Group, KBM Group and Frontline Call Center.

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