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Digital media asset management (DAM) for business

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4ALLPORTAL DAM is a digital asset management platform which enables small to large organizations to create a custom media and image database, allowing users to manage digital assets in a variety of file formats including photos, videos, InDesign files, PDFs, and Office documents in a centralized system. 4ALLPORTAL DAM serves a range of industries including TV and digital media, retail, public and educational institutions, global corporations, pharmaceutical, and more.

Users can seek and find the assets they need using 4ALLPORTAL DAM’s digital MAM (media asset management) tool, which allows users to search for files using metadata, or documents such as Word, PDF, or InDesign files by searching for their content. Users can also create and save custom search templates, and tag digital assets with an unlimited number of keywords to help to locate files quicker. Search results are displayed in a zoomable tile view, providing users with an instant visual overview of media files. The file navigator tool allows users to integrate multiple hard drives, storage systems and network drives which enables organizations to centralize all media assets whether they are photos, videos, audio files, text files, Office documents and more.

4ALLPORTAL DAM helps companies organize and manage their images and files in a single, central location for a complete image database. Users can import data using the import assistant feature, create custom folders, and specify metadata and keywords as the the files are uploaded. Users can create custom library folders for favorite files or create a cross-session download package in the outbox. PDFs can be generated from various layouts, and the data transfer feature helps track all downloads, displaying who downloaded which asset, and when.


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4ALLPORTAL DAM screenshot: Find files and display search results in a zoomable tile view to create an instant overview of assetsCentral Project Management with 4ALLPORTAL4ALLPORTAL DAM screenshot: Specify metadata and keywords when uploading each asset4ALLPORTAL DAM screenshot: Scroll through image assets using the gallery viewer 4ALLPORTAL DAM screenshot: Create a custom asset library that’s only accessible to selected project teams



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Oliver Guimaraes

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Reviewed 2018-10-24
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It's quick, simple, and effective. Marketing across multiple divisions across the world. Clean interface Good privacy options Nearly endless customization options (within reason) Scalable Friendly and responsive customer support An organised workflow in 4ALLPORTAL DAM, which helps if you're working with teams in different countries.

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Key features of 4ALLPORTAL DAM

  • Access controls/permissions
  • File conversion
  • Mobile app
  • Asset sharing
  • Search/filter
  • Asset categorization
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Asset library
  • Asset control
  • Search functionality
  • Create and save search templates
  • Metadata management
  • File tagging
  • File navigator
  • Data transfer
  • Track all asset downloads
  • Share media and work with others
  • Add comments to files and libraries
  • Task tool
  • Assign to-do lists to individual team members
  • Set deadlines
  • Create task schedules
  • Task status tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Version tracking
  • Drag & drop interface
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Monitor multiple service providers and maintain a clear overview of all activities with 4ALLPORTAL DAM. Oversee picture and graphic usage rights to ensure a uniform corporate design.

Create a custom asset library and make it accessible only to selected project teams, and provide members with the ability to add comments to files and libraries for collaboration.

Make media data available to a variety of users with a click by integrating a variety of hard drives, storage systems and network drives, and visualize them via the media asset management module.

Using 4ALLPORTAL DAM's task tool, assign each team member with a to-do list and set deadlines, create task schedules and check the status of every task in the pipeline.

Share media data with individuals outside the organization, or who don't have access to the module using the E-Ticket feature, and specify the time range during which files can be viewed or downloaded.