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Beckon overview

What is Beckon?

Beckon is a multi-channel marketing analytics, reporting and dashboard platform which enables users to aggregate, visualize, and compare data from multiple different sources including ad servers, email, marketing automation, mobile, SEM, social media, video, web, and more.

Beckon enables users to create performance scorecards, which can be customized through a drag-and-drop editor, to present KPIs and marketing metrics within a framework of clients’ business and brand objectives. Scorecard templates can be setup and used to view all data with a consistent perspective, allowing direct comparison of performance between brands, regions, and campaigns. An unlimited number of scorecard drafts and layouts can be created, and shared with other users once they are finalized. Trends are automatically calculated and continuously updated, with scorecard visualizations automatically reflecting all changes to source data.

Beckon’s ad hoc reporting capabilities allow users to compare data for past and current performance across any timeframe, and any combination of metrics or KPIs. Multiple data visualizations and chart types are included, and users can view all possible visualizations for a particular question to select the most appropriate. These charts can then be added into new or pre-existing reports and dashboards.

Beckon includes out-of-the-box spend and ROI dashboards for brands, campaigns, channels, product lines, and more, which users can customize through a drag-and-drop interface, with the ability to embed videos, images, and social widgets, and incorporate text blocks to highlight key points and add comments. All charts are labelled with the business questions they answer, with rankings of comparative cost-effectiveness between strategies, channels, agencies, regions, and more. Customized dashboards can be turned into templates to apply the same filters to all data, allowing a consistent perspective across campaigns, and exported as PDFs or PowerPoints with all additions or comments attached.


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Beckon screenshot: Users can create marketing scorecards in Beckon and use these to judge and compare the performance of different campaigns[Beckon] Find Your Strength in NumbersBeckon screenshot: Beckon enables users to analyze and visualize the performance of their marketing campaignsBeckon screenshot: Beckon's chart builder enables users to compare metrics with multiple different charts and visualizationsBeckon screenshot: Beckon allows users to create and customize dashboard reports, with the ability to add in videos, images, widgets, and text alongside dataBeckon screenshot: Users can select the most appropriate chart to answer their business questionsBeckon screenshot: Beckon can be used to compare the performance of multiple marketing campaigns, brands, or productsBeckon screenshot: Beckon allows users to select the region and timeframe to be viewed within scorecardsBeckon screenshot: Metrics are colored red or green in Beckon's scorecards based on actual performance compared to plannedBeckon screenshot: Data can be imported into Beckon from multiple different sources, and is continuously updated

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Beckon features

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Customizable Templates
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Key features of Beckon

  • Customizable scorecards
  • Planned vs actual performance
  • Multiple timeframes
  • Aggregate KPIs
  • KPI comparisons
  • Data gap identification
  • Custom formula creation
  • Data archive
  • Historical spend and performance data
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Overdue data reminders
  • Template creation
  • Import data via email
  • Data visualizations
  • Multi-channel data integrations
  • Continuous scorecard updates
  • Real-time dashboard updates
  • Spend and ROI analysis
  • Performance tracking
  • Trend visualization
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Data export
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Omnichannel scorecards
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Integrate multiple data sources, including data from Excel, .csv, PowerPoint, PDF, API, and more, and import data and files and performance data into Beckon by email.

Scorecard templates can be set up and used to view and compare all brands and campaigns consistently, with users able to customize the scorecard setup through a drag-and-drop interface.

Data is updated continuously, with scorecards automatically updating to reflect changes.

Drag-and-drop dashboard customization allow users to compare various data sets with a consistent perspective, using data filters and embedded images, widgets, text blocks, and more.

Users can compare combinations of KPIs with ad-hoc reporting, with the ability to compare current performance with past performance over variable timeframes.