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SmartSimple CMS360

Medical case management for insurers

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SmartSimple CMS360 overview

SmartSimple CMS360 is a accident benefit claims and referral management solution for medical insurance businesses, designed to bridge the gap between insurers, health care providers, and independent medical examiners. The platform provides features for medical case management, employment services, community care cases, structured settlement cases, and more. The SmartSimple CMS360 platform allows insurers to manage their cases, request evaluations from health care providers, arrange appointments, share data, create invoices, and more.

To aid with managing medical cases, SmartSimple CMS360 provides insurers with a 360 degree view of their pending claims within a personal list view of their cases and tasks to be completed. Claim information is provided such as the claimant, claim number, date of loss, status, and profit centre, and summary files provide additional information on aspects such as the policy type, legal details, attached files injury details, services required, and any notes or comments on the accident. Claims can be viewed within the calendar in order to gain an overview of any scheduled appointments or activities relating to that claim, and insurers can add new appointments with health care providers or medical examiners to aid with the claim.

SmartSimple CMS360 also facilitates the management of attendance and disabilities with tools for tracking employee disability claims within places of work. Claims of short and long term disabilities can be handled, users can schedule ‘return to work’ activities, and appointments and treatments can be booked with service providers internally, or externally. The platform also provides the tools to manage career counseling, employment assistance, community care, and structure settlements with claimants, annuity, life, and casualty companies.


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SmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Each user can view a personal list of their open casesSmartSimple CMS360º Case Management SystemSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Packages can be opened within CMS360 which alerts users to the fact an updated assessment has been sentSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Case files can be created for new patient claimsSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Notes can be added to case files along with personal client and claim informationSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Files can be generated from templates, saved within the CMS360 platformSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Files can be exported to a selection of participants including external healthcare providersSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: Claim summaries can be accessed, exported, printed, or saved as a .PDFSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: The list view provides an overview of which files are assigned to which claims, and users can edit or delete files from hereSmartSimple CMS360 screenshot: The calendar view shows upcoming appointments and activities for each claimant

SmartSimple CMS360 reviews


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Melissa Niccols

Outstanding and always comfortable

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-19
Review Source: Capterra

It helped me to participate in a SmartSimple survey and was very user friendlyThe flexibility it allows us to make customizations on the fly. This software allows us to grow at a pace that works for our company. We always have easy access to support and especially now that support has extended hours this has proven even easier!

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SmartSimple CMS360 pricing

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CMS360 is €130.00/month for high usage users (members of the team who access the system more than 40 hours per month)

or €20.00/month for low usage users (members of the team who access the system less than 40 hours per month).

The Community Group License is available from €450.00/month billed based on the total count of monthly casual users.

SmartSimple CMS360 features

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Additional information for SmartSimple CMS360

Key features of SmartSimple CMS360

  • Adjustor management
  • Claim resolution tracking
  • Co-pay & deductible tracking
  • Electronic claims
  • Benefit programs support
  • Paper-based claims
  • Payor management
  • Policy administration
  • Case management
  • Provider credentialing
  • Assign claims
  • Claim file documentation
  • Patient records
  • Medical history records
  • Treatment planning
  • Case list management
  • Referral management
  • Group notes
  • Assessment & treatment plans
  • Assessment notes
  • Patient account management
  • Payment processing
  • Business process control
  • Workflow management
  • Claims management
  • Automatic reminders
  • Invoice management
  • Custom forms
  • Document storage
  • Third party integration
  • Data capture and transfer
  • Content repository
  • Client management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Permission management
  • Access control
  • Attendance management
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Event scheduling
  • Employee management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Progress reports
  • Customer history
  • Self service portal
  • Appointment management
  • Booking management
  • Multi-location
  • Performance reports
  • Assessment management
  • Client portal
  • Audit trail
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Project notes
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Manage medical cases all from one dashboard with CMS360 which provides a personal case list with details on pending cases. Users can also save and share medical documents and exchange information with independent medical examiners.

Generate customized or standardized health claim forms, documents, and letters within CMS360 and send them to others involved in the case from within the platform. Save documents as templates to reuse in future cases.

Arrange appointments for patients within the case management solution and view all appointments relating to an individual case, or for all cases, within the calendar tool.

Store and share data within CMS360 such as government forms, referrals, objectives, outcomes, performance reports, assessments, and more.

Manage and create invoices and process payments between patients, insurers, health care providers, and independent medical examiners. Invoice by company, referral, case, or service.