The construction industry is embracing cloud computing.

One of the greatest limitation for contractors using software programs residing onto a computer is that the information can only be accessed on the computer where it has been installed.

Remote access to applications and information allows staff from construction companies to work collaboratively without being tied to a specific physical location.

With cloud-based construction software, contractors can access their information from any device, portable computers, smartphones or tablets. The only thing you need is an internet access.

Moving to the cloud can answer many of the challenges faced by the construction industry.

In this post, we are looking into the benefits of cloud-based solutions for construction companies and suggest 15 great cloud construction management apps that should be considered to work more efficiently.

Where Can Construction Companies Benefit From Cloud-based Applications?

Collaboration and information sharing

One of the biggest headaches for construction companies is improving collaboration between all stakeholders and accessing information from multiple locations.

Web-based tools can be used to foster better communication flows between contractors, subcontractors, architects and building owners.

Here are practical examples of functions that can get easier and quicker with cloud-based apps:

  • For back-office functions: bidding process, planroom management, billing, paying invoices, running financial reports, payroll, planning logistics

  • For on-site and client facing functions: takeoffs, estimation, time capture, accessing documents without the need to go to the central office, on site project updates


With cloud-based apps, contractors can use their mobile devices to take applications and documents with them to their job sites.

Wherever they are, they will be able to perform tasks such as project management, scheduling, time-tracking, reporting or even billing directly in the field!


Another notable benefit is to achieve better trust, transparency and accountability for the property owner who can use the tools to follow its projects online.

Better security and less cost

Inherent cost cutting benefits of cloud-based applications will of course also apply to construction companies.

It includes: no need for IT resources, no capital investment, no upgrade or maintenance expenses.

The solutions presented below have low set-up fees (compared to traditional software implementations) and affordable monthly subscription rates.

Additionally, thanks to the vendors highly protected and redundant infrastructures, cloud applications will bring to your company a better overall security and information protection.

15 Important Providers of Cloud-based Apps for the Construction Industry

Co-construct Visit WebsiteCo-constructOperations Management


Co-construct backs its web- and mobile-based system for custom home builders and remodelers with a 3-month money back guarantee for simplifying selections, scheduling, client communication, change orders, budgeting, photo/file sharing, warranty tracking, and more.

Synchroteam Visit WebsiteSynchroteamOperations Management


Synchroteam helps construction companies to manage efficiently their mobile workers, simplify their processes and optimize their costs per revenue. It is a complete and intuitive field service solution with scheduling, dispatching, tracking and reporting capabilities

Corecon V7 Visit WebsiteCorecon V7Industries

Corecon V7

Corecon Technologies, Inc. is a leading software developer for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Corecon's flagship product, Corecon V7, is a web-based suite of software for estimating, project management, job cost control, scheduling, and collaboration. It is specifically designed for general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, homebuilders, architects and engineers who are looking to automate their entire field and back-office operations.

BuilderTRENDLearn MoreBuilderTRENDIndustries


BuilderTrend is designed to optimize communication between the builders, their customers, vendors, and subcontractors. It is suited for home builders and remodelers. The system provides access to scheduling information, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, homebuyer selections.

PENTALearn MorePENTAOperations Management


Going beyond traditional construction industry ERP software, PENTA also incorporates enterprise-wide document, content and business process management capabilities, helping ensure that engineering and construction firms' best practices are leveraged more consistently

HeadsUpLearn MoreHeadsUpProject Management & Planning

HeadsUp Technologies

HeadsUp is an affordable construction management software that integrates scheduling, document tracking, project management, field reporting, and margin analysis into a single application.

PaskrLearn MorePaskrProject Management & Planning


Paskr is an online project management suite that intends to bridge the gap between estimating and accounting.

TexturaLearn MoreTexturaIndustries


Textura is a provider of collaboration and productivity tools for the construction industry. They serve all construction industry professionals across the project lifecycle - from design and pre-qualification to bid management, submittals and payment - on a single, integrated platform.

Procore Visit WebsiteProcoreProject Management & Planning


Procore is an on-demand integrated construction software where you can organize your prime contract, change orders, sub-contracts and purchase orders.

Jonas Learn MoreJonas Industries

Jonas Construction Software

Jonas is a provider of integrated construction software solutions. It is a truly integrated ERP solution for North American Contractors.

Spectrum Construction SoftwareLearn MoreSpectrum Construction SoftwareIndustries

Dexter + Chaney

Dexter + Chaney are the makers of Spectrum, a complete SaaS product line for construction operations professionals. They offer a self-hosted private cloud option which can also be hosted by a third party hosting provider.

ViewpointLearn MoreViewpointIndustries

Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint has recently launched a cloud computing solution tailored specifically for the construction industry, with the objective of making its software more accessible to small companies.

ComputerguidanceLearn MoreComputerguidanceOperations Management

Computer Guidance

Computer Guidance develops a construction enterprise resource planning solution.

AconexLearn MoreAconexCollaboration


Aconex is a widely-used online collaboration platform in the construction industry.

ProjectmatesLearn MoreProjectmatesProject Management & Planning


Projectmates is a web-based construction project management software that works across the complete life cycle development of construction projects. They have strong work-flow and accountability features.

EADOCLearn MoreEADOCCollaboration


EADOC connects facility owners, construction managers, contractors, architects, sub consultants, sub contractors and suppliers together so they can securely share and exchange construction project information electronically.

IDEALScanroom.comLearn MoreIDEALScanroom.comIndustries


IDEALScanroom is an easy-to-use digital planroom app. It is used during the design and bid phase of constructions projects.

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