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Engagedly overview

A comprehensive cloud platform (SaaS) providing 360 degree Talent Management while improving Employee Engagement. Unlike other talent management suites, Engagedly is built for employees, improving engagement and building teams.
Features include
- Real time feedback
- social praise
- template based performance management
- Goal Management (OKR)
- LMS lite
- Employee social
- Rewards and Recognition
- Employee Surveys
- Generate and share ideas
- Gamification of engagement

With Engagedly, managers can encourage conversations, employee collaboration, project discussions, the sharing of ideas & more. Employees can get to to know one other, feel more engaged and improve their teamwork with Engagedly.

Utilizing Engagedly, organizations can align, motivate and engage with their workforce. Engagedly is the most comprehensive talent management platform available to drive Employee Engagement.


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United States, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America

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English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Engagedly screenshot: Engagedly performance managementEngagedly Intro - Employee Engagement Made EasyEngagedly screenshot: Engagedly's cascading goals (OKR)Engagedly screenshot: Engagedly's HR analyticsEngagedly screenshot: Enagagedly's social recognitionEngagedly screenshot: Motivate employeess with rewards and recognition through EngagedlyEngagedly screenshot: Engagedly's employee directory and profileEngagedly screenshot: Employee learning with Engagedly (LMS lite)EngagedlyOverview

Engagedly reviews

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Laura Begg

Engagedly has been our best software selection yet

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-12
Review Source: Capterra

Engagedly has been an excellent tool for us. We have trained all of our employees in its use. Our compliance with our performance, goal setting, feedback and learning has been exponentially higher with the software. The prompts and reminders make it easy to keep our objectives in full view, easier to update and focus on. I found this to be the tool that best met our needs in our tech organization. This Talent Management software has solved all of our needs in the goals, performance, feedback, social media platform, peer crowdsourcing, collaboration and information sharing needs. We have worked closely with the team at Engagedly and they have been beyond excellent with their customer service. They are very in tune to the user experience and seek improvements in an ongoing manner. We have a cutting edge approach to performance, and this software works perfectly for our direction.

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Nicole Milanesi

Easy-to-use tool - some features are excellent, some need further development

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-10-20
Review Source: Capterra

The software is very user friendly and has a strong look-and-feel. My favorite feature is the Feedback tool - this is well designed and allows a great amount of flexibility for the user when giving or receiving feedback. I also appreciate the different dashboards across the site, which allow for quick and easy checking of progress on different aspects of the system. The customer support is extremely responsive and helpful, as well. They respond to my (many) questions in less than 24 hours every time.

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Jennifer Wells

Keeping your team in the loop. Should have an app to go with this.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

Engagedly is easy to use, however trying to add team pictures is rather difficult. There are team events and pictures that we would like to share and I have not been able to see this as an option. Adding links is easy to do. It has been rather difficult to keep the interest of our work team and garner participation. It requires several personal email attempts to remind our team to use this. If there was an app to go along with this, I believe our reps would be more willing to participate with this service. The lack of participation could be due to the fact that very few people log onto an actual computer and do most of their communication via their phones. We want to keep our team in the loop and keep it on a professional level and this is the correct platform to do this. The professional platform is a great way to communicate with your team. Great way to keep the dialogue open for new team members and foster camaraderie.

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Jessica Davis

Really great tool for performance reviews, 360 feedback and goal setting / tracking.

Reviewed 2016-08-23
Review Source: Capterra

Engagedly has tons of features: performance reviews, goals, feedback, gamification, surveys, etc. You can turn things off and on to make it work for your company. I've asked them to add custom features and their development turn around time is amazing. This company really listens and responds quickly to customer requests. We do reviews quarterly now and it is all automated. Engagedly sends email reminders on a schedule of my creation and I just have to read all the reviews when they are complete. When a manager does a person's performance review, there is a menu where they can pull up, past reviews, goals, feedback, and notes they made throughout the year on that person, all in the same page so they aren't trying to pull together things from lots of different places when doing a review. Also, at the end of the review template you can set up private questions that only HR and the manager will be able to see the answer to, like is this person being recommended for a raise or promotion or are they at risk for low performance. You can choose the questions for fit your needs.

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Tess Fyalka

I'm 90% in Love

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

We are addressing the performance management, goal development, and onboarding process using Engagedly. It's a very good tool for a smaller company that, just like the big companies, needs to address these issues. It has excellent features. I love that I can use this for onboarding, light LMS, and performance management/goals and development.

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Engagedly pricing

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Basic: $4/user/month.
Full Version: $5.00 /user/month
Volume based discounts available.

Engagedly features

Employee Portal

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Reporting & Statistics (241 other apps)
Third Party Integration (195 other apps)
Time & Attendance Tracking (155 other apps)
Time Off Requests (143 other apps)

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Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for Engagedly

Key features of Engagedly

  • Get 360 Reviews from anybody
  • Get, request and view your feedback and direct reports'
  • Simple timeline based employee portal with profile
  • Gamified approach to learning, feedback and collaboration
  • Set Goals and Key Results (OKR). Track and report progress
  • Manage your's and your direct report's goals
  • Set Key performance indicators on goals and performance
  • Integration with ADP
  • Flexible appraisal templates and process
  • Self rating and reviews with flexibility of no ratings
  • Rewards and recognition module with gamification
  • self reviews and ratings
  • Conduct pulse surveys and solicit feedback
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Comprehensive Performance Management: Develop 360 degree performance reviews from manager and peers.

One on One Feedback: Provide real-time feedback as well as social praise.

Cascading Goals (OKR): Set self goals and cascade goals for your employees.

Easy Administration: Track and Notify employees on due dates and generate rich reports

Surveys: Develop and run employee engagement surveys on demand.

Learning (LMS lite): Easily create online courses and award points to encourage learning

Gamification: Award points, reward, motivate and engage employees using a corporate social.

Employee social: Develop a collaborative workforce for improved teamwork.