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What is VICIdial?

VICIdial is a contact / call center software suite targeting the telephony and communications requirements of every business up to and including enterprise level. Built on an open source platform and boasting a global installation base, VICIdial boasts a full-featured predictive dialer while also functioning as an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system. Agents are therefore able to predictively or manually call through campaign lists while also handling inbound and outbound calls on a blended basis. From within a single, centralized web-based interface agents can also respond to inbound emails and engage in live customer chat sessions embedded into an existing website via widget. Routing options and queue prioritization rules then ensure that calls and emails are directed to the most qualified agent, with managers able to listen in on agent calls to monitor performance.

Boasting over 2,000 features in total, VICIdial goes on to include automatic call recording that can be stopped or started at any time, while logging calls and call status. User levels and permissions can be set to restrict certain features or campaign accessibility, before web-based data exporting and sharable real time reporting enables authorized agents, managers and team leaders to analyze call campaign performance.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom

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VICIdial screenshot: Built-in reporting options include the ability to run real time and summary reports, such as breakdowns on agent calling times per campaignWhat is the VICIdial Open-Source Contact Center Solution?VICIdial screenshot: Web-based administration provides centralized access to a multi-lingual admin screen rich with system optionsVICIdial screenshot: The system also facilitates the handling of customer website chat, via an existing website and administered through the agent's web screenVICIdial screenshot: Example view of the agent screen showing the Outbound Customers Soundboard, with the ability to hotkey common phrasesVICIdial screenshot: Example of a forecasting report option, visualizing predicted campaign call performance and trendsVICIdial screenshot: Android app front page screenshot

VICIdial user reviews

Value for money
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John A M.

I still can't believe it's free!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-07
Review Source: Capterra

It allowed to make my calls with a predictive dialer with all the features you can imagine, eliminate my dependence on land lines, and have a system my agents could log in to locally or remotely.

First that you can download and install and use it completely 100% free, no strings attached. Second, it has every feature you could possibly imagine for dialing solution software and predictive dialers. Third, the reporting is all one 1 screen, there are many reports, inbound, outbound, carrier reports, etc. Fourth, they have a user forum where, and I kid you not, you can post a question or an issue you are having, and either a VICIdial expert or one of the other many experts on the forum will respond to your question usually within an hour or two, always that same day, and answer your question or help you work through your issue. Fifth, it's now the world's most popular dialing solution software, so you can find answers to about any question by just googling. Sixth, the hardware requirements are low. When I first installed VICIdial I used an old desktop and turned it into a VICIdial server. And seventh and maybe most importantly, VICIdial is constantly evolving. New revisions come out regularly, and new versions of the installer VICIbox are produced regularly, and they are new features constantly, and the program keeps getting better and better! In their next version of VICIbox they are offering a webrtc softphone built right into the program, so you won't need to download and configure softphones anymore. In summary, VICIdial is everything you always wanted in a predictive dialer or software dialing solution, and it is absolutely free of charge!

I installed VICIdial in March of 2017. It took me a weekend to set up campaigns, upload lists to call, configure a VoIP carrier, and put in the settings I needed for my campaigns. I installed on a Sunday afternoon and started dialing the next day on Monday morning at 9AM. And everything worked! Now it's June of 2018 and I've been using VICIdial for 1 year and 2 months. Although I got everything working the very first day, over time I have discovered the hundreds of features VICIdial offers and how to set them and configure them. The VICIdial system I use today is much different from the one I started with a year ago. Well the system is exactly the same, same operating system, same vicidial same asterisk, but I take advantage of many features now that I didn't even realize VICIdial had when I first installed it. If there is a con about using this software, and I do not believe there is, it would be VICIdial has so many features it takes a little time to learn all of them

Response from Vicidial Group

Thank you for the glowing review!

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Ease of use
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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Rogger F.

a Swiss Army Knife for those who are creative enough to use it well

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-04-22
Review Source: Capterra

At GOSAT we use VICIdial in our contact center for loan sales to a local bank in Brazil, where we integrate it 100% with the bank. We also use VICIdial on clients of different segments in the market: collection, petrol, school, health and etc ...

VICIdial is the most popular open-source Contact Center Solution in the world and it can become a Swiss Army Knife for those who grasp the infinite possibilities of this incredible system. We were able to meet all our needs and overcome all challenges using VICIdial.

I know that VICIdial is not for this purpose, what I miss is an integration in the AGC interface (Agent) with WhatsAPP and Facebook messanger. We do this today through other solutions, it would be perfect integrated with VICIdial.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Kim H.

Brings so much order to our dialing campaigns

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2021-04-24
Review Source: Capterra

Has been the most cost-efficient way to manage our call list that we have found .

The lack of cost involved is definitely the biggest pull to VICIdial . You can customize it to meet your needs and create different dialing categories . The ability to record and playback calls has made our training process a lot more efficient .

The interface has an outdated look to it and can be hard to navigate .Especially until you get used to it .And the setup takes a long time .

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

We are answering the calls efficiently and effectively. I am able to track agent performance at a high level to monitor performance and efficiency. I have great hope to read the manuals and learn what else I can do with Vici.

Vici is easy to use and contains a significant amount of reporting to track agent efficiency.

The interface is outdated and could use a cosmetic overhaul. some of the reporting is inconsistent. The way abandonment is calculated in the real time main report is by taking dropped calls and dividing it into calls answered. Under inbound daily report it calculates the abandonment correctly by taking dropped calls and dividing it into calls offered. Lacks some of the modern features available in other phone software: After Call Survey, Track short abandoned calls, Forced call backs, Scheduled reporting. In the IVR we can only offer our customers to leave a voicemail with a window prompt instead of allowing them to press a number at any time to leave a vm.

Response from Vicidial Group

As for the inbound drop-rate, there are configuration changes you can make to have the Real-Time report use all-calls to calculate the drop percentage. The default behavior is to use Answered calls because the vast majority of VICIdial clients use outbound, and taking dropped calls out of Answered calls is a regulatory requirement in most countries.
Also, After-Call-Surveys and Force-Scheduled-Callbacks are available as standard features in VICIdial.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Greg P.

Great product, great performance, and great flexibility

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-04-20
Review Source: Capterra

I absolutely love VICIdial, I won't use any other dialer at all

The amount of customization that. you can do, and the sheer power of the dialing platform

It's got quite a learning curve for people to get proficient with it initially. Although once you've mastered the interface and the concepts behind the dialer, it's amazing.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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VICIdial pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
Open source
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Software is free, while the hosted service (VICIhost) is available at several price points including the following examples:

$1,000 initial server provisioning fee (also includes 1st month of hosting)
$500 server provisioning fee for each additional server (includes 1st month of hosting)
$400 per server per month hosting fee (after first month) plus cost of minutes.

See website pricing for more detailed breakdown of current costings.

VICIdial features

Access Controls/Permissions
Activity Dashboard
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Call Routing
Collaboration Tools
Contact Management
Customizable Branding
Data Import/Export
IVR / Voice Recognition
Live Chat
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integrations

Communication Management (184 other apps)
Mobile Access (211 other apps)
Video Conferencing (173 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options
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Videos and tutorials

Additional information for VICIdial

Key features of VICIdial

  • Ability to have 3 or more parties in a call
  • Ability to restrict view of elements by several factors
  • Ability to split/merge lists, bulk modify lead fields
  • Agent Audio Soundboards for playing various audio clips
  • Agent activity tracking and reporting
  • Agent and Manager portals both use HTML5 technology
  • Agent and call activity historical analysis
  • Agent and call activity management
  • Agent and call skills tracking
  • Agent and group performance reporting
  • Agent and manager notifications on many event triggers
  • Agent and system disposition of calls/emails/chats/etc...
  • Agent call monitoring
  • Agent callback reminders, manager reporting reminders
  • Agent screen can handle all types of contact channels
  • Agent, Campaign, IVR, Queue, etc... reporting
  • Agent-to-agent/manager/customer private chats
  • All admin changes are tracked and compared to previous
  • All chats customer and internal chats are logged
  • All tools needed for managers to run call center
  • All user timeclock is built-in
  • Analysis of call recordings and meta-data with RankMiner
  • Audio and agent/manager screens available in other languages
  • Audit trail of all manager changes and timeclock entries
  • Autoa-rescheduling of calls/campaigns
  • Automated IVRs and campaigns
  • Automated backup is built-in must be configured for off-site
  • Automatic recording start / stop
  • Backups and call recorded audio are compressed
  • Blended call center
  • Built-in AMD
  • Built-in FTP server, uploading of files, attachment to email
  • Built-in QC features
  • Built-in WebRTC webphone
  • Built-in off-line load testing tools
  • Built-in timeclock, shift enforcement, reporting, etc...
  • Call and Chat surveys and feedback
  • Call and Lead distribution management options
  • Call logging
  • Call result reporting
  • Call sharing across multiple agents at the same time
  • Call volume forecasting reports
  • Caller IDs can be set per campaign & per state/areacode
  • Categorization of status dispositions for reporting
  • Chat, Email, inbound/outbound phone calls
  • Configurable rules-based algorithms
  • Contact transfer database
  • Contacts shared across the system
  • Craft how customers travel through the system
  • Custom data fields for leads
  • Custom data forms for agents and managers
  • Custom development can be done
  • Custom form building utility with editable scripts
  • Customer database with custom data fields
  • Customer, lead and contact search
  • Customers can be segmented by geography, skills or other...
  • Customizable lead selection queries and direct DB access
  • Direct database access is possible
  • Displaying of historical call activity trends
  • Dozens of call reports
  • Dynamic caller ID based on type of call and where calling
  • Email alerts for callbacks and defined dispostions
  • Employee database with settings and permissions
  • FCC outbound calling compliance tools available
  • FTC calling and TSR compliance tools available
  • For agent or manager activities
  • For agents or anyone, with auto-rescheduling and forced dial
  • Full call log view with notes
  • Full display of customer contact history
  • Hundreds of campaign settings and options
  • IVR built-in, voice recognition with 3rd party app
  • Import of data through multiple methods
  • Import/export options for lead generation
  • Inbound and Outbound queue management tools
  • Inbound call center
  • Inbound call forecasting with service level calculations
  • Inbound data reception with available triggers
  • Inbound data, email and phone config templating
  • Inbound email queue and outbound manual and auto-emails
  • Inbound lead file batch processing
  • Integration with multiple 3rd party applications
  • Internal and customer website chat abilities
  • Lead/Contact commenting with historical display
  • Leads going to specific skilled agents, per territory
  • License never expires, software is free
  • Live chat
  • Live updating of system data and settings
  • Live updating reporting of customer and agent activities
  • Local and remote agent monitoring
  • Logs are created for most events, debug logging is available
  • Management of customer feedback options
  • Management of transfer contacts database
  • Management options for transfer of customer contact
  • Manager configuration over multi-channel paths
  • Manager driven reporting options
  • Manager review and control over agent & system performance
  • Manual and auto transfers based on agent or customer input
  • Manual dialer
  • Many debugging screens/reports/options available
  • Message other agents, managers and broadcast
  • Monitor agent activity and phone ccalls in real-time
  • Multi-agent and manager chat groups, whisper coaching
  • Multi-level and multi-group permissions management
  • Multiple call routing options
  • Multiple paths for data import and export
  • MySQL-compatible database
  • MySQL-compatible database integration
  • NIST-approved encrypted data store, on hosted service only
  • Native integration with several 3rd party applications
  • Optional Agent and API controlled recording
  • Optional live replication backup to separate database server
  • Outbound call center
  • Outbound dialer with many configurable options
  • Outbound dialer with many configuration options
  • Outbound email templates with customer data fields
  • Per user/group/territory lead assignment options
  • Post-call and Post-chat customer feedback collection
  • Premise-based call center
  • Preview-dial with several optional features
  • Progressive dialer
  • Quality management
  • Rapid agent manual-dialing
  • Real-time and historical user activity monitoring
  • Real-time auto-refreshing analytical reports
  • Real-time comparison of user/group metrics
  • Real-time data exports and imports
  • Real-time lead, agent, user reporting
  • Real-time notification of speific conditions and events
  • Recording access control and logging, encrypted data option
  • Recording of all agent inbound/outbound calls and IVR calls
  • Reporting of campaign activity by multiple metrics
  • Reporting on admin activities moves/adds/changes
  • Reporting/exporting of sales
  • Reproting of agent/group productivity
  • Role-based permissions depending on user-level and group
  • Routing calls by area, IVR input, previous call route, etc..
  • SMS integration through Email gateway
  • Schedule agent shifts, customer callbacks, etc...
  • Screen colors and logos are customizable
  • Secure Data Storage available on hosted service only
  • See every step a customer took in the system, and agents
  • Sending customer to Call Menus and Agents depending in input
  • Several automated actions triggered by events
  • Several configurable email notifications
  • Several redundancy and failover options
  • Several showing active calls, agents, sales, etc...
  • Severla events within the system can trigger emails
  • Show agents in need of retraining, struggling agent groups
  • Summary reporting of aggreagate data
  • Support for multiple agent locations through user groups
  • TTS functionality through 3rd party integration
  • There are several data export utilities
  • There are several reports that can display results by group
  • Tools for TCPA, TSR, FCC, FTC, OFCOM, etc... compliance
  • Track calls throughout the system, with built-in reporting
  • Unlimited Voicemail boxes
  • Unlimited agent and manager user accounts
  • Unlimited configurable campaigns
  • User and Manager access controls
  • User timesheets with summary activity breakdowns
  • Virtual call center
  • Visual charting analytics reports
  • We have integrated with dozens of CRM systems
  • Web-based FAQ, Wiki, Forums and Issue Trackers
  • While loading leads, there are several duplicate options
  • Workforce management
  • built-in time clock
  • call, queue and agent prioritization
  • inbound & outbound call survey management tools
  • lead/log/recording archiving and search/reporting
  • split/merge/modify/activate/etc... lists
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VICIdial is an open source call / contact center software solution that incorporates a predictive dialer to enable the blended handling of inbound / outbound calls alongside inbound emails and customer website chat.
Calls can be recorded automatically, starting and stopping the recording of an agent’s calls at any moment, while all calls and call statuses are logged alongside agent monitoring such as time breakdowns.
Built-in reporting capabilities include several real time and summary reports available, while
campaign display screens feed back performance also via real time updates.
Featuring web-based administration and data export utilities, agents can log into VICIdial from any location with just a phone and an internet connected web browser.
An Open Source product with no use licensing restrictions, the service also offers a month-to-month hosted option (VICIhost) that allows users to migrate from own hardware to VICIdial's, and back again if required.