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TeamSupport was developed for B2B software and technology companies with support and product teams. Any company that wants to better understand its customers and enhance internal collaboration can utilize TeamSupport's web-based platform, regardless of the size of the organization or the number of employees.

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Starting from: $40.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Support Desk : $40/month per user*
Enterprise: $55/month per user*
*with annual billing

Payments may be made monthly or annually

Free trial - no credit card required

All plans include unlimited support & training, and no implementation charges

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Key Features of

  • Product & Inventory Tracking
  • Best In Class Reporting, Exporting, Filtering, Sorting
  • Easy to Implement, Flexible and Intuitive
  • Integrated Screen Recordings
  • Completely Customizable
  • CRM Integrations with Salesforce, Highrise & Zoho
  • Software Version & Asset Tracking
  • Full Text Search
  • Email-To-Ticket, Live Chat, Multi-Channel Support
  • Tagging & Ticket Queues
  • Intelligent Ticket Deflection
  • SLA Management
  • Ticket Collision Prevention
  • Easy to Use Mobile Version
  • Advanced Customer Portal, KnowledgeBase, Forums
  • Real-Time Internal Collaboration & Wiki
  • Powerful Rights Management

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Cloud-based customer service and help desk software designed for B2B technology and software companies and organizations with external facing customer support.

Complete Customer Database allows you to see all customer interactions, not just individual tickets. Manage customers at a company or contact level instead of just seeing a collection of tickets. When a customer contacts you, immediately see who else from that company has been in contact, what products they currently have, and manage your customers proactively instead of just reacting to help desk requests. Related tickets feature even allows you to reference separate tickets to each other.

Real-time Internal collaboration brings visibility to everyone on your team, so you can solve more complicated issues, share information about customers or tickets, keep product developers and sales in the loop for better incident management.

Fully Integrated Video feature allows you to send detailed instructions, or have your customer make screen recordings of their exact issue.

Intelligent Submission Deflection automatically suggests knowledge base articles when your customer starts describing the problem, often solving the issue without having to create a new ticket

Advanced Customer Service Portal designed to fit right into your website so your customers can get answers 24/7: customers can submit and check up on tickets, search the knowledge base, add screen recordings/attach files, and participate in community forums.

TeamSupport is extremely easy to use, and the default setups allow turn-key use so you can get started right away!


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported
Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials


With TeamSupport, your teams will communicate and collaborate better, issues will be resolved faster and your customers will be much happier! Our unique software solution is built with B2B technology companies in mind, including Product & Inventory tracking features.

Manage customers as a company, not just on a tickets by ticket basis.

Improve resolution time and make sure no issues fall through the cracks.

Stop relying on email and let everyone on your team see everything that is happening in one place.

Identify patterns and flag customers who might be at risk due to high volume of ticket requests.

A web-based Customer Service & Help Desk application, TeamSupport is a powerful customer support suite & ticketing system with a focus on collaboration.

TeamSupport helps you:

(1) Decrease ticket resolution time.
(2) Work more effectively as a team.
(3) Better understand your customers both as individuals and at a company level.
(4) Improve Support Team Productivity Reviews & Ratings

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Customer support

TeamSupport review

Verified Reviewer  29th of December, 2015

Sharon Kazi, PC Software Project Manager
Great experience so far! The customer service is excellent, immediate communication if the website is down with periodic updates which is very appreciated

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Love Team Support

Verified Reviewer  29th of December, 2015

Software Trainer/EARS Submissions (Information Technology and Services company, 51-200 employees)
Team Support has given us such an outstanding avenue to keep up with our client calls, tickets, issues, etc. The day to day usage of the online software has been promising for our company.

Pros: Ticket entry is simple. Search function is outstanding. Keeping track of time tickets are open is very helpful. Keeps all information in one place. Customer service is helpful and adequate.

Cons: Mobile site isn't user friendly & we are out of the office traveling often. Reporting tools don't always work. Some of the "behind the scenes" settings can be confusing.

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Excellent web-based ticketing & task management software. Amazing live support.

Verified Reviewer  24th of March, 2015

Jeff Wichman, Founder, Owner/Operator at The Mouse Pad, LLC
TeamSupport is perfect for IT help desk organizations looking for a web-based solution to help manage and organize their workflow. We tried several different management platforms and found that TeamSupport was simply the easiest both to get started with, and to customize to our particular needs. Other solutions that we looked at either 1) were easy to get started with but didn't offer much in terms of customization or 2) required that you spend days and days organizing & customizing the mass amount of features that had to be set up. TeamSupport was the perfect medium between the two!

Pros: We were able to import all of our clients into TeamSupport quite easily so that we could then start assigning tickets to existing clients right away. This allows us to go into individual clients and pull down entire ticket histories for that client. This is extremely helpful when you have multiple technicians that often have to provide service for different clients. Also, I must commend TeamSupport on their technical support. They have an amazing team that is there to help you 24/7. When implementing TeamSupport in our organization they were outstanding at answering any questions we had and were able to assist with getting our customer data imported in one smooth upload.

Cons: Although the mobile version of the TeamSupport web app does seem to load well, there are limitations to it. For example, on my Android, I can pull the page up, login, and see all of our tickets, but for some reason I can't open up a ticket to see further details. it would be nice to see an actual mobile app integration. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the developers release this.

The Team Support review

Verified Reviewer  25th of February, 2015

Terrance M. Hale, Terrance
I've been using Team Support now for a few weeks and have found it to be a smooth interaction of customer, product and ticket generation functions. tg

Pros: integration is cool.

Cons: it crashes every so often and I'm forced to restart

Great Product

Verified Reviewer  25th of February, 2015

A verified reviewer
Team Support is an amazing tool for our company. Love the usability and functionality!

Pros: Allows me to answer email, chat with colleagues and open many tickets simultaneously! Best investment to for a company to make their employees job easy like a Sunday morning!

Cons: I have not found any flaws in the product!

Lots of potiential

Verified Reviewer  25th of February, 2015

Linux Administrator ( company, 51-200 employees)
We use Team Support in at my work across five different deployments. It has come in handy when escalating between different departments. Team Support is full featured with customer info and its very own wiki.Our development team uses JIRA, and Team Support syncs right in with JIRA.

Pros: Team Support is easy to use. Syncs to JIRA

Cons: You cannot generate recurring tickets. Ticket flow isn't as clean as I would like

TeamSupport is very Helpful

Verified Reviewer  24th of February, 2015

Qa Analyst ( company, 11-50 employees)
We use TeamSupport daily and love the cohesive workflow that it provides for our team. We are able to access, pass back and forth, and comment on each other's work easily. The features and ease of use are nice. The support is helpful. All around, it's a good product.

Pros: Pros: Ease of use, user friendly, support, access

Cons: Cons: I don't have many cons, the only thing I could say is there are OCCASIONALLY glitches but they seem to get worked out quickly.

Great system for managing customer support tickets to completion

Verified Reviewer  20th of February, 2015

Daniel Lipsy, Associate Product Manager at IDV Solutions
TeamSupport is a strong solution for managing customer support tickets - we have used it over the years to great advantage and have the ability to search our archives for related issues and determine who resolved it and how. It is helpful to have properties on each ticket that can be used for reporting and statistics, as well as managing SLA on open tickets.

Pros: The system is flexible and well able to handle our smaller company and its steady flow of tickets. The ability to manage and interact with customers via email or the Team Support app is handy. It provides a great flexibility in our communication with clients. The search functionality is really nifty and quick. The communication by TeamSupport during any scheduled down time or system slowness or intermittent outage is quick and proactive.

Cons: There is not much to mention here. I have had intermittent minor issues with getting email notifications from a ticket recently, but have not determined if it is an issue in our own corporate email system.

No need to look for another product

Verified Reviewer  20th of February, 2015

Josh Marshall, Helpdesk Manager at Level Data Inc.
We've been using TeamSupport since 2008 and have never had a desire to look for alternatives. In fact I wish many of our other applications worked in a similar manner.

Pros: Feature Rich, but still simple to use. It's ideal for helpdesk, but truly does what the name says: Supports a team. Some of my favorite features are: Custom Fields, API availability, internal and client facing comments can co-exist within tickets.

Cons: I have a hard time coming up with any complaints I have. There have been some times when the service goes down but it's pretty rare and when it does happen, it's clearly a very serious matter to them.

Great Robust Ticketing System

Verified Reviewer  20th of February, 2015

John Smullen, Business Analyst at FIS
Have been using this Ticketing System for years now. Extremely pleased. It's really versatile which is great.


28 Mar 2016
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14 May 2015
A business without customers is like a car without an engine: it’s going nowhere. Serving your customers well is the crux of any business, and your ability to deliver on what you promise your customers is what differentiates you from your competitors. J


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GetApp Analysis

A company's customers are its most valuable asset, which is why customer support plays such a critical role in the growth of businesses today. TeamSupport is a customer support solution that uses a combination of collaboration features and real-time data to understand where pain points are located. As a result, businesses are able to deliver support to customers before they're even aware that it's needed.

Built for B2B software and technology companies, TeamSupport provides customer support by enhancing internal collaboration and breaking down the barriers that can trip up most organizations. TeamSupport's most important features include advanced customer service portals, integrated screen recordings, real-time internal collaboration, built-in reporting tools, and multi-channel support.

What is

A web-based collaborative customer service solution, TeamSupport enables organizations to work together effectively to support their customers' needs. Rather than focusing exclusively on one-on-one customer communications, TeamSupport brings visibility into the picture and encourages full team collaboration to resolve ongoing issues. TeamSupport has developed a powerful user interface that puts all relevant customer data in one place.

Not only can TeamSupport help B2B software and technology companies better know their customers, but the software also improves support team productivity and enables full collaboration to solve issues in real-time. TeamSupport supports a flexible process flow, and the platform itself is designed in a way that is very intuitive and easy to use.

Main Features

Creating a Customer Service Portal

Customer issues or questions can come in at any time, not just between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, when support agents are in the office. With TeamSupport, organizations can create self-service portals where customers can help themselves—or each other—at any time, day or night.

The self-serve customer service portal you create with TeamSupport is easy to drop into your company website, so your customers feel right at home and not be directed to another location. Once integration is complete, customers can submit and check up on their tickets, and they can search the knowledgebase for answers to their own queries. Screen recordings and attached files can also help resolve lingering questions. TeamSupport offers community forums, along with a collaborative wiki feature that means documents never get stale and anyone can update them as needed.

Collaborating Internally with Colleagues

TeamSupport's WaterCooler feature allows for internal conversations between TeamSupport users. To understand this feature better, the company recommends users imagine a Facebook that only their internal staff can access. WaterCooler conversations can be tied to tickets, customers, products or groups. A post being tied to tangible items means the team can easily search and find past discussions about a ticket, customer, product, etc.

The next time you have a question about a particular ticket or customer, post your query to the internal WaterCooler. Your colleagues will be able to see your post, and they can respond back with advice, feedback or support. Agents can "like" each other's comments, which is a useful way to see which comments are the most helpful or provide the most information.

Assigning Tickets to Groups

Groups are an important part of the TeamSupport structure. When tickets are assigned to a group, rather than to an individual, then all members of that group are notified. Organizations can create as many groups as they need, and individual users can belong to multiple groups.

When a ticket is created by a creator who isn't sure which who that ticket should be assigned to, Groups serve as a backup. Instead of guessing, and potentially selecting the wrong individual, the ticket creator can assign the ticket to a Group—usually, something like the Support, Product Development or Quality Assurance team. All members of that group will receive a notification, and any of those members can take ownership of the ticket.

Generating Real-Time Reports

TeamSupport puts real-time business intelligence capabilities at its users' fingertips. With robust built-in reports, users can access detailed metrics to gain deeper customer insights. Powerful reporting capabilities include filtering, report cloning, enhanced sorting and individual viewer functions. Rather than having to pay for a third-party reporting add on to obtain powerful metrics, TeamSupport users get it right out of the box.

To get the most from TeamSupport, you can create detailed reports by summary, chart or graph. Custom dashboard views also let you showcase the information you need.

Consolidating Customer Interactions

TeamSupport enables users to consolidate all customer interactions. Information such as which other issues a customer has been having recently, who else has been contacting the business, and which other products the customer currently owns are all accessible through the TeamSupport system.

Quickly access every request or issue that a customer has made to your support department or help desk. With TeamSupport, you're able to run reports to identify which customers are requiring the most time from your team members. These reports also make it possible to understand customers in a holistic manner. As a result, rather than seeing your customers as a collecting of individual tickets and support requests, you begin to get a more complete picture of what's really going on. TeamSupport integrates with SalesForce, Oracle Fusion, and other CRM systems, which means that data can easily be synced between the systems.

Handling Product Management

It's incredibly important that service, sales, and management teams know which products their customers are using. TeamSupport enables its users to understand not only which products their customers are using, but also which versions they are using. An unlimited number of products and versions can be associated with each individual customer.

Link specific product versions to a customer and a ticket through TeamSupport. Every product within the Products section should be defined by your company's development/product management team, since doing so will allow you to generate reports that are based on the actual products and versions that your customers are using. You'll also be able to see which tickets are associated with which versions of your product.

Tracking Physical Assets

Track physical inventory (assets) that have been shipped to customers through TeamSupport’s Inventory module. TeamSupport has also made it possible to associate assets to tickets, which makes for easier issue tracking.

TeamSupport's inventory section includes room for assigned assets and unassigned assets, which are assets that haven't shipped, but are available in the warehouse. It also includes space for junkyard assets, which are assets that are no longer functioning.


TeamSupport offers advanced native integrations with a number of apps, including Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho, Oracle Fusion, Jira, Beanstalk, Mailchimp, Dropbox and NiceReply. TeamSupport is also on the Zapier platform, which allows customers to connect the various web apps they use day-to-day. Lastly, TeamSupport has a robust REST API for users who need custom workflow functionality between multiple apps.


TeamSupport offers two plans, starting at $30 per user, per month. Free trials are available, as well. Customers can pay monthly by credit card, or they can opt to be invoiced for 6 or 12 months in advance to receive a discount

Bottom Line

  • Collaboration features help multiple departments work together for customers.

  • Help desk solution uses data to better understand customer pain points.

  • Built for B2B software and technology companies of all sizes.

  • Integrated screen recordings allow customers to capture images from their own screens to explain issues.

  • Reporting tools help businesses gain deeper insight into their customers' needs.

FAQs for

Below are some frequently asked questions for

Q. What are the main features of offers the following features:

  • Product & Inventory Tracking
  • Best In Class Reporting, Exporting, Filtering, Sorting
  • Easy to Implement, Flexible and Intuitive
  • Integrated Screen Recordings
  • Completely Customizable
  • CRM Integrations with Salesforce, Highrise & Zoho
  • Software Version & Asset Tracking
  • Full Text Search
  • Email-To-Ticket, Live Chat, Multi-Channel Support
  • Tagging & Ticket Queues
  • Intelligent Ticket Deflection
  • SLA Management
  • Ticket Collision Prevention
  • Easy to Use Mobile Version
  • Advanced Customer Portal, KnowledgeBase, Forums
  • Real-Time Internal Collaboration & Wiki
  • Powerful Rights Management

Q. What type of pricing plans does offer? has the following pricing plans:

Starting from: $40.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Q. Who are the typical users of has the following typical customers:

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business

Q. What languages does support? supports the following languages:


Q. What type of pricing plans does offer? has the following pricing plans:

Free Trial, Subscription

Q. Does support mobile devices? supports the following devices:

Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based

Q. Does offer an API?

Yes, has an API available for use.

Q. What other apps does integrate with? integrates with the following applications:

Mailchimp, Zoho, JIRA Software, Zoho Reports, Highrise,, Dropbox, HubSpot, Oracle CRM On Demand, Salesforce, RingCentral, Facebook, Beanstalk, Customer Thermometer, Zapier

Q. What level of support does offer? offers the following support options:

FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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