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I use the Solve360 CRM over the vast number of competitors for one reason: it sports an easy to read section at the bottom of each customer page summarizing everything you need to know in a heartbeat. In that one box you can see key hyperlinks to pages relevant to that customer, like things you have sent to them in DocuSign, key upcoming tasks, GMails incoming and outgoing, Links to Box or Dropbox, and Xero and/or Freshbooks summaries. The last two are direct integrations which show a box with how much you invoiced for and how much if any is still outstanding. The GMail (and Google Apps For Work) integrations can be completely automated with the simultaneous use of GMail labels. That's all very awesome. What I hate is that they are very rigid about not allowing you to choose how you want to sort customers. I don't profess to be a database expert, but I do have a couple dozen years experience with them and with classification systems in general. Standard practice is to sort by larger groups first, then smaller, so in this case, you'd display "Smith, Ted" not "Ted Smith". The reason is that if you also have a customer named Bob Smith you'd expect to see "Smith, Bob" followed by "Smith, Ted". You wouldn't expect to see Bob high up in the list under the B's and Ted hundreds of people later under the T's, but that's what Solve insists is right and they don't let you fix it. They just suggest you should use their search feature. Yes, that works, but I'm just wanting to see a list without doing an extra step. Anyway, I've tried 5 - 6 other CRMs, some of which solve that problem but just aren't as good as Solve at the basic idea of showing a summary of everything you need to know in one place. Hopefully they will fix this - but new potential users should be aware.

John Brandy
Founder/CEO at Open Mind Generations

Prior to using Core Commissions were using Excel Spreadsheets and a Google Sheets system to track account assignments and bonus payments. The process was very complex; relationships can change over time, someone might manage from Jan - June and someone else has the relationship from July - Dec. And often times the payments for any given month are delayed by 30-45 days. You can imaging the rework to try and ensure that we paid each individual the proper amount. Core Commissions lets us track account responsibilities by date. When we enter sales information into the tool it looks up the Account Executive that was responsible for the relationship on the corresponding date and properly credits the individual. It then presents this information in an easy to use tracker that has advanced filter and display capabilities. We find it as easy to use as XLS, but much more functional. The Core Commissions support team has been fantastic. Our initial launch process was smooth and easy to facilitate. They used screen sharing technology to ensure that I was capable of using the system and spent time to really ensure we comfortable with all the different functional areas. Even more importantly, we have been using this tool for over 3-years now. When I have questions or requests to update things, they have been very responsive and there has been no added charges for the call and support. They have also spent time understanding my requirements as they continue to upgrade the system.

Robb Powell
Principal, Sage Tree – Helping consumer product companies establish and grow their online channel

I first encountered this product when it was barely a brand new company many years ago. At the time I was seeking a comprehensive business management solution for a small tech services business. At that time in history, there was nothing like this on the market at all, and I was enthusiastic about finding it. I tried hard to make it work, but back then, the company was very small and they were literally trying to tackle every possible business need with a very small team. I admit that all those years ago, the product wasn't ready yet for prime time, and I abandoned it for other options. Now, many years later (like 7 or 8 years?) I am starting a new business and once again on the hunt for the optimal toolset for my administrative, sales, project and accounting requirements. I remembered how comprehensive WorkETC was and came back to give them another look. I am now building my entire business process and workflow from CRM-Sales Lead -Conversion to Quote-Conversion to Sale-Project management-Billing-Support around the way this tool works. They have added mobile apps to the mix since my first experience with them and they look very solid so far. Overall, this product is the only toolset of it's kind that is this comprehensive in all facets of running a services and products based business. I strongly believe that it can work for almost any kind of requirements for any type of services. I am a fan and promote the tool to my own clients every chance I get. But there are some pros and cons which I will elaborate on in the following sections of this review.

Emmett "Corky" Kaericher
Founder Partner CEO CTO President at Serious Digital Media, LLC

Veeva is an on-line (SaaS) CRM dedicated for pharmaceutical companies. It is based on Salesforce. So you get most of Salesforce's out-of-the-box capabilities with new fields/forms/workflow. Before choosing this CRM, we looked at the most dynamic tools available on the market, and if possible close to our business. After many tests and analysis of the specifications, we selected Veeva. Working for a Animal Health laboratorie, we had to customize it, as our business is not exactly the same as Human Health. It was a good test to verify how easy to customize Veeva is. As usual, the main thing is to define precisely what you want, but once it's done, Veeva is highly customizable. And quickly. (New) field and/or (new) forms can be on production very quickly (you have a sandbox to play and test), including an high level of security allowing to define what can be done by who, or what is visible or editable, etc. Workflow, specific rules, and triggers are (a bit) more difficult to develop. My advice is to train internally one person as administrator in order to be very reactive when an update (of your needs, sales and marketing teams have so many ideas !) is necessary. About the support, the Veeva support is very good (or I was very lucky) : we got a good local support (France) for the launch, and then the Veeva support (one Veeva guy) was very efficient. But when we moved to a global support, made by one of the "Big 4", it was a nightmare to manage. Where I was disappointed it is about reporting. The reports that you can create are quite limited.

Laurent Barrat
Responsable Analyses chez Novartis Santé Animale

I have been using, or should I say paying, for Contactually for the past year. I was looking for a CRM that would keep my contacts organized and in one place, and one which would help me follow-up with leads and prospects. Initially, Contactually seemed like the CRM for me. I loved the Outlook plug-in and the social intergrations. However, things started to go sideways quickly. Some of my contacts started syncing incorrectly with Facebook contacts--merging completely different people into one. Contacts that I deleted (repeatedly) were re-appearing with outdated info. Support was quick to respond, but they couldn't provide an answer, or a solution. They blamed Facebook and essentially said there was nothing more that they could do. I eventually had to un-link my Facebook account. About three weeks later, they contacted me to say that they had discovered a bug and that it should be fixed. Some time after that, they discontinued integration with Facebook. The next issue I had was the Outlook plug-in started malfunctioning. I would get error messages when sending email. Again, Support was quick to respond, however they couldn't locate the source of the problem. To be honest, I've never explored the marketing aspects of Contactually--the ability to set up automated email programs etc. I think I knew I wouldn't stick with the system long-term so I didn't bother to set anything up. I've been searching for another (cheaper) CRM for the past month.

Jennifer Harris
REALTOR® at Century 21 In Town Realty

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