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Production planning and scheduling solution

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Optessa overview

Optessa is a planning, sequencing, and scheduling solution for the manufacturing industry, offering a suite of products. Optessa MLP offers users tools for master production scheduling and demand and capacity planning; Optessa MLS offers detailed sequencing and scheduling; and Optessa RTS enables users to resequence and reschedule in real time.

Optessa allows users to define their own production constraints, specified in terms of hourly, weekly, or daily bins or buckets, and assign each constraint a weight or priority to be considered by MLS during planning. Users can also select from multiple types of penalty functions to be applied when constraints are violated, and define how these penalties are applied.

Optessa supports flexible definition of line capacity, allowing it to be expressed as either ‘available time by shift patterns’ or ‘slots per hour/day/week/shift’, or as a combination of both. Users can also select different capacities for individual time bins, to accommodate changes in line capacity, such as 400 units in the current week, and 7000 in the next.

Optessa allows users to view and change the sequence of lots or orders, and swapping the positions of orders automatically updates the penalty costs associated with the sequence. Violations can be identified through visualization charts, and users can drill down to view that part of the sequence. Multiple ‘what if’ scenarios and simulations can also be run and compared as part of the planning process, and stored until plans are finalized.


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Optessa screenshot: Optessa gives users a graphical overview of production sequencesOptessaOptessa screenshot: Multiple chart types are available in OptessaOptessa screenshot: Optessa allows users to set penalties for constraint violationsOptessa screenshot: Users can manipulate production sequences directly through graphical interfaces in Optessa

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Mehran Falaki

Highly recommended

Reviewed 2017-02-23
Review Source: Capterra

I have been involved in customization and implementation of this versatile and powerful scheduling software,which can handle multiple constraints

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Optessa features

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Additional information for Optessa

Key features of Optessa

  • Multi-line
  • Multi-bin
  • Optimization engine
  • User-defined constraints
  • Multiple penalty formats
  • Multiple line capacity formats
  • Parametric report generation
  • Re-evaluation and manual adjustments
  • Native replanning and rescheduling support
  • Maintains bias during replanning
  • Demand-capacity matching
  • Order planning
  • Order sequencing
  • What-if scenarios/simulations
  • Upstream and related event tracking
  • Multi-plant
  • Capacity planning
  • Real-time rescheduling and sequencing
  • Constraint prioritization
  • Optimal routing decisions
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Users can define their own constraints, in terms of hourly, weekly, or daily bins/buckets, and constraints can be assigned a weight or priority to be taken into account when planning.

Optessa supports multiple penalty functions types for use in the event that a constraint is violated, with users able to select how penalties are applied.

Flexible definition allows line capacity to be expressed in terms of ‘slots per hour/day/week/shift’, ‘available time by shift patterns’, or both in combination, with users able to select different capacities for individual hours/days/weeks to accommodate changes in line capacity.

Users can view and alter the sequence of orders or lots, with the system immediately reporting new penalty costs, and the ability to drill down on any violations.

Multiple ‘what if’ scenarios and simulations can be run, stored, and compared as part of the planning process.