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Cloud-based maintenance management for SMBs

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SS-CMMS overview

SS-CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system for small to medium-sized maintenance organizations. The cloud-based solution aims to reduce or eliminate paperwork entirely by offering a comprehensive set of features for planning, records, reporting, inventory, and budgeting. Users can efficiently look up work orders, track parts, and get notifications for planned maintenance, or parts that are running low.

Users using SS-CMMS can schedule PMs on the calendar by time, meter or manually, and set up email notifications for upcoming events. Work orders can be generated directly from the clickable calendar or via email. Users can import and export .CSV files into and out of the system, and store important documents securely in the cloud. Maintenance organizations can track and monetize part usage, and get notifications when stock is low.

SS-CMMS provides organizations with fully customizable reporting that enables report generation for work orders, PMs, parts, equipment, and locations. The configurable dashboard displays the total number of work orders, and users can drill down by individual types, priorities, or equipment. Organizations can keep an eye on budgeting by monitoring the dashboard’s pie chart, and clicking for details. SS-CMMS also enables users to create and print invoices directly from work orders.


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SS-CMMS screenshot: Create, edit and complete work ordersSS-CMMS Demonstration VideoSS-CMMS screenshot: View the complete list of work ordersSS-CMMS screenshot: Choose equipment from a drop-down menuSS-CMMS screenshot: Search open, closed, canx, or completed work ordersSS-CMMS screenshot: Create and edit PMs (planned maintenance)SS-CMMS screenshot: View PMs in the calendarSS-CMMS screenshot: Instantly create work orders from PMsSS-CMMS screenshot: PMs can be generated automatically on scheduleSS-CMMS screenshot: Upload equipment .CSV filesSS-CMMS screenshot: Check parts stockSS-CMMS screenshot: Edit parts information and get alerts when low

SS-CMMS reviews

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Gary Bergeron

Companies Large and Small Find Value

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

I was recently hired by a small manufacture in Fort Myers Fl after relocating from Northeast Ohio. Back in the Cleveland area I was maintenance director for a mid size, 100 + employees and primarily responsible for the implementation of their first modern CMMS program. The initial investigation was an extensive undertaking with myself taking the lead for a team collaboration. Many hours were spent on trying to identify the features we needed that would fit our target dollar investment. Eventually we narrowed the field to the "Fab Five" ranging in price from $2500 to well over $10,000 for the base modules. I only tell you this as a comparison to the SS-CMMS program. Most of the features I had wanted for the larger company can be found within this software at a tremendous value for any size company. We only have a handful of machines and nothing is so sophisticated as to warrant spending thousands of dollars to track basic maintenance. Working with a very limited budget, I was amazed to discover the SS-CMMS program that has all the necessary components that was truly affordable for Mom and Pop to the Major Players in the manufacturing field. This software, like many others, will allow you to take control of the daily operations within your facility but at a fraction of the cost. 1. Work orders generated manually or setup to reoccur at intervals you setup. 2. Preventive maintenance schedules that can remind you ahead of time so you can coordinate with individual departments to keep downtime to minimum. 3. Parts tracking that will deduct your on hand inventory as the parts are used for repairs. 4. Critical spare parts reminders when stock reaches a re-order level that you set 5. Quick visual analysis of where your time is being spent. Scheduled, Reactive, Preventative There are too many features to list so my advise is to give it a shot. The only thing you have to lose is the time it takes to download the fully functional demo.Packed with features found in programs that would otherwise not be affordable for small businesses

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Voltaire Angeles

SS-CMMS More than meets the eye

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

I was tasked by my company to improve our services department since the industry is becoming more keen on outsourcing maintenance of their equipment, I had the idea to implement the use of a Maintenance Management Software so I search the WEB for something that generally meets the requirements of a company transitioning from manual tracking to a computerized system and guess what I came across SS-CMMS at first I was reluctant why because it literally met the general requirements I've set Simple,Web Based and of course the "COST" to acquire, now during the trial I made activity ,dispatch simulations that I will need to interface the system with our business which is primarily Repair and Maintenance of clients equipment's and the result is simple SS-CMMS is a system that gives you everything you "NEED" to manage R & M it does not give you the "WANT" now considering we wanted to improve our service infrastructure at the least possible cost then this was the system we needed, the main thing to keep in mind is when I presented the system to the management and our clients was we were there to provide their "NEEDS" not their "WANTS" and explained if they "WANT" more than what they "NEED" the maintenance cost would go up because of some features that is rarely gonna be used and just because they "WANT" it , so that's it use the system as it is and what it was meant to do just keep in mind the value for your money and last but not the least I understand that this is on it's Start Up stage but I wanted the say thanks to Rob for developing this management system and continue improving so that the day will come when it would be the most preferred system in the market. It's simplicity which addresses the basic needs of maintaining equipment's and since it's Web based the idea of getting the needed information on the repairs made and the needed parts in real time is one of it's best features.

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Christopher Earnhart

What a relief!

Reviewed 2016-10-05
Review Source: Capterra

I am new to Facilities Management and actually only stepped into this role because the previous guy was on medical leave. After spending almost a year spinning wheels and figuring out where everything is, I decided I just HAD to computerize a work order system to keep track of things. Preventative Maintenance was being forgotten because of some other fire that had to be put out and there was no definitive list of what was being worked on and what stage it was at. I researched options and found systems that people swear by, but just weren't economically feasible for our church's budget. There were free systems available too, but what I was finding either A) didn't work out of the box, and there was no support - or B) MIGHT work, if I had a spare web-server laying around, time to learn Linux and how to program everything into the web-page, an MX record to point emails to, a domain-name to tie it all together, and a DMZ on the firewall that I could hang it off of. Then I saw a mention about a well-written solution that's not that well known: SS-CMMS. Checking out the website, I saw that it would accept email entries as well as prioritize work loads. It also has some inventory capabilities and ...AND... IT CAN HELP KEEP TRACK OF PM's!!!! Using the trial period, I set up reminders for checking mouse traps, certifying Fire Extinguishers, changing HVAC filters, even "burping" the maintenance valves on the fire suppression systems. I was expecting a kludgy, eccentric system that was going to require extensive knowledge of anacronyms and terminology I didn't know. What I got was a ready-to-use system that didn't require late-night studying and a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I could use it right away to start helping me keep track of my work...even in the trial stage. But BY FAR, the best thing about this system I've found has been the tech support. Even during my trial period, I was getting answers to questions and even help with problems WITHIN AN HOUR of submitting a request for help. I can't even give a response that fast most times. I know, as things progressively get larger, I may not always get that fast of a response. But I have been wowed! Not only speedy, but the help was actually helpful! What a rarity in computer support. We bought lifetime license because of it. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

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Ron Rice

Essential to my shops maintenance program

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-14
Review Source: Capterra

Has been Great! After using another system at previous company, this software has so many more useful features and easy to navigate. Set up on new equipment, in the system, is also very easy with this software. Has done a great job at helping reduce machine brake down as well as keeping me organized.This program generates my Preventive maintenance task on what ever frequency I need and set for the machines . This has greatly helped keep Machines properly maintained and resulted in less frequent machine down time. Also like having the ability to keep inventory of my commonly used Parts. The software also warns you when inventory is low for that part.

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Patrick Laws

A convenient CMMS program with all the features you NEED without the complexities of all the others.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-15
Review Source: Capterra

Hands down the best CMMS software we tested. Over a 10 month period, we tested over a dozen of the most popular packages out there and this was the absolute best for us!The program provides everything we need and more without all the fluff the others offer. We demo'ed many other systems over a course of 10 months before committing to SS-CMMS and we couldn't be more satisfied with our decision. We have been using SS-CMMS for over two years now and we continue to find areas that it's able to assist in....beyond simple machine and facility maintenance. We have now included our entire gage calibration program into the software....and now we can be certain we will never have an out of calibration situation within our organization.

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SS-CMMS pricing

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1 Month of Service: $7.00

1 Year of Service: $64.99

Lifetime: $649.95

SS-CMMS features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Customizable Reporting
Document Storage
Inventory Tracking
Invoice Management

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Audit Trail (172 other apps)
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Third Party Integration (220 other apps)
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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for SS-CMMS

Key features of SS-CMMS

  • Asset tracking
  • Planning calendar
  • Scheduling
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Technician management
  • Service history tracking
  • Calibration management
  • Planning calendar
  • Dispatch management
  • Records
  • Inventory
  • Budgeting
  • Track parts
  • File storage / linking
  • Email work order notifications
  • Create work order via email
  • Import and export .CSV files
  • Invoice creation
  • Configurable activity dashboard
  • File manager / cloud storage
  • Fully configurable reporting
  • Create reports for WO's, PM's, parts, equipment, or location
  • Track and monitize part usage
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Users can print any work order as an invoice, as well as create reports for WOs, PMs, parts, equipment, or locations.

SS-CMMS provides a customizable dashboard with three configurable windows that are able to display different types of WOs at a time.

With SS-CMMS, users can generate work orders by email, and set up automatic email notifications.

The solution notifies users when parts are running low, helping organizations track and monetize part usage and inventory.

All reports are fully configurable, allowing users to select only the data they need, and have it presented in the way that best fits their preferences.