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Akita overview

What is Akita?

Akita is a cloud-based tool for customer success managers which identifies at-risk customers and provides information on billing and product usage, enabling users to reduce churn, nurture customer relationships, and drive upsells.

Akita allows users to customize automated alerts for important customer interactions, including overdue invoices, open support tickets, customer ratings, last contact outside of a specified time period, and more. The accounts and contacts dashboard shows users all contact with details on their segment, lifecycle stage, account health score, number of notifications and alerts, and actions to be taken. Users can view lists of people or organizations who have been identified as churn risks by Akita, customers with open tickets, upsell opportunities, upcoming renewals, and more. Contacts and accounts can be filtered using various criteria, such as their health score, lifecycle stage, and segment. The dashboard also gives users an overview of the total monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer lifetime value (LTV), average health scores, daily tickets, and other metrics, with color-coded details of percentage change.

Akita offers a Google Chrome extension which automatically builds full customer histories for every email, enabling users to view a customer’s history instantly, without needing to leave their inbox. Native integrations with a range of cloud applications covering accounting, billing & invoicing, eCommerce, payment processing, CRM, customer support and help desk, email marketing, event management, lead generation, marketing automation, customer satisfaction, project management, telephony, time tracking, and more enable users to connect the tools they already use to their Akita account.


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Akita screenshot: Akita is a full-featured Customer Success Management platform designed to help you nurture, retain and grow your customer base.Akita | Powerful Customer Success SoftwareAkita screenshotAkita screenshot: With Akita, you can visualize and track the progress of your customers through custom-defined lifecycle stages.Akita screenshot: Akita's CSM Inbox makes it easy for you to see what's most important and support your customers proactively.Akita screenshot: Akita's customizable dashboards give your CSMs a high-level view of the health of their accounts. Build multiple dashboards and share them with your teammates.Akita screenshot: Akita connects with the software your business already uses and our Slack assistant will keep the entire organization informed of your Customer Success efforts.

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Key features of Akita

  • Customizable alerts
  • Metric definition
  • Progress tracking
  • Customer histories
  • At-risk customer identification
  • Account health measurement
  • Churn risk identification
  • Upsell target identification
  • High valued customer lists
  • Customer support ticket statuses
  • Segmentation
  • Filtering
  • ROI analysis
  • Cost data import automation
  • Connect with the leading cloud accounting tools
  • RESTful API Available
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Gain insight into account health and identify at-risk customers with Akita's advanced health scoring system.

Receive alerts for important customer interactions, shifts in behavior, changes in health scores, upsell opportunities, and more.

Get a deeper understanding of your customers and target them more effectively with Akita's powerful segmentation engine.

Access a full customer history in Akita without needing to switch between your various business tools.

Categorize customers by value, persona, behavior and more, with Akita's tagging functionality.

Build repeatable processes with Akita's Playbooks–comprised of all the important tasks your CSMs should complete to ensure the best outcome for each customer.

Take action when an account progresses along the customer journey or declines in health with automatically triggered Playbooks.

Develop a streamlined workflow for your CSMs with personalized dashboards, an "inbox" of prioritized tasks, and a calendar view for ease of planning.

Keep the whole team on track to delivering success with advanced admin reporting.

Encourage Customer Success initiatives across your organization with Slack notifications and a 2-way CRM sync.