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Becoming a better writer

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Twords overview

It's a place to track how much you write with fancy graphs to show it off. Includes a handy calculators for counting your words and figuring out what your goals should be.

You will get reports on your habits. Twords is a way to let your friends know what your goals are and a system to help them keep you accountable.

You'll have access to a habit formation tool that is built to help you write things you're proud of!

Who uses Twords?

Aspiring Authors
The length of a standard novel or non-fiction publication is 60,000 words—aspiring authors use Twords to chip away at a major work.

Essays and papers are due every week, so students use Twords to pace themselves and prevent procrastinating on their projects.

Regular updates are critical in the blogging world. Twords helps bloggers commit to writing consistently and maintaining a healthy blog.


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Twords features


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Additional information for Twords

Key features of Twords

  • Track Writing
  • Track Editing
  • 30 day word count view
  • Accountability buddy notifications
  • Stats to spot patterns
  • Track your excuses
  • Create a habit environment
  • Prompt Library
  • Read articles
  • Timed Writing
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- Missing Days
Missed visiting the site for some reason? Don't worry, you can enter in data after a date has passed.

- Get In Your Head
Keep track of your excuses, commit to creating a habit environment, and lower psychological barriers to writing consistently.

- Accountability
Ask others to be your accountability buddies and get notified when you don't write for a while. Do good deeds by becoming an accountability buddy yourself.