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Skubana overview

Skubana was developed by sellers for sellers, as an all-in-one cloud solution to manage your entire e-commerce business. Skubana software is always evolving based on customer feedback and requests. Skubana provides a hub of tools for most aspects of an e-commerce business.

With one-click integrations with all of your sales channels and shipping carriers including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon (all international properties and FBA), eBay, Newegg, Sears, Rakuten, USPS, UPS, DHL e-Commerce, UPS Mail Innovations, Fedex, Express1 and more, Skubana is revolutionizing multi-channel fulfillment by easing the process of coordinating your warehouses, dropshipper vendors, and 3PL warehouses.

Skubana combines most of your E-commerce software into one, centralized cloud platform. Skubana is accessible off of your web browser from any device, and provides real-time reflected information including orders, inventory, and analytics.

Skubana can help automate your eCommerce business allowing you to reserve resources for other parts of your business.


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Skubana screenshot: Skubana Dashboard with quick need-to-know information on your inventory stock, top selling items and overall value.Skubana screenshot: Skubana Inventory Organized by SKU to track stock at multiple facilities, estimate stockout dates and more!Skubana screenshot: Skubana Product View by SKU to track year over year performance, current sales channels, recent orders and more.Skubana screenshot: Skubana SKU Profitability to help you better market your productsSkubana screenshot: Easily view your top sellersSkubana screenshot: One-click integration with these marketplaces and many more...Skubana screenshot: Skubana-Customer-Lifetime-ValueSkubana screenshot: Skubana-Inventory-Value

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Omni Channel made easier and better visibility into marketplace profitability

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-10-14
Review Source: GetApp

1. Ties all marketplaces and websites under one roof! Enough said. 2. Allows you to see profitability and sales in various forms including: per sku, by marketplace, top grossing items, overall profitability, desired dates. All of this allows a business to make better decisions on which products are winners and losers. And it enhances your ability to know which products are doing better on the different marketplaces. 3. View inventory levels at all your warehouses as well as customizing how you see the inventory. 4. Auto generated PO's based on historical sales. This feature takes the guess work out of knowing which items need to be in-stock especially if you are selling through FBA. You can configure this feature in various ways to allow customization based on your inventory and PO needs. 5. Open API - This is important if you are a more advanced seller and need to integrate Skubana into other apps or platforms. 6. The support team at Skubana has been wonderful to work with and very responsive. They do a much better job that other software companies. Support is included with your package. You can email or talk with a live person in the U.S! And you are never rushed or pressured to get off the phone. 7. They are focused on building features that help you sell more. And in the 2 years we have been using the Skubana software it has gotten better with the new features they have released.

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Eric Hines

Exactly What We Needed - Switched from a Competitor and Have Never Looked Back. Great Software!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-05-18
Review Source: Capterra

What I like about Skubana is that it seems to be designed by an actual business owner instead of some programmers who think they understand what business people need to run a business. While just about any program out there can help with connecting the various channels (ie: Amazon, eBay, Newegg, BigCommerce, etc) Skubana shines in that it also tracks Analytics to make business decisions necessary to grow and optimize your business. We started with Jazva, which promised a lot, but failed to deliver on so many counts (and customer service was absolutely terrible) and so my expectations when checking out Skubana was actually quite low. However, I've been pleasantly surprised and actually excited at the level of customer service you receive. You have a dedicated account manager as well as chat support (instead of the ol' bait and switch technique where you get a great account manager and then Tier 4 Help after a month). Our account manager has been there since day one and answers emails within hours, which is fantastic. Especially when you're learning. In addition, their programmer, represetative was fantastic and helped load a ton of data into the system to help with our metrics (another thing the competition couldn't do) and was pleasant to work with as well. Finally, what I like about Skubana is their partnerships in the industry. The representative gone above and beyond to connect us with partners to further cater to our unique business needs. NET: We love Skubana!

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Great capabilities if willing to pay big bucks

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-11-30
Review Source: Capterra

After five months we decided that Skubana has a lot to offer its end user, but it was not a good fit for us as a pure Amazon FBA seller. PO's were auto-generated; however, we had to review each one to ensure it was profitable and a proper order to place at the time (projections were off even after 90 days of data collection). Furthermore, we had a very poor experience communicating with the the support team. It seems we had an account coordinator, who was always available and very helpful, but beyond that - the entire organization felt like a sales team. When it came time to communicate, they were mum and quite difficult to get a hold of. Business development is key to small business (we understand that as a small business) but client relations is even more important. "Disappointed" is the understatement of the year for us in describing our experience.The automated PO generator is a great feature if ... You do not have competitors selling the same product, which could impact your velocity/profitability. We also saw issues with the forecasting projections. Not a couple units, but hundreds of units off.

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paul lehecka

Quit shopping and sign up now!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-10-26
Review Source: Capterra

Skubana has people you can actually talk to, they know their business and understand yours. If you're looking for a selling platform then look no further. I've been in contact and used many. Channel Advisor: I never signed up with CA since tier pricing is a joke which is always to their advantage and you still need to hire many additional companies to actually make all the gears turn. Sku Vault: I was with this company for 4-6 months and by far the absolute WORST out of all of them, 3k+ start up fees to launch on a platform that never worked. Overselling often and only way to contact them to resolve was to "submit a ticket" to an email system that had "bugs"(I have e-mails to prove this) I was forced to leave Sku Vault and go back to Stitch labs. And of course, you can't get the start up fees back. Stitch labs: My second favorite (behind Skubana) and actually a good company. I was with for a few years and they were good but still they're missing tools I needed which skubana has. Seller Cloud: paid the fees+ start up and never went live so it was a loss. I was sold on many tools they said they had and the further I dug (after start up fees paid) I realized they were not a fit.

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Kyle Jollymore

Requirement if you know how important automation is nowadays.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-10-09
Review Source: Capterra

I started with Skubana almost a year ago. I had no Idea what I was doing. Orders were getting out of control so I know I needed to do something quickly. I researched them all, tried Skuvault, brightpearl, stitch labs, Fishbowl, Unleashed and many more. They all did some things okay but lacked some major features we needed. Skubana had them all; most notably automatic PO, Order filters (you can automate pretty much anything with these),All the analytics you could ever need, even broken down to a order level. - plus some I did not know we needed until we started using it; then looking bad I don't how we even managed without them- like audit controls and automatically routing orders to different warehouses. Skubana truly feels like it was built for the modern day eCommerce business. It's the only program I have found that you can tell was built by sellers for sellers. Some of the others feel like they were built 20 years ago and is only supported by a technical team that have no selling experience on modern day marketplaces. All in All - If you are serious about growing your eCommerce business then you should give it a try, you won't regret it. Ease of use Automation Amazing customer service Automatic PO Audit Controls All shipping carriers Connects seamlessly to WMS software + every other program you need Unlimited listing SKUS per marketplace Easy to migrate and get started FTP to connect directly to your supplier Complete dropship automation

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Skubana pricing

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Free Trial: 14 Day Free Trial
Subscription: Custom pricing tailored specifically for you

Skubana features

Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

Activity Dashboard (297 other apps)
Activity Tracking (180 other apps)
Audit Trail (165 other apps)
Auditing (245 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (297 other apps)
Compliance Management (189 other apps)
Custom Fields (173 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (233 other apps)
Data Import/Export (234 other apps)
Document Storage (179 other apps)
Invoice Management (178 other apps)
Monitoring (178 other apps)
Real Time Data (207 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (211 other apps)

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#17 in Inventory Management

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GetApp Analysis

As retail eCommerce sales continue to climb, the number of fragmented tools and third-party apps aimed at sellers within this industry has skyrocketed. Skubana is an all-in-one solution that centralizes, simplifies, and streamlines eCommerce management for sellers. The web-based platform enables sellers of all sizes to scale their businesses across multiple marketplaces.

Developed by sellers for sellers, Skubana is an all-in-one solution that provides a hub of tools that can be used to run a thriving eCommerce business, from fulfillment to inventory, purchasing, and even real-time analytics. The cloud-based application offers automated purchasing orders, advanced multi-channel shipping capabilities, and one-click integrations to multiple providers and sales channels.

Skubana has one-click integration with the following — Shopping Carts: BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento; Marketplaces: Amazon (US, CA, DE, UK & FBA), eBay, Sears, Newegg, and Rakuten; Shipping: Endicia, UPS, and Fedex.

What is Skubana?

Skubana combines and centralizes the tools that eCommerce sellers need to do business in today’s competitive marketplace. With advanced features that are cloud-based and accessible on any device, Skubana provides sellers with real-time data on all orders, inventory, and analytics.

Sellers can scale their businesses, regardless of how many channels they sell on or how many warehouses they utilize. Skubana syncs and pushes inventory to all of the marketplaces a seller uses, including Amazon, eBay, Sears, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Amazon FBA, without worrying about decreasing their own inventory accuracy.

Automation is an especially important component with Skubana, as it prevents mistakes (like oversells) and accelerates sales. The more sellers automate their systems using a tool like Skubana, the more time they free up for handling other business tasks, like marketing or employee management. Skubana’s automation capabilities eliminate manual entry for sellers, with timely recommendations and actions.

Who is Skubana for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, large businesses
  • Departments/roles: Every department
  • Budget/point: Usage-based pricing

Main features

Managing Inventory

Skubana helps sellers scale their growing eCommerce businesses, with flexible tools for handling multi-channel, multi-warehouse inventory. Sellers can sync and push their products to all marketplaces and shopping carts in real time whenever sales take place, which allows them to achieve more accurate inventory across all sales channels.

Link your connected channels to Skubana, and the platform will handle most of the heavy lifting when it comes to inventory management. You’ll be able to see your stock levels from your dashboard page, and you can optimize your store by routing orders to warehouses based on which facilities have the lowest costs and the highest efficiencies.

Automated Purchase Orders

When sellers work with multiple vendors and warehousing facilities, it’s easy for oversights to happen. Skubana ensures that oversights, like oversells, don’t happen with a prioritized purchasing process that’s based on unit price, lead-time, and defect rate. Sellers can approve multiple purchase orders with a single click, tracking those P.O.s throughout the procurement process.

To simplify and speed up your purchasing process, use Skubana’s automatically-generated purchase orders. The platform analyzes your sales and inventory data to determine optimal re-order quantities, and it tracks your P.O.s throughout the procurement process. Vendors can then update and communicate with you using Skubana’s Vendor Portal.

One-Click Integrations

One-click integrations enable sellers to work smarter and sell more across multiple shipping providers and sales channels, including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Sears, Newegg, and Rakuten.

Add each of the sales channels that you sell through using the Sales Channels module within Skubana. For each channel, you will want to include basic information (like the store name that should appear on shipping labels and packing slips) as well as things like custom order statuses. Integrating with all major marketplaces can be done in minutes.

Skubana has one-click integration with the following: Shopping Carts: BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento Marketplaces: Amazon (US, CA, DE, UK & FBA), eBay, Sears, Newegg, Rakuten Shipping: Endicia, UPS, Fedex

Fulfillment Tools

With so many ways to sell, it’s no wonder the fulfillment process has become fragmented within the online sales community. Skubana is looking to centralize order fulfillment, regardless of whether a seller is using dropshipping, fulfillment by Amazon, or his or her own warehousing facility.

Once you’ve connected Skubana to your marketplaces and shopping carts, you can start importing/exporting orders with custom formats and downloading your orders in real time. Skubana has tools for printing shipping labels and drop shipping orders to vendors. It also allows you to set shipping default presets as a way to save time.


Being an all-in-one solution for eCommerce sellers, Skubana doesn’t need to integrate with many third-party sales tools. However, the platform does integrate with solutions like Quickbooks and Xero, in the fourth quarter, for accounting.


Skubana offers usage-based pricing, which means sellers only pay for what they use, when they use it. The more transactions a seller does, the less Skubana charges per transaction. Minimum pricing is $250 per month.

Skubana does not charge sellers a percentage of their revenue. Sellers can also rest assured that there are no setup fees, implementation fees, contracts, or commitments when they use Skubana.

Bottom line

  • All-in-one cloud solution for running eCommerce businesses
  • Handles the smallest customers to the largest customers
  • Automation rules put business operations on autopilot
  • One-click integrations with many sales channels and shipping carriers
  • Reduces repetitive tasks with actions built on if/then logic

Additional information for Skubana

Key features of Skubana

  • Order management
  • Inventory control
  • Shipping labels
  • Shipping management
  • Real-time analytics
  • Inventory optimization
  • Inventory tracking
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order processing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Accounting integration
  • Cost analysis
  • Multi-channel allocation
  • SKU Profitability
  • Automated PO
  • 3PL Integration
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Channel analytics
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase order management
  • Barcoding
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Have one cloud-based, enterprise-grade operations system to run your entire eCommerce business after the checkout.

Print shipping labels directly, designate warehouses and dropshippers, Multi-channel fulfill orders with Amazon, or route orders to your 3PL from a single interface.

Cross-channel inventory allocation, forecasting, set product reorder thresholds and prevent overselling and stockouts with Skubana's multi-marketplace inventory management.

Improve revenue generation, expense control, and operational efficiency with real-time insights from Skubana's analytics.

See SKU level profitability across every channel with 1-click integrations into the accounting software you use today.

One-click integrations to all channels & shipping carriers: Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Amazon, Amazon FBA, USPS, Fedex, UPS & more.