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What is kissIQ?

Tasks, Projects, Expenses, and Time-Tracking Made Simple

Instantly track tasks, expenses, and time for all of your projects with one easy-to-use app. KissIQ gives you a complete snapshot of project scope, progress, time-spent, and expenses from anywhere on any device.

KissIQ combines the the power of the spreadsheet with the beauty of a fluid and responsive visual bulletin board. KissIQ helps you stay on top of your project's progress, capital cost, and most importantly, operating cost. KissIQ is simple: create a new project, add tasks and instantly track time-spent and cost against individual tasks. KissIQ automatically generates a dashboard with your project snapshot, total capital cost, time-spent, and burn rate

No one likes complicated project management software. Stop using cumbersome tools to manage your projects and experience a fresh new way to manage tasks, teams, and projects all with one easy-to-use system. Powerful collaboration lets you easily invite your team on projects to get more done in less time. KissIQ instantly eliminates administrative burden so your team can focus on the important stuff.


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kissIQ screenshot: - Instant insight into your projects, expenses, tasks, and time.kissIQ screenshot: - The #1 cloud-based task manager.kissIQ screenshot: - Eliminate administrative burden and streamline your projectskissIQ screenshot: - Complete project intelligence in real-timekissIQ screenshot: - The biz app you'll actually love using!

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Additional information for kissIQ

Key features of kissIQ

  • Encourages users to organize, discuss, improve, and evaluate insights or alternative thinking
  • Plan and coordinate all the resources, costs and time needed to execute assignments
  • Arrange activities and tasks based on their relative importance
  • Define project scope/deliverables, timeline, and resources/budget, along with outlining critical path, dependencies, and constraints
  • Monitor task progress and planned accomplishments to better manage project status
  • Measurement and reporting of task milestones
  • Detailed log and record of costs
  • Log and record hours worked and costs spent to assist in billing and invoicing
  • A running list of action items and their respective status
  • Ability to work collectively on a project while communicating and sharing information within the system in real time
  • Reports/dashboards that provide a visual way for managers to understand the status of a task/project, costs, or other key information
  • Level of completion within a task
  • Efficient and effective use of an organization's human capital
  • Forecast, plan, log, report and analyze project spending
  • Monitor the position or progress of tasks or projects from start to finish
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❤ KissIQ lets you instantly see all your projects in a glance.

❤ Track your business's tasks, time, and expenses with just one easy-to-use tool.

❤ Never calculate your burn rate again: KissIQ provides a snapshot of capital cost and operating expense automatically.

❤ Finally, a beautiful project management software that's actually easy to use.

❤ Powerful filters and sorting help you slice and dice your progress with ease.

❤ Invite your team in one click and instantly collaborate in real-time.