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80-20 based Portfolio & Priority Management

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ManagePro overview

What is ManagePro?

Who: ManagePro is designed for directors, managers and executives at mid-sized organizations and individual departments in large organizations who want to apply the benefits of the 80-20 principle to their work life. People who spend more time “managing” people then projects or tasks; e.g. product and program managers, vps and c-level officers and their direct reports. It's designed to give you and your team in one solution, a place to manage the top 20% of your tasks with better focus and organization, more accountability, and easier task & project tracking.

What: ManagePro allows users to easily apply 80-20 principles to the management of projects, and the coordination and priority setting across their teams and direct reports. Typically 80% of what crosses our desks on a given day only generates 20% of the needed value to be created. ManagePro provides you with the tools to manage the top 20% of your opportunities and projects, the 20% that ultimately generates 80% of your results.

ManagePro provides a unique set of project management tools that enable you through focused coordination and priority setting/alignment to manage the top 20% differently and more successfully. Think of it as the ultimate 80-20 people and project management tool for people who get their work done primarily through the efforts of others.

ManagePro combines all the tools needed to help you coordinate and focus people, as well as manage projects and product life cycles. Whether it's tracking what's delegated, the status of project or your strategic plan, with the goal of improving results and performance by integrating project management tools with what we know from human performance studies on goal and priority setting, visibility and ownership, and the importance of metrics or dashboards to measure results.

You’ll find ManagePro capturing any work process and displaying in an Outline, Gantt chart or Mind map format. It captures status updates in both text and metrics, as well as notifying you when projects are missing updates and by whom.

You’ll find the ability to email any tasks or update out, but more importantly drag and drop Outlook email and the contents and documents embedded right into the program as progress updates and/or action items.

Finally you’ll find that ManagePro supports multiple configurations, such that you can give each team, each business challenge its own view, complete with just the fields and columns needed.

ManagePro adapts to whatever templates you wish to create, as well as built in priority score-carding process that has demonstrated a 12% improvement in productivity on priority 1 tasks in less than 10 weeks.

ManagePro is available as a desktop and cloud application.


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ManagePro user reviews

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David P.

Unique application platform that continues to mature with each release

Reviewed 2015-03-08
Review Source: GetApp

I have been an avid practitioner of ManagePro over the last ten years. My initial reason to use ManagePro was based on the more than sufficient program management functionality associated with ManagePro that also catered for any incarnation of project governance frameworks as such positioning firmly positioning as a PM agonistic solution to all those engaged in project, program and portfolio management. As a result of ongoing use of ManagePro in addition to the foresight of Performance Solutions' own vision for the application, ManagePro continued (to this day) to evolve with a far more business and enterprise focus on the key success criteria of any business. Thus ManagePro has, and continues to retain, a firm focus on the essential KPI's of any business, of which PM remains a part. In short, ManagePro is an unique application platform that continues to mature with each release of the product, due to a combination of customer feedback and, especially, the unique perspective of the custodians of ManagePro who are especially driven by providing the market with a compelling solution to immediately assessing the status of any business initiative.

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Jeff F.

ManagePro is awesome, Support staff even better!!

Reviewed 2015-03-12
Review Source: GetApp

As a long time 'organizer' by position, I have searched long and hard for a multi-tasking, event-planning, to-do organizing program that allows me to customize it to my personal preferences. I have been through a bunch of them (I won't name them here) but I go back to the '80's with these kinds of PIMs and this one has put them all to shame. I specifically started looking for an updated program that would allow me customize my team and projects in October. I downloaded roughly 5 different programs that had been recommended or suggested to me until I stumbled upon ManagePro. Upon researching it's capabilities I decided to give it a shot and I haven't looked back since. From the moment I started my free trial, I received unbelievable support. Walking me through the characteristics of the program, getting a sense of 'best practices' and finding their availability to assist completely accommodating.

Highly powerful, very customizable program with awesome sales support!! In fact one of their support team who I had been dealing with, went so far as to respond to me from her vacation in Hawaii!! Seriously, above and beyond helpfulness. Great program allowing for multiple views, of various projects, agendas, calendars, to-do's etc. I highly recommend this program and support team.

A little pricey, but very powerful and the initial cost is greatly reduced after year 1. The 'Help' and Manual are VERY confusing due to the incredible amount of options available with the program. That being said, the sales support team is incredible and available to the point that I've never really worried about the Manual's complexity. I highly recommend this product for all management types (with reporting responsibilities), project managers, organizational needs, personal organization, calendering, task management, etc.

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Mark W.

Great Software Once Installed and Configured

Reviewed 2015-09-04
Review Source: Capterra

Difficult to install and get working.

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Ease of use
Customer support

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David P.

I have been a user of ManagePro for 18 years

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-17
Review Source: Capterra

ManagePro provides a powerful suite of features to assist professional consultants and project managers to achieve their outcomes regardless of whether their client is an SME or large corporate enterprise. The product provides a one stop suite of customisable interfaces to identify and track strategic and/or program issues, monitor performance and assess/report on areas that need prioritisation and follow-up, whilst also including the most essential tools used for program and portfolio management such as gantt chart interface, what's due, by whom and by when.

Possibly the key aspect of getting the most out of this unique application is investment in training and/or hands-on usage prior to client engagement.

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Ease of use
Customer support

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Anthony G.

I was a user for twenty years. The latest product was getting too complicated.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

At first it was a great organizational tool.

I was a good organizer of projects and people. It used to be easier to use before the last three updates came along. I even had the support team come out to my plant and train me in person. The problem is that this software like a lot of sophisticated programs is hard to get people on board and use it. I was a loyal supporter for many years

Got too complicated to teach others and have them use it effectively. The complicated part was how to set up the different functions and be able to retrieve the data quickly because some of the data was buried a few layers deep in subject.

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Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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ManagePro pricing

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ManagePro is offered on either a subscription or one time license purchase basis.
Prices range as follows:
MProLite - $15/month/user
ManagePro - One time purchase $495
MProCloud (ManagePro in the cloud) - $40/user/month
ManagePro Plus (interfaces with MProLite & Cloud) - One time purchase $795

ManagePro features

Collaboration Tools
Gantt/Timeline View
Milestone Tracking
Percent-Complete Tracking
Project Planning/Scheduling
Reporting/Project Tracking
Resource Management
Task Management
Task Progress Tracking
Task Scheduling
Time & Expense Tracking

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Project Management (300 other apps)
Project Planning (218 other apps)
Reporting/Analytics (264 other apps)
Status Tracking (218 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

ManagePro is designed to help teams identify, coordinate, and complete what delivers the most value. It’s a project management tool built to enable people to effectively apply the 80/20 principle to their products, projects, and processes, as well as the team members they work with to generate the desired results with less time and effort.

An application to help users manage people, projects, and processes in a single platform, ManagePro is equipped with tools like Gantt charts and a centralized reporting dashboard that, when coupled with the app’s built-in capacity to attach updates, to-dos, documents, and email alerts to relevant tasks and projects, effectively engender visibility, accountability, and team coordination. Aside from project portfolio execution, ManagePro facilitates strategic planning and recognition and feedback for direct reports.

ManagePro’s core features include the use of easily customized cascading outlines to represent projects and goals, people and delegation tracking, reports and analytics, Outlook and SharePoint integration, and multiple workspace views and support tools.

What is ManagePro?

A companion tool for the frontline manager concerned with real-time information to aid in his/her decision-making functions, ManagePro is a single system to manage people, tasks, and priorities through an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard. Tasks and processes can be viewed in several different formats – outline, mind map, Gantt chart, and analytic view – in the main workspace.

Because the app is built on the premise that 20% of the work effort cumulatively generates 80% of the results and that the 20% need to be managed differently than the remaining 80%, ManagePro shows project/task updates in real time, provides quantitative and qualitative updates, and functions as a centralized document organization tool with synced/linked email and calendar with a strong emphasis on prioritized deliverables and milestones.

Who is ManagePro For?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: Any industry that achieves results through team coordination
  • Business size: From very small businesses with single users to relatively large enterprises of up to 400 users
  • Departments/roles: Individuals in management roles and their direct reports
  • Budget/point: Subscription to MProLite is a monthly $20 per user or $200 per user if paid annually
  • Example customers: US Department of Justice, KP OnCall, Harman International, Bison Gear and Engineering, and Business Development Bank of Canada

Main Features

Cascading Outlines

ManagePro presents users with a cascading outline view to depict all the work in progress, albeit with varying use of accompanying fields or columns so that different users or business groups are shown the specific information they need to complete their tasks.

On the left-hand side of the workspace are your projects and processes, which follow a parent-child breakdown up to the lowest-level activities. On the right-hand side, you’ll find the details for any item selected on the left, including to-dos and reminders, documents, and progress updates.

Coordinating People and Delegation Tracking

Within ManagePro is an 80/20-based structure for managing your projects and a delegation and feedback system that’s been able to help organizations reduce their time to market by up to 30%. There’s also a weekly priority setting, alignment, and dashboard system - one that helps organizations improve the number of high-priority items that get done every week by 12%.

ManagePro enables managers to easily view every project, update, task, and to-do assigned to a specific person/team by selecting any person/team from the user dropdown menu. All this information is presented in an organized list, eliminating the need to look through one project after another. ManagePro also allows the attachment of unlimited to-dos and updates directly to each line item or task.

Reports and Analytics

Designed to help you stay up to date, ManagePro monitors everything from business outcomes to individual performance goals. Every activity you track is assigned a scorecard, and results are measured to enhance performance and profitability.

ManagePro’s analytics feature lets you set up pivot tables, and results can be displayed as charts or exported to Excel. Generated based on the criteria you’ve configured or selected from a set of applicable metrics, some analytics examples include budgeted versus spent monies, budget by region, project, or product type, actual individual and team performance versus targets, and so on.

Outlook and SharePoint Integration

ManagePro’s integration with Microsoft Outlook enables users to view ManagePro goals, events, and to-dos in Outlook’s calendar and task list. Records, reports, and progress updates can be emailed out via Outlook for alerts and notifications. Outlook emails can be dragged and dropped as events, to-dos, and updates into your ManagePro calendar or project plan, with all the attached graphics and documents intact.

SharePoint documents can also be attached to ManagePro records to form part of the app’s document management system.

Multiple Workspace Views and Support Tools

Depending on the information you require and the tasks you need to accomplish, ManagePro presents multiple workspace views: (1) Outline for basic planning and tracking, (2) Map for brainstorming, (3) Timeline for coordinating resources and schedules, (4) Scorecard for performance metrics, (5) Analysis for comparative analytics, and (6) People for tracking and performance reviews.

ManagePro also offers an array of support tools such as Gantt charts, meeting management tool, mind maps, time cards, document management, and resource allocation. The interactive Gantt chart allows linking of dependent tasks and tracks task statuses, person/s assigned, and completion percentage. The resource allocation tool shows which projects are resourced and at what percent.


ManagePro currently integrates with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.


ManagePro can be purchased as a license or monthly subscription. MProLite, which offers 75% of the features contained in the MProCloud plan, is priced at $20 per user per month, while MProCloud costs $60 per user per month.

ManagePro Standard, which has all the features of MProCloud but installed on your desktop, is pegged at $595 per user annually. ManagePro Plus, which is both a desktop and web deployment, is priced at $1,095 for the first year. For the years thereafter, yearly subscription is at $360 per user.

Bottom Line

  • Task, team, and project management in a single customizable platform
  • Identifies the high-impact 20% of the work effort to properly prioritize, plan, and execute tasks and projects
  • Powerful email integrability that lets users email everything out of ManagePro and drag and drop emails from their inbox into their project files or calendar
  • Can be deployed as a desktop or cloud application and an Outlook add-in
  • Offers an extensive library of printable help files, training videos, and webinars for free

Additional information for ManagePro

Key features of ManagePro

  • A running list of action items and their respective status
  • A website and login for stakeholders to access information
  • Ability to work collectively on a project while communicating and sharing information within the system in real time
  • Allocate expenses needed
  • An assembly of graphs and charts for tracking statistics and metrics
  • An electronic record of patients, clinical documentation, created and stored digitally
  • Arrange activities and tasks based on their relative importance
  • Assign available resources (human and/or non-human) to various projects and tasks
  • At a high level, visualize a preferred outcome, define goals and identify specific steps to achieve them
  • Capture statistical records to measure achievements or progress towards a particular goal.
  • Combine and merge loans, assets, liabilities, and other financial data and items into one entity for reporting purposes
  • Compare key metrics for the business against prominent players in the industry
  • Coordinate schedules and organize meetings
  • Coordinates and illustrates a project's benchmarks and dependencies
  • Create risk-return profiles to compare initiatives so that all the projects align with strategic goals and deliver business value.
  • Create tasks and assign completion dates and/or times
  • Define project scope/deliverables, timeline, and resources/budget, along with outlining critical path, dependencies, and constraints
  • Diagram used to organize information in a hierarchical way to show relationships
  • Digitally share a wide variety of media types
  • Efficient and effective use of an organization's human capital
  • Encourages users to organize, discuss, improve, and evaluate insights or alternative thinking
  • Forecast of the expenses necessary for project completion
  • Forecast, plan, log, report and analyze project spending
  • Generate reports that meet information requirement, as the occasion requires
  • Group collaboration to solve ideas in a productive and concentrated manner.
  • Identify and respond to unexpected problems or failures (ie. "negative events")
  • Identify, evaluate, mitigate, and report on risk
  • Important metrics on which company is evaluated
  • Level of completion within a task
  • Log and record hours worked and costs spent to assist in billing and invoicing
  • Measurement and reporting of task milestones
  • Monitor and track project related activities based on various metrics
  • Monitor task progress and planned accomplishments to better manage project status
  • Reports/dashboards that provide a visual way for managers to understand the status of a task/project, costs, or other key information
  • Sequential approach to project development (ie. Waterfall)
  • Supports XP, Adaptive Project Framework, Kanban, and Scrum
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ManagePro is a platform for creating visibility and accountability on the top 20% of your projects and tasks that generate 80% of the results, including:
• Overarching perspective on what’s priority,
• Current status and updates on what’s been delegated,
• Value-add tools for managing projects and supporting tasks,
• Visual alignment and tracking of the strategic plan,
• Compliance with governance & QC mandates,
• A dashboard for individual and business outcomes, and
• Information currently loosely tracked through emails and meetings.