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Since 2004, ClearCompany has been helping companies find, hire and manage talent with their Talent Management Software. The ClearCompany platform manages the entire employee lifecycle, creating a better hiring experience, seamless onboarding processes, goal alignment across teams, and efficient performance management systems.

ClearCompany Applicant Tracking makes it easier than ever to attract, screen, evaluate and hire better people in less time. With an integrated sourcing tool, you can access 160 million talent profiles, and share their information with requisition inboxes and internal teams with one click. Intelligent screening tools and video interviewing capabilities will reduce your time to hire and help you narrow the talent pool faster. Best-in-class reporting tools will keep you compliant.

ClearCompany's onboarding solution makes onboarding simple with automated, online delivery, tracking and collection of all of your new hire forms. Smart forms put an end to redundant data entry by pre-filling previously entered information, then validating data for formatting and accuracy. Background checks, I-9 management, E-verify integration and WOTC management allow you to keep all of your processes automated and in line.

With Performance and Goal Management, easily set up as many custom scales, questions and reviews as you need, including weighted sections, scoring tables and free-form results. Manage continuous performance and see progress against goals in real-time, then easily visualize all of the data by role, departments, office, or any other metric you need.

ClearCompany Reviews (100)

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I have found the ClearCompany recruiting and onboarding modules very helpful and easy to use. Coming from our previous manual system, they have saved me a great deal of time. The best thing about ClearCompany, though, is their excellent customer service. When I need help, I can call and get real ...

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Intended Users
Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Canada, United Kingdom, United States
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FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

ClearCompany Pricing

Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

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Starting from: $85.00/month
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Starting from: $99.00/month
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Key Features of ClearCompany

  • Unlimited Peer/360 Degree Reviews
  • Best-in-class Applicant Tracking System
  • The best candidate experience
  • Easy-to-use appraisal builder
  • Easy, automated performance reporting
  • Take talent from candidate to tenured employee in one system
  • Sourcing, employer branding, and job boards
  • Automatic posting and job board management
  • Social Career Sites
  • Easily visualize important metrics
  • Free tools for quick scheduling


Video Interviewing
Candidate Sourcing: 160 Million Talent Profiles
Unlimited Hiring Manager Access
Job Board Management
Automatic Posting
Apply by LinkedIn
Mobile Apply
Social Sharing Tools
Facebook Career Sites
Branded Career Sites
Knock-out Questions
Talent Pools
Compliance Reporting
Recruitment Analytics
Paperless Onboarding
I-9 Management
360 Reviews
Peer Reviews
Continuous Performance Management
Performance Reporting
Goal Setting
Social Goals

Alternatives to ClearCompany

GetApp Analysis

ClearCompany is a cloud-based HR system that employs a holistic approach to talent management. It combines essential HR processes in one easy-to-use, centralized platform – applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, and goal setting. It manages the entire employee lifecycle, with data flowing from one stage to the next. It simplifies HR workflows and reduces the time and effort required for hiring managers and HR professionals to get their jobs done.

Some of ClearCompany’s key features include an applicant tracking system (ATS) with background checks, video interviews, and automatic pre-screening capabilities, a seamless and paperless onboarding experience for new hires, a social collaborative platform, achievement recognition, peer performance feedback, real-time performance updates against company goals, and single-platform analytics, among many others.

What is ClearCompany?

Used by approximately 1,000 clients from different industries and with more than 150,000 total users worldwide, ClearCompany allows businesses to hire the best candidates, seamlessly onboard new hires, and improve employee performance from one unified application: no more switching between disparate tools to address your various talent management needs. It helps align employee goals with the company’s vision and build teams rallying behind one, clear organizational purpose.

ClearCompany enables businesses to conduct background and credit checks on applicants. It has a comprehensive applicant and employee tracking system, so they stay aligned with compliance regulations, without the stacks of folders in filing cabinets. Employee goals are tracked and updated versus the company’s goals, and all necessary data for accurate and effective employee performance reviews are stored in the system and available for access anywhere, anytime. Reports can be exported to Excel and other file formats.

Main Features

Applicant Tracking

ClearCompany started out as an applicant tracking system and, over the years, has added new solutions and partnered with other vendors to become the end-to-end talent management software it is today. ClearCompany’s applicant tracking system carries functionalities that include one-click background checks, mobile application portals that are completely brandable, social sharing tools and career sites, automated posting, job board management, video interviewing, and hundreds of automatic, real-time reporting options.

Candidates can submit their applications via a mobile-optimized platform that’s available on their chosen device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. ClearCompany allows HR professionals to spend less time screening submitted applications through knockout questions and predefined multi-staged processes to find the perfect candidate. Assessments from a library of more than 500 assessment tests from leading publishers can be included in the application process.

Candidate Sourcing

ClearCompany is equipped with a candidate sourcing tool that grants recruiters access to more than 160 million social talent profiles. This reduces the time spent looking for applicants matching your ideal candidate profile, as well as the average cost per hire. Integration between applicant tracking and candidate sourcing eliminates data redundancies, as information flows directly between the two.

The app's candidate sourcing functionality enables the recruiting department to create deeper talent pipelines that they can readily reuse for the next hiring cycle. You can search the applicant database by skill, job title, or any keyword you deem appropriate. Candidate profiles can be shared with team members or added to requisitions for follow-up.

Paperless Onboarding

ClearCompany’s paperless onboarding system allows customers to digitize their process with online packets by transforming their current onboarding workflow into a customized digital version. The software also carries a library of numerous onboarding forms that you can use out of the box.

A packet can be sent to a new hire in just a few clicks, and individual approvers can be assigned for each form, enabling different managers or departments to sign off a completed form. Automated reminders can be set up to notify new hires and approvers of forms or tasks requiring their attention. To eliminate double data entry, ClearCompany uses smart forms with pre-filled data from previously entered information. Data sources include the new hire’s employment application, resume, and other relevant forms.

Performance Management

ClearCompany’s performance management feature can accommodate an unlimited number of peer or 360-degree reviews. Automated reminders are sent to employees who haven’t yet completed their reviews, and customizable reporting tools allow managers to track individual and team progress against benchmarks, and visually pinpoint top performers.

You can create as many review forms as you need, and even set up custom scoring tables or free-form response sheets. Goals are tracked and updated in real time, and ClearCompany’s social approach to aligning individual goals with the company’s objectives enables employees to share their goals with colleagues, send and receive peer feedback, recognize achievements in real time, and communicate items of high importance.

Goal Setting and Tracking

ClearCompany’s goal setting and tracking functionality allows managers and employees to identify and accomplish the goals that help them succeed and impact the company’s bottom line. Users see and understand how each goal is broken down, who is responsible for certain tasks and projects, and who is on track.

This feature offers companies a clear picture into their teams and the individuals comprising them, including their strengths and weaknesses, allowing managers to effectively allocate their human resources. Data on important company goals are collected and monitored, and employees see how their individual goals fare against company ones.


ClearCompany has direct partnerships with Paylocity and Proliant, and their ATS providers of choice. It has live integrations with hundreds of apps including ADP, Paychex, Paycom, Workday, Ceridian, Kronos, Oracle, and clients’ homegrown systems. An API is likewise available.


ClearCompany follows a subscription-based pricing model. All plans are customized depending on the number of users and solutions used. Pricing can be obtained from the sales team.

Bottom Line

  • Applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, and goal setting solutions in one unified HR platform
  • Data flowing from one stage of the employee lifecycle to the next, eliminating redundant data entries
  • Seamless and paperless employee onboarding system
  • Applicant and employee archives that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Application process and career sites that are mobile-optimized


Who is ClearCompany For?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Departments/roles: Hiring managers, HR managers and professionals
  • Budget/point: Customized according to your needs
  • Example customers: United States Institute of Peace, Baker Roofing, Jamestown Community College SUNY, Goodwill Industries, Montage Hotels & Resorts
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