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Friday Feedback

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Friday Feedback overview

Friday Feedback is an employee success and engagement software for small businesses. The software provides people managers with a platform through which they can collect consistent, honest feedback from employees, maintain a happy workforce and improve employee retention.

Through regular check-in surveys with employees, Friday Feedback enables managers to uncover issues, discover opportunities, and maintain a happy, productive work team. The quick surveys - which include "1-10 scales" and freely answerable questions - encourage employees to leave constructive, concise feedback for managers. This eliminates guesswork for managers on how employees are feeling and provides them with direct, interpretable feedback. Based on survey results, Friday Feedback generates a "Team Happiness Index" - a weekly, measurable view of employee satisfaction.

Individual high performers can be recognized and encouraged with Friday Feedback's "Kudos", sent between coworkers to boost morale and ultimately, improve employee retention.


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Key features of Friday Feedback

  • Survey management
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Customizable questions
  • Employee relations
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Friday Feedback gives managers and CEOS a view into the state of their team. Many managers rely on gut instinct and observation to manage - Friday Feedback quantifies it.

Every week, the team is sent a quick survey that asks them a few questions. There's also a chance to say "thank you" to other members of the team.

Friday Feedback is employee-centered. Feedback rolls up to an individual, enabling a manager to drill into the exact state of the employee.

Feedback across the entire team is aggregated for easy analysis. This combination of feedback is powerful, and why managers call Friday Feedback, "team analytics."