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IntelligenceBank DAM and Marketing Operations platform allows you to create, manage, approve, distribute and report on creative content and digital assets by streamlining your processes. Manage your content compliance and power personalization projects with our enterprise DAM software. Custom brand guidelines pages, online creative briefs, creative project management with calendars and killer workflow for approvals give you the power to transform your marketing operations.


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IntelligenceBank screenshot: Annotate images with comments and marks.  Share with colleagues instantlyIntelligenceBank screenshot: Usage reporting by file, by user and overall most accessed contentIntelligenceBank screenshot: Advanced Search - title, description, metadata, contents of documents, ownership data, review dates and date rangesIntelligenceBank screenshot: Custom Branding - add your own fonts, logos, banners, and rename the platform to suit your businessIntelligenceBank screenshot: Brand guidelines pages - use our templates or customize your own.  Explain logo use, typography, tone of voice and other aspects of your brandIntelligenceBank screenshot: Workflow Approvals - Download Approvals, Publish Approvals and Feedback ApprovalsIntelligenceBank screenshot: Download images in different sizes and formatsIntelligenceBank screenshot: Lightbox collections - which can be shared amongst usersIntelligenceBank screenshot: Bulk actions - move, delete, download, edit metadata, create aliasesIntelligenceBank screenshot: Info tab on each file - metadata, versions, workflow history and commentsIntelligenceBank screenshot: Carousel view to flip through images easilyIntelligenceBank screenshot: View files by image screenshot (shown) or list file titles and descriptionIntelligenceBank screenshot: Structure assets by mandatory filters that mirror your businessIntelligenceBank screenshot: Custom home pages that you can easily edit

IntelligenceBank reviews

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Aris Kakkis

Asset Management for the Masses

Reviewed 2016-10-18
Review Source: Capterra

I recommend contacting the company as I did, to find a team receptive to ultra specific, and even out of the mainstream needs. In doing that I discovered a team heavily invested in making this a product for the masses - and could help you create the work flow and asset solution you could have only dreamed of just a couple of years ago.Very customizable user interface. Allows me to create any grouping and subgrouping of categories, or mix and match. I can have assets by clients, project or any other organization method and have several ways or arranging and reorganizing asset. It has aliasing abilities so that files that you would like to show up in several groups aren't requiring a duplication of assets just to maintain organization. I also like the ability to not only download the original "master" asset, but that you can download on-the-fly flattened reference visuals, ie, compressed, cropped, reduced in dimension jpgs, pngs etc...keeping me from having to save a myriad of variants in anticipation of potential needs.

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Bill Millar

Brilliant for international brand management

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-09
Review Source: Capterra

Being an international business, we have different messages for our different markets, so having a way to organise files by country, and control who has access to certain parts of the platform makes admin work easy. We also love the licensing management tool which allow us to keep track of license expiry & renewal dates for our imagery.

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Ashley Nash

IntelligenceBank offers excellent software and premium service

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

IntelligenceBank has proven to be a very flexible software platform that has helped us to manage a large number of assets and external users in an effective way. With the expert assistance of the IntelligenceBank team our implementation was smooth and we have been able to integrate IntelligenceBank with external applications to help manage and distribute our assets. We have found the IntelligenceBank team to be highly responsive to our needs and they have custom developed several features in a timely manner for us to achieve our business requirements. I strongly recommend IntelligenceBank software and the IntelligenceBank team for your business process.

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Kate Lambart

A great solution for external agencies and staff

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-06-30
Review Source: Capterra

We needed a solution for external agencies and staff to be able to use for accessing the latest versions of collateral and information. The IntelligenceBank DAM allows us to manage data, control access and permissions for a variety of user groups and ensure version control for other information and documents. It has additional modules we have plugged in such as Web2Print which streamlines our collateral delivery to the frontline. It's great software.

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Vanessa Ross

Intelligence Bank offer great support and flexible business solutions.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

The business application I'm involved with requires very specific, demanding, and often entirely new solutions. Intelligence Bank offer creative, flexible alternatives, always thinking outside of the box. Their people provide thorough and reliable technical support with a friendly attitude. Throughout our involvement with IB (over many years now), the experience has been entirely positive and would highly recommend them.

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Small Teams: $ 5 - 10 K +
Professional: 10 K +
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IntelligenceBank features


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GetApp Analysis

Businesses of all sizes are concerned about building and managing digital assets. With so many websites, articles, and social media posts, it’s almost impossible for overloaded professionals to keep up with it all. IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management tracks a brand’s digital assets, including creative rights, assets, and usage to ensure items honor agreements with external stakeholders.

IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management includes two separate packages. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an affordable, easy-to-use package designed for small and medium-sized businesses. For larger enterprises, IntelligenceBank has BrandHubs, which provides the same services as DAM with the addition of creative workflow, image annotations, and the ability to design custom web pages to sit atop the DAM features to explain brand guidelines.

What is IntelligenceBank?

IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management is an out-of-the-box solution that can be customized to fit a business’s needs. The software helps brands organize what can be a very complex process, preventing issues from arising as various team members collaborate on projects with both internal and external stakeholders.

With each IntelligenceBank DAM plan, businesses have the ability to upload a file of any type or size, as long as it doesn’t exceed the 2GB maximum. Files can be uploaded in bulk, allowing a business to easily import media from past projects.

Who is IntelligenceBank for?

IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management is designed for the SMB, with a pricing plan that is affordable for many small business budgets. IntelligenceBank DAM has all the features a smaller business needs to efficiently manage assets from a variety of devices. BrandHubs is designed specifically for large businesses, including all the features of DAM with additional features to address the unique needs of large businesses.

IntelligenceBank DAM will appeal to any business that is required to manage digital assets in any form. This could be images, Word documents, and any other asset used to help a brand’s marketing efforts.

Main features

Version Control

As multiple team members work together, it’s easy to lose control of which version is the latest. An edit from last month could end up in the quarterly newsletter or on a blog post mentioning an important client. Newer versions could accidentally be deleted as team members attempt to clean up files.

With IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management, Version Control is built in. Only the latest version of a file is shown to stakeholders who are approved to view it, reducing confusion and improving productivity.

Automated Workflow

Passing files back and forth between emails can be exhausting and error-prone. With IntelligenceBank DAM, involved team members receive an email notification when a new file has been uploaded or updated. These notifications can even be sent to team members without IntelligenceBank DAM accounts.

Each business can determine its own workflow, setting up approval processes that match their internal procedures. These procedures can extend to how jobs are submitted and images uploaded, with all of it being managed from either a PC or mobile device.

Digital Asset Tracking

One of the primary reasons businesses turn to IntelligenceBank DAM is to avoid breaching copyrights. IntelligenceBank DAM manages this process, keeping detailed information on an asset’s usage guidelines.

Additionally, asset’s usage can be tracked, with businesses viewing information on how many times an asset has been used, as well as who used it and when they did so. This helps prevent artwork from being overused.

Brand Overview

Businesses can set templates that explain what their brand’s purpose is. This information can be seen by anyone who logs into that business’s IntelligenceBank account. It usually has several design elements specific to that business’s brand.

Information on the Brand Overview screen can include details about how a company’s logo should always be displayed. It can also include information about when specific logos are supposed to be used.

As an organization’s digital assets grow, often it can be difficult to locate the item you need. Professionals can waste valuable minutes browsing through multiple galleries to find a photo they need. Searching by name isn’t always the best option, since file names often don’t accurately describe a photo, video, or document.

IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management allows for the use of metadata to help team members quickly locate assets. When a file is uploaded, the user only has to enter relevant details about that item to help others find it in the future. Those assets can be customized to an organization’s needs, including client names and social media sites where the asset is primarily used.


IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management integrates with Active Directory to allow organization-wide use of the product. When employees depart and new employees are added in Active Directory, a business’s IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management account will automatically be updated.

IntelligenceBank DAM also offers integration with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Using custom APIs, organizations can also integrate IntelligenceBank with their other favorite applications.


For small businesses, plans cost $9 per user per month. This plan includes digital asset management, advanced search, lightbox collections, email alerts, main administration, available implementation assistance, and mobile capability. A 15-day free trial of this plan is available.

A more robust plan for larger organizations is available for $19 per user per month. This plan includes all of the above, plus workflow and approvals and a custom brand guidelines page.

Bottom line

  • Easy management of all digital assets.
  • Metadata simplifies asset searches.
  • Brand Overview provides instructions on use of branding.
  • Version Control ensures only the most recent version of an asset is provided.
  • Separate pricing plans available for large and small organizations.

Additional information for IntelligenceBank

Key features of IntelligenceBank

  • Bulk Upload Files
  • Automatic Email Alerts
  • Playback Media & Preview Images
  • Version Control
  • Download Images in Different Formats & Sizes
  • Email Link to Non Registered Users
  • Auto Extraction of Metadata
  • Email Links to Large Files & Folders
  • Creative Rights Management
  • Review Dates
  • Watermarks
  • Usage Analytics
  • Lightbox Collections - Sharable
  • Custom Branding
  • Advanced Search
  • Custom Brand Guidelines Web Pages
  • Workflow Approvals - Download, Publish & Feedback
  • Mobile Friendly with App for Offline Access
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- Digital Asset Management allows you to upload files, individually or in bulk, keep track of versions, preview media online, add to lightbox collections or add comments. Watermarks protect your files and you can view assets as a list, as images or in a carousel slideshow.
- Streamline the creative approval process with download approvals, publish approvals and general feedback workflow on any file. Track history of digital sign offs in a dedicated approvals area.
- Plan your marketing activity with calendars. The average marketing department has more than 300 projects ‘on the go’ at any time. From smaller social media posts to global TV campaigns, the need for a bird’s eye view of all projects in progress and in market has never been more important. Drag and drop events to reschedule and link to creative and budget allocations.
- Manage projects from within your platform. Once a brief is accepted, it’s time to assign designers, allocate job numbers, time spent, due dates and actual budgets – so it’s all reportable. When a project gets started, you can link it to a dedicated work in progress folder to centralize creative, invoices, media plans and final artwork.
- Custom brand guidelines can be showcased with our pre-defined templates so they are easily communicated with internal and external stakeholders. We make it easy to customise these pages so they truly represent your brand.
- Dashboard reporting allows you to take control of the information you view on IntelligenceBank. Dashboards can be tailored to show outstanding production tasks, view recently uploaded assets and manage approvals.