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Trustpilot overview

Trustpilot is a customer review management platform that helps online businesses to establish a trusted brand and connect with customers by collecting reviews and gathering feedback. The solution helps businesses improve customer experience, showcase their reputation, and amplify their presence online, as well as increase overall conversions and sales. Trustpilot’s key features include review reporting and analytics, review invitations and reminders, rich snippet stars, on-site review widgets, Google seller ratings, and more.

Organizations can get an immediate review boost by sending out ‘kickstart’ invitations to invite past customers to leave a review. Accounts can also be set up to automatically send a custom branded review invitation after a purchase is made, which can be sent from, or the brand’s domain, using Trustpilot’s optimized review templates. With embedded review forms, organizations can collect reviews directly from their business website, while review reminder emails automatically remind customers to leave a review. Collection rates, sources, and TrustScore changes can be tracked using Trustpilot’s built-in analytics dashboard. Users can also monitor traffic and impressions via Google search statistics, and learn exactly how visitors find the brand’s Trustpilot company profile online.

Organizations can automatically share reviews on their Facebook page using Trustpilot’s Facebook app, as well as share reviews with a single click on Twitter and Google+. Seller ratings and gold stars can be added to AdWords to increase click-through rates and earn more qualified leads. Twenty-five pre-designed ‘TrustBoxes’ help showcase ratings and reviews, and can be displayed by pasting code snippets into the website’s HTML. Marketing assets such as the Trustpilot logo, icons, and stars help boost credibility on various advertising channels. Additional platform features include a built-in split testing tool, Google rich snippet stars, review notifications, multiple user access, and reviews export capability.


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Danish, Dutch, English, French, German and 3 other languages, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Trustpilot screenshot: Establish a trusted brand with a profile page to drive more customers An Introduction to Trustpilot in 90 SecondsTrustpilot screenshot: Get customers to leave feedback and reviews via any device, at any time Trustpilot screenshot: Increase visibility on search and leverage reviews to boost organic and paid trafficTrustpilot screenshot: Use automatic review reminder emails to collect more reviews for the businessTrustpilot screenshot: Track collection rates, source, and change in TrustScore with built-in analyticsTrustpilot screenshot:  Share reviews further with one-click sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ timelinesTrustpilot screenshot: Track where reviews came from, collection rates, and change in TrustScore with dashboard analyticsTrustpilot screenshot: Maximize marketing investments with a built-in split testing toolTrustpilot screenshot: Use Trustpilot's marketing assets to showcase the business' TrustScore and boost credibility on billboards, banners, TV adverts, apps, videos and moreTrustpilot screenshot: Improve customer service and awareness across the whole team by giving multiple people access to the organization's Trustpilot accountTrustpilot screenshot: Create employee KPIs and customer segments by downloading review data into a third party spreadsheet application

Trustpilot reviews

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Jonny Crossley

Great features, not so great customer support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-31
Review Source: Capterra

The primary benefit is that we are able to promote a message of trust to our potential customers with highly visible assets. Gathering reviews on such a large scale ensures the quality of service is made clear and we believe this is vital in our marketing in the early stages of the sales funnel. With so much of it being automatic is has also saved us countless man hours that would otherwise be devoted to requesting and processing feedback/reviews.The ability to collect and moderate reviews is made really easy in their business portal and API links. We are able to send out invitations to reviews automatically to our customers which then enables us to collect a lot of great feedback, but also important constructive criticisms. The stringent rules on who can leave a review ensures that sabotage is non-existent. Only customers who have proved they have had a direct buying or service experience are allowed to review, meaning spam or malicious negative reviews are taken care of quickly. The compliance team at Trustpilot is great for this. The features that they enable us to embed into our marketing and online material (on the upgraded package) offer a great additional trust element to our brand message that is easy to use and easily customised.

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Gjenes Belamide

Simple Platform for Customers & Businesses

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-05
Review Source: Capterra

We have been able to collect customer reviews for our services and are working on implementing product reviews which will also we very helpful to our business. I would definitely recommend others to use this platform as it is helpful and easy to use. My only reason for 9/10 would be the feedback I have regarding customers being able to leave reviews without a verified name and/or email address. It makes it really difficult for us to check customer accounts without their name and email address. We try to respond to the review for customers to contact us but they never respond back with more info so we can help. We have also been able to help many customers but there is no option to request an updated star review and customers have mentioned how difficult or unclear it is for them to update the star rating and can only add text to their negative review, yet we still have the negative star rating. We should be able to dispute reviews that have been resolved through TP or outside of Trustpilot at which point TP would verify through the customer. I like the ease of use for both our customers and our team. It is fairly easy to navigate as we work to collect reviews. It is easy to filter through reviews and the widget on our website looks great. I haven't taken full advantage of Customer Support but the few times I have, it's always been easy and my questions get answered.

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Williamd Hare

It's nice

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-25
Review Source: Capterra

I find the platform easy to use, turn around time to emails is quick, but it's always the same response when you come across challenges, in unique situations. Response to remove a review if it's on the incorrect company profile is also excellent. Clients, very rarely, rate one star instead of five, a request to change this to five stars, even though the review speaks for itself, is never honoured. Otherwise, it's an excellent resource!I appreciate the transparency in how clients are able to voice their experience. Clients are able to write a review with the understanding that it is entirely unbiased in how it will be published. The invitation functionality is very useful, particularly in its ability to utilise the unique reference number, to understand which client the review comes from, who assisted them within the company and how the client came to have that [articular experience.

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silke Putscher

Great software, have used it for years

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-24
Review Source: Capterra

We had an issue with the software last year. I tried reaching out globally to an Trustpilot representative. Very little luck. So I did find the email address of the founder and send an email to him - which let to results within the hour. After this experience I had another incident - had better availability to reach the help desk, however they were not available on the posted hours for the US tech support when calling. We have been on Trustpilot for several years and obviously like it. I recently spoke to an account representative - all she wanted to do was push the flavor of the month and was not really familiar of who we are. It would be really nice if she would have known a little bit about us before the call. Overall Trustpilot is a good choice for your business - they do need to figure out the customer service component though, specifically training and how to perhaps address some of the "uniqueness" of being global (not an easy task)The grading system is the toughest one around and as such lends credibility to our business.

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Helps give a voice to our customers

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-09-20
Review Source: Capterra

Overall Trustpilot has been great to work with. Initially we were hesitant to utilize a service like this, but we agreed to a short trial and before it even ended we were able to realize the value we would be receiving. The customer service/support team has been great to work with. Implementation was quick and painless and we were up and going in no time.Our experience with Trustpilot has been great. I like the auto-invitation feature that we have integrated with our shopping cart. This allows us to consistently reach out to our customers and ask to share their experiences with others. The platform gives us the ability to see what our customers are saying and respond to their praises or concerns. While there is no way to alter or remove reviews that may not be flattering, as it should be, there are systems in place to flag reviews for their compliance team to investigate for things such as vulgar language, or a product review instead of service review, etc... The compliance team seems to be thorough and responsive. The "Trustboxes" that you can add to your site and/or emails is really a value add from the platform. This allows you to syndicate the reviews that you are receiving in different channels as well as provide additional SEO benefits in certain circumstances.

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Trustpilot features

A/B Testing
Engagement Analytics
Social Media Integration
Social Network Marketing
Third Party Integration

Activity Dashboard (225 other apps)
Campaign Analysis (192 other apps)
Campaign Management (177 other apps)
Content Management (180 other apps)
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Additional information for Trustpilot

Key features of Trustpilot

  • Customer review platform
  • Review monitoring
  • Customer engagement center
  • Response management
  • Negative feedback management
  • Social sharing
  • Review request
  • Review notification
  • Review monitoring
  • Inbox / queue management
  • Known issue management
  • Help desk
  • Response management
  • Company profile page
  • New review notifications
  • Request reference number
  • Automatic invitations
  • Embedded review forms
  • App integrations
  • Customer API
  • Business generated links
  • Review collection
  • Customized invitations
  • Automatic review reminder emails
  • Collection analytics
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Public API
  • Split testing tool
  • Trustpilot marketing assets
  • SEO Trustbox
  • Multiple user access
  • Export reviews
  • Review forms
  • App integrations
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Automate the customer review collection process seamlessly into the brand's customer journey and monitor customer feedback to resolve issues for any unsatisfied customers, and respond to customers publicly.

Trustpilot helps drive more traffic from both paid and organic search results with Google seller ratings for increased CTR and conversions on paid ads.

Create genuine social proof by leveraging Trustpilot ratings and reviews at key conversion points to increase on-site conversions and sales.

Boost organic search results and online visibility with Trustpilot by displaying content that improves SEO with highly relevant keywords and rich snippet stars.

Connect with favorite third party tools thanks to Trustpilot's dozens of integrations with apps such as Zendesk, Magento, Hootsuite, Salesforce, Zapier, Prestashop, Mailchimp, and more.