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Medesk logo

Occupational health software for the healthcare sector

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Medesk is a medical practice management software designed to help independent surgeons, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, and other businesses in the healthcare sector manage processes across online appointment reservations, patients, and electronic health records. Administrators can automatically send appointment reminders to patients via texts and emails and follow-up visits on a unified interface.

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Qualifacts CareLogic logo

Intuitive, comprehensive enterprise behavioral health EHR

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Intuitive, end-to-end Behavioral Health EHR with configurable forms, clinical workflows, assessments, outcome tracking, reporting, billing, analytics, business intelligence, patient portal, mobile and virtual care to improve clinical, administrative, and revenue operations.

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YellowSchedule logo

Web-based Online Scheduling and Practice Management software

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YellowSchedule is a web-based appointment management software that enables health professionals to streamline appointments, and manage patient communications

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Saúde Vianet logo

Clinic management system

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The Vianet Health Application is a complement to the management platform for small and medium-sized clinics and offices, offering an extension to a range of products, such as diary, billing, financial, electronic patient records and telemedicine.

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Nookal logo

Health and Therapy Practice Management

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Nookal is a cloud-based practice management software system that helps allied health therapists and practitioners manage and grow their practice.

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Practice Fusion logo

Cloud-based electronic health record platform

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Practice Fusion is a cloud-based electronic health record management solution offering features such as e-prescription, charting, scheduling and lab integration

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Profi logo

All-in-one solution for professional service providers

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Profi is a tool for professionals who want to maximize their impact, helping businesses drive impact at scale.

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BestNotes logo

Cloud based electronic health records solution for clinics

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BestNotes is a cloud based electronic health record management solution for the behavioral health and substance abuse industry. Features include: scheduling, patient portal, audit-compliant documentation, medication administration, outcome tracking, e prescribing, lab tracking, and reporting

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Upvio logo

The Most Efficient Practice Management Solution Ever Made

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Boost efficiency, expand reach, and elevate patient care through video calls, chat, scheduling, and forms. Effortlessly manage staff, calendars, and locations while revolutionizing remote assessments. Create secure digital forms, engage in real-time communication, and empower your practice.

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Healee logo

Healee Patient Access

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Healee is an integrated patient access solution with robust 24/7 self-scheduling, powerful rule-based patient-provider matching and sophisticated calendar management.

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OnCall Health logo

Virtual care program software for enterprises and brands

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OnCall Health is a virtual care software built for healthcare enterprises and brands. Launch and grow a virtual care program with OnCall. Features include secure video and instant messaging appointments, branded apps, analytics, 24/7 tech support, and clinical automation functionality.

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75health logo

Cloud-based EMR / EHR for doctors, clinics & hospitals

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75health platform is easy to use and helps doctors, clinics, and hospitals to stay up-to-date. Streamlining the process to cloud-based software gives them more time and energy.

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MDnet EHR logo

Enabling Excellence: Empowering Doctors with Technology.

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Enable Healthcare stands at the forefront of healthcare technology, delivering tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of doctors and healthcare providers. By offering personalized EHR, PMS, RCM, CCM, RPM and billing platforms, Enable Healthcare empowers doctors to strive.

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PIMSY Mental Health EHR logo

Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant mental & behavioral health EHR

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PIMSY EHR suits a variety of mental and behavioral health specialties, including inpatient, IOP, psychiatry, outpatient, PHP, medication management, MAT, crisis call centers, PRP, substance use, eating disorders, seniors and geriatric treatment, school-based treatment, family therapy, and more.

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Owl Practice logo

Health Practitioner Management and Administration Platform

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Owl Practice software is a management system for clinical practitioners. It is useful for organization practices, video therapy, and marketing. The system features secure storage and a client portal for communications, tracking medication, and appointments. The platform is accessible from anywhere.

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TherapyAppointment logo

You provide the therapy, we'll provide the rest.

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TherapyAppointment is an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant, EMR solution for individual and group mental health practices. Our secure, cloud-based web platform powers your practice (charting, billing, insurance filing, scheduling, appointment reminders, telehealth) from any computer or mobile device.

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Zoobook EHR logo

EHR and practice management for mental health facilities

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Zoobook offers cloud EHR and practice management software for mental health facilities, behavioral health facilities, psychiatry practices, addiction treatment centers

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Bonterra Case Management logo

Case management software for nonprofits of any size

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Bonterra Case Management is a solution for nonprofit organizations of any size that supports a secure case management database, along with a best practice library with forms and reports, a drag-and-drop form designer, volunteer and donor management tools, plus client tracking, and more.

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Yocale logo

Online scheduling software

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Yocale is a cloud-based scheduling tool designed for service-based businesses including health and medical, beauty and wellness, and professional services. The platform includes an online booking calendar, appointment reminders, custom form builders, video conferencing, and more.

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Zentake logo

Patient intake management platform for healthcare providers

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Zentake is a HIPAA compliant, digital intake and consent platform specially designed for patients and healthcare professionals, including counselors, therapists, and clinical support staff. It supports e-signatures, photo and file capture, and pre-fill and post-fill forms.

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Therabill logo

Practice management for rehab therapy & behavioral health

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TheraBill is a web-based practice management platform for mental and behavioral health specialists & speech therapists, offering scheduling, invoicing, and more

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Bonterra Penelope logo

Cloud-based case management software for human services.

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Penelope by Athena Software is cloud-based case management software for human services and nonprofits. Ours is a secure and configurable client management system for social services with flexible reporting, smart forms, and a mobile client portal designed to improve the customer experience.

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TM3 logo

Clinic and class management software

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TM3 is a cloud-based clinic and class management solution that offers contactless appointment booking and payment collection. The platform is suitable for medical clinics, hospitals, gyms, yoga studios, osteopathy clinics, physiotherapists, and other appointment-based businesses.

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Healthie logo

Practice management & telehealth platform for nutritionists

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Healthie is a practice management and telehealth platform for nutritionists. Designed specifically for practitioners and patients within the health and wellness industry, Healthie offers tools for appointment scheduling, video conferencing, billing, EHR charting, communications, and goal tracking.

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Cerner Ambulatory EHR logo

Practice management and EHR software

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Cerner PowerChart software is multi entity electronic medical record (EMR) creator which helps clinicians to store and access relevant information

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