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All-in-one fleet operations management platform

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Samsara Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Samsara product overview

What is Samsara?

Samsara is a fleet operations management platform designed to help various industries including transportation, logistics and construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing and dispatch, documents, reporting and alerts, and more. Live GPS tracking shows where vehicles are in real time, helping users share accurate ETAs with customers. Reporting tools enable users to plan more efficient routes, while integrated dash cams, driver safety scores, and automatic alerts for speeding, idling, and geofences help users protect their business and assets. Samsara is an FMCSA-approved ELD solution.

Key benefits of using Samsara

• Native iOS and Android apps allow users to carry out driver-vehicle reporting (DVIR) on the go via mobile devices.

• Samsara supports usage-based maintenance, allowing users to schedule preventative maintenance based on time, actual mileage, or engine hours extending vehicle and asset lifetimes.

• Automated, customizable alerts notify mechanics immediately when any vehicle faults are detected.

• Gain visibility into fleet and driver performance with Samsara’s reporting tools on fuel efficiency and vehicle health, activity and driver behavior, and more.

• TMS (transportation management system), payroll and GIS (geographic information system) integrations, along with open REST API access, serves to streamline the user’s workflow.

Typical customers

Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large enterprises

Platforms supported


Support options

Email/Help Desk
Phone Support
Knowledge Base
24/7 (Live rep)

Training options

Live Online

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Dispatch Management
Third Party Integrations
Reporting & Statistics
Activity Dashboard
Real Time Monitoring

Samsara users reviews

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Positive reviews

Rating breakdown
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend8.85/10
Rating distribution











The implementation team was amazing and made sure the setup process was very easy. The dashboard of the program is great and the integration with my other favorite software is on point.


Lisa L.

I feel that we are a safer fleet now. I am overall very happy with the system and would recommend it.


Christy B.

Super friendly staff, getting the program implemented from start to finish was easy with samsara staff helping us through the process.


James L.

At times there have been data problems. It is rare and data is never lost just needs to be recovered.


Kenny S.

Stay Away Horrible Unethical Company that Just wants your Money.


Vincent P.

Horrible experience, completely cannot count on this product.


Mark D.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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Samsara is an excellent Fleet Management software

Reviewed 3 years ago

I am pleased with Samsara overall. It has shown us how to take our business to the next level. As we've evolved, our requirements of Samsara have as well. Although Samsara could not anticipate this, I am eager to give helpful insight on how to help Samsara go even further!


I enjoy having the insight that it provides us. Literally, with what I can see on the road, and all of the back-end data it can provide us. Samsara helps us remain compliant in our industry. So its routing functions are a leading example of what vehicle tracking should look like. Lastly, the driver app is what comes in the clutch to wrap it all up. Our staff finds the app very intuitive, simple, and it rarely faults. It is official and its documents function help us log valuable information that we turn into presentable data!


The system is buggy, and I find myself having to call in every so often to inquire about why I'm not seeing certain stats or images on my vehicles from their dashcams. The Driver app sometimes force quits and will sometimes refuse my drivers to log information.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend7/10

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The smart, do everything, connected vehicle solution.

Reviewed 3 years ago

Samsara has been a great tool not only in organizing and managing out vehicles and assets, but has allowed us to successfully defend against false claims. Samsara is such a value additive software, that it dampens my frustration with the many bugs and problems evident in rushed development and poor testing for certain features. I honestly can not say this for any other software I use.


Everything you need is included, and in one place. Fleet tracking, cameras, HOS, safety, performance, and dispatch tools all live in one place. Additionally, the team is very responsive in creating one-off or custom integrations should you need them.


The cameras, the logic by which they record, and the dashboard for viewing them could use some work. You're unable to retrieve segments more than 60 seconds in length at any one period of time. They offer a "hyperlapse" mode, but I find this to be a useless gimmick as the compression effectively omits frames making it difficult to identify incident times.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support

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Buyer beware

Reviewed 3 months ago

Samsara engages in unethical business practices. Buyer Beware. I had canceled my contract and purchased another system. The company was very clear that the contract would not renew. Low and behold, they automatically renewed it and are giving me the run around. Also, they double billed me in 2020 and I had to fight tooth and nail to have them credit my account. I was also sent and billed for a device...


Easy to install Provides GPS tracking but not as detailed or accurate of other companies.


Doesn't work in Chrome. Had to spend hours with customer service, renewing Chrome, logging on to different devices and browsers to no avail. So I could only track some NOT all of my fleet. This went on for months and I was never given a credit.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend9/10

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Great Asset

Reviewed a year ago

Over all a great system for the money. Drivers take to it easily, dispatchers like the flexibility and versatility of tracking the trucks and seeing what is going on. It would be nice if you could hover or select a driver and visibly see something that tells how long they have been sitting rather than having to going into the trips and just see a paragraph that displays time.


Very easy to maneuver and learn features on the dashboard. App is easy to learn, even for our older non-tech drivers. Cameras have paid for themselves in the first year by being able to download and utilize for accidents.


App updates constantly, which is good that features are added. Most times though updates slow the app down if the update does not take automatically and locks up app. Since everyone has begun working from home and remotely, customer service has suffered and response time from email is very lacking, and when they do its the same scripted reply's. Initially someone would work through an issues with you on the phone, no so much anymore.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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Samsara Review

Reviewed 2 years ago

The total experience has been far superior to any of the other ELD or GPS companies we've worked with in the past.


Customer fueled app and software updates.


The company is growing so fast that you lose grasp of your initial contact people to newer roles and have to revert back to their support email. Responses are still handled in a more than sufficient time frame though so it hasn't been a real issue.

Samsara FAQs and common questions

Q. What type of pricing plans does Samsara offer?

Samsara has the following pricing plans:
Free Trial: Available

Q. Who are the typical users of Samsara?

Samsara has the following typical customers:
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Small Business

Q. What languages does Samsara support?

Samsara supports the following languages:
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Q. Does Samsara support mobile devices?

Samsara supports the following devices:
Android, iPad, iPhone

Q. Does Samsara offer an API?

Yes, Samsara has an API available for use.

Q. What level of support does Samsara offer?

Samsara offers the following support options:
Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, 24/7 (Live rep)

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