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Visual marketing software for automating customer journeys

4.76/5 (51 reviews)

Autopilot overview

Through an intuitive user interface, you can map every touchpoint of the customer journey simply by dragging, dropping and connecting. You can also access Autopilot’s guides, which are pre-made customer journeys built with marketing best practices refined over the years. There are guides for everything from simple newsletter sends to nurturing a lead during a free trial, and more are always being added.

Autopilot lets you trigger marketing activities based on user behavior and events, such as updating your contact list and sending a personalized email once a form has been submitted, allowing you to nurture your customers and leads with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel. It’s a systematic approach to turning your leads into high-paying customers.

Autopilot also integrates with Salesforce CRM and other third party apps like Zapier, Slack, Segment and Twilio to consolidate all your contact information, marketing automation and data in one system while giving you the freedom to continue using the best-of-breed apps you already use and love.

Using Autopilot’s unique tracking code and universal form capture capabilities, you can capture data from any website, blog, or app and track the actions of both your contacts and anonymous website visitors in real time, such as when someone opens an email or visits a page. Autopilot comes with advanced insights and analytics including built-in lead-to-close reporting which gives you a visual understanding of your marketing funnel at all times.


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Autopilot screenshot: Launch marketing journeys in minutes using our intuitive drag and connect builderAn Introduction to AutopilotAutopilot screenshot: Kickstart your first journey with a tried and tested template from our Guide BookAutopilot screenshot: Centralize and organize your contacts. Import your contacts and organize into lists, smart segments, and folders. Map custom fields with CRM or other apps, and see activities unfold in real time.Autopilot screenshot: Create text-based emails, upload custom html, or choose a pre-designed template. Easily tailor your design with a built-in graphical editor and personalize with dynamic content such as first name or company to boost engagement. Autopilot screenshot: Add a physical touch to your marketing journeys by sending high-quality, personal postcards as easily as automating an email.Autopilot screenshot: Display messages to anonymous and known users on your website or blog, within your product or anywhere with the Autopilot tracking code.Autopilot screenshot: Create a frictionless experience on the mobile device your contacts use most. Invite people to events, congratulate new users, or share updates via SMS.Autopilot screenshot: Create audiences dynamically who match any combination of field values, behaviors, lists, or UTMs. Then trigger journeys and engage automatically.Autopilot screenshot: Track journey performance. Get insights into which messages convert, how journeys are trending, and what's driving sales.Autopilot screenshot: Visualize your funnel and track opens, clicks, and conversions. Monitor activity and update journeys on the fly based on real-time results.

Autopilot reviews

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Ease of use
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Aaron Frick

Improving on improvement

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-10-10
Review Source: Software Advice

The cost per additional mobile app user is a bit annoying, but when we run the numbers, it still makes it a good investment to have most of our employees on the app.I love the fact that it tracks my whole business from lead generation (that helps me fill in routes based on a map) to setting up the contract (with recurring services and pre-scheduled packages) to crew management (with photo uploads and clock-in/clock-out of jobs and contacting customers) to invoicing (which can be automatic) to receiving payment (even by credit card on the mobile app!). Keeping records on paper and trying to run schedules for weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly services would be a nightmare! This really is an AutoPilot software. It is a complete solution that tracks everything which allows it to be the ultimate solution for reporting. I can look at sales close ratios, revenue per lead source, job completion times against budgeted hours, past-due invoices and so much more! I have worked with the system from Property Maintenance Technician to Sales Rep to General Manager and have not been disappointed.

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Jamie McDermott

Marketing Automation on Steroids

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-21
Review Source: GetApp

Autopilot is a marketers dream tool. You can create a 'journey' for almost any task, from sending out an email newsletter to creating an advanced nurture journey based on segmentation, rules, lead owners, default and custom fields, website actions and much, much more. If you use tools such as Salesforce and Segment then you can get even more out of the tool with less work, but I personally don't use either and I still get a huge ROI on the product. They also just updated the email building tool which was a very welcome update.

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Jeffrey Wohlschlegel

Incredible Value. Make use of the templates. Explore the possibilities.

Reviewed 2016-03-22
Review Source: GetApp

As a founder of a software startup, our team needed a solution to routinely engage our users/customers with information to help them with their on-boarding experience. Autopilot was the perfect fit! We had a lot of fun building the journeys and experimenting with what worked (and didn't work) for our team. Their templates gave us some great starting points, and helped us to open up our minds with ways to engage with our users in ways that we hadn't thought of. Of course, those same principals could easily be applied to outbound marketing campaigns with complex engagement logic, which we haven't started to implement as this time. Overall, we are very satisfied with Autopilot!- Slack Integration - Segment Integration - Easy to build complex logic, visually - Dashboard to keep track of latest events - Many journey and email templates to get you started - Built-in email open/link tracking is helpful to find your engaged users - Good support - Great blog with ideas of how others use Autopilot - They are continuing to develop cool new features - User idea voting for features not yet developed

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Jon Covey

A must have app for your business

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-02
Review Source: GetApp

Autopilot is one of those apps that you spend many hours trying to find on Google, something that takes away the hard work in your business, and automates the important stuff. The support provided is world class and with the constant innovation offered, you can expect great things in the future from Autopilot. I'm a massive fan!Easy to use, affordable to everyone, and world class support.

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Willy Ogorzaly

Easy to set up, powerful software

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-08-29
Review Source: Software Advice

Well worth the moneyThanks to the integration with Segment, Autopilot was very easy to integrate using our existing triggers. Set up was also smooth and out of all of the marketing automation tools, Autopilot has the best onboarding and set up experience. Their unique ui/ux make it very easy to set up campaigns that not only include email and SMS triggers, but unique integrations with companies such as Lob that let you programmatically send postcards.

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Autopilot pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free trial
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Autopilot offers two plans, Base and Business. Pricing is based on the number of contacts in your marketing database and your plan tier. Both plans include unlimited emails with no hidden fees or setup charges. Pay monthly or annually for a 20% discount.

Base: Autopilot's Base plan provides automation features to start customer journey marketing in minutes. Companies wanting to grow their leads and contacts, send newsletters, promos, or batch emails, and set up basic drip nurturing and follow-up journeys, are well served by Base. Features include the ability to create multi-channel journeys (email, SMS, in-app messaging, postcards), plus Insights, segmentation and integrations with apps like Slack and Zapier.

Base pricing when paid annually:
-$20/mo for up to 1,000 contacts
-$52/mo for up to 3,000 contacts
-$80/mo for up to 5,000 contacts
-$160/mo for up to 10,000 contacts
-$360/mo for up to 25,000 contacts
-$680/mo for up to 50,000 contacts
-$960/mo for up to 100,000 contacts
-$1,120/mo for up to 150,000 contacts
-$1,760/mo for up to 300,000 contacts
-$2,400/mo for up to 500,000 contacts
-Contact sales for databases larger than 1,000,000 contacts

Business: Autopilot's Business plan provides all Base features plus premium features to drive maximum results with personalization, including integrations with Salesforce CRM and, Autopilot API access, A/B split testing and access to in-app journey reviews and expert guidance from Autopilot consultants.

Business pricing when paid annually:
-$40/mo for up to 1,000 contacts
-$104/mo for up to 3,000 contacts
-$160/mo for up to 5,000 contacts
-$320/mo for up to 10,000 contacts
-$612/mo for up to 25,000 contacts
-$1,156/mo for up to 50,000 contacts
-$1,632/mo for up to 100,000 contacts
-$1,680/mo for up to 150,000 contacts
-$2,640/mo for up to 300,000 contacts
-$3,600/mo for up to 500,000 contacts
-Contact sales for databases larger than 1,000,000 contacts

Autopilot features

A/B Testing
Campaign Analysis
Campaign Management
Customizable Templates
Drag & Drop Interface
Engagement Analytics
Multi-Channel Marketing
Real Time Analytics
Third Party Integration

Activity Dashboard (165 other apps)
Content Management (124 other apps)
Customizable Branding (147 other apps)
Data Import/Export (112 other apps)
Monitoring (145 other apps)
Real Time Data (107 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (153 other apps)
Social Media Integration (177 other apps)
Social Network Marketing (119 other apps)
Tagging (125 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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#17 in Marketing Automation

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GetApp Analysis

Somewhere between basic email software and high-end automation solutions sits Autopilot, a multi-channel marketing application that levels the playing field for businesses that are interested in automated marketing, customer relationship management, customer acquisition, and growth in their bottom lines.

Autopilot is a web-based solution with flexible features, designed for companies of all sizes and industries. In addition to creating multi-channel marketing journeys, organizations are able to use Autopilot to capture leads from forms, personalize and automate their emails, view visitor events in real-time, groom their marketing databases, and achieve a high return on investments (ROI) with valuable insights and reporting tools.

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is a multi-channel marketing solution that was designed to fill the gap between basic email software and high-end automation solutions. The application provides a way for organizations of all sizes to automate and track marketing activities across both online and offline channels. Users can map every touch point throughout the customer lifecycle. They can also organize and segment their contacts in one place and integrate Autopilot with the systems they already use, including Salesfoce, Twilio, and Lob, among other third-party services.

Autopilot is significantly easier to use than the high-end automation solutions that tech elites are accustomed to, and it is flexible enough that any organization can take advantage of its automated marketing features with minimal setup. Autopilot also provides a way for businesses to seamlessly nurture leads beyond email and gain insights through analytics. Built-in integrations to marketing, CRM, and business intelligence tools provide a way for marketers to track client journeys with email, mobile, and direct mail.

Who is Autopilot for?

  • Experience level: All levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: All business sizes
  • Departments/roles: Marketers, sales, and customer success managers
  • Budget/point: Flexible subscription-based pricing that scales
  • Example customers: Nokia, Microsoft, SendHub

Main features

Multi-channel Marketing Journeys

With multi-channel marketing journeys, Autopilot users can send the right messages to the right recipients at the precise moments when recipients are likely to be receptive to those messages. Businesses are able to automate their marketing, send personalized messages, and build workflows and processes in Salesforce.

Journeys are where your automated marketing program begins. To create and publish your first Journey, use Autopilot’s drag-and-drop Journey canvas. With Autopilot, you have the option of designing a program from scratch or selecting a program from the Guide Book, which is a collection of best practice programs.

Lead Capturing

Autopilot’s Universal Form Capture capabilities enable users to capture lead data from any website, blog, or app. This means that Autopilot users don’t have to worry about rebuilding landing pages or content before they can begin capturing lead data with the service.

To begin capturing submissions from the existing forms and landing pages on your website, add Autopilot’s tracking code. Once you’ve setup the tracking code, you can create a new Journey and drag the Form Submitted trigger onto your canvas. From that point, Autopilot’s wizard will track new forms and funnel the submissions into your contact database.


Guides are best practice Journey templates, and they help users quickly get started using Autopilot. Guides are built from tried-and-true marketing automation best practices, and they enable anyone to take advantage of years of marketing experience and research.

Autopilot’s Guide Book comes with tips and tricks for automated marketing. Search through existing Guides by keyword or make a Guide of your own from scratch. Selecting “Use Guide” will add the best practice Shapes and configurations to your Journey canvas. You can continue to make customizations by selecting the “Add Shapes” icon at any point along the way.

Automated Emails

Businesses that use Autopilot are able to personalize and automate their marketing emails. Autopilot helps organizations improve email performance by sending follow-up messages at optimal times. Advanced features make it possible for businesses to personalize the messages that Autopilot with dynamic text in the subject lines and body content.

To avoid straying too far from the look and feel of your typical company emails, upload branded HTML templates into Autopilot. You can import an HTML template or make your HTML email editable. If your goal is to make your automated email appear as personal as possible, you’ll want to add dynamic text into the content that you’re sending. First names, email addresses, and even birthdates can be pulled from your contact records automatically.

Insights & Reporting

The best way for an Autopilot user to measure the effectiveness of his or her new automated marketing program by using the application’s Insights and Reporting tools. With these tools, businesses can visualize revenue impacts, view trends, and view summaries of user and email performance data.

Autopilot provides you with data in real-time, which means you can immediately detect when changes to your marketing program are having an impact on the activity on your website. Reports can be filtered by date range. Or, you can filter reports by Journeys or individual email touch points.


Autopilot integrates with the best-of-breed apps that marketers already use. Deep third-party integrations make Autopilot a suitable application for businesses of all sizes and industries, regardless of the marketing and CRM systems they currently use.

A few of the most popular applications that Autopilot integrates with include Salesforce, Segment, Lob, and Twilio.


Autopilot offers subscription-based pricing that scales as businesses grow. Businesses only pay for what they need and unlimited emails are included at every pricing level, regardless of how much they pay each month. Autopilot does not charge any setup fees.

There are two pricing plans available. The Base Plan costs $20 per month if paid annually (or $25 if paid monthly) for up to 1,000 contacts, and includes unlimited email sends, multi-channel journeys (email, SMS, in-app messaging, postcards), reporting, segmentation, and integrations with Slack and Zapier. The Business Plan costs up per month if paid annually (or $50 if paid monthly) for up to 1,000 contacts, and includes Salesforce CRM integration, integration, access to Autopilot's API, A/B split testing, and access to in-app journey reviews. Businesses with more than 1 million contacts should contact Autopilot directly for custom pricing information.

Bottom line

  • Helps companies automate marketing and nurture leads
  • Popular with marketers, sales, and customer success managers
  • Incorporates personalized offline and mobile touchpoints
  • Integrated with best-of-breed technologies
  • Flexible subscription-based pricing

Additional information for Autopilot

Key features of Autopilot

  • Multi-channel: email, SMS, in-app messaging, direct mail
  • Action-based trigger automation
  • Built-in integrations with best of breed technologies
  • Unlimited emails
  • Universal form capture
  • Static and dynamic smart list segmentation
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Advanced email analytics
  • HTML email editor
  • Dynamic text personalization
  • Ready-to-use best practice lead nurture guide templates
  • SMS integration
  • Drip email marketing
  • Dynamic workflow
  • Lead capture
  • API
  • Contact database
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Lead nurturing
  • CRM integration
  • Web forms
  • WYSIWYG email editor
  • A/B testing
  • Real time journey analytics
  • Contact management
  • Email templates
  • Progress tracking
  • Journey goal setting & progress tracking
  • Engagement analytics
  • Conversion tracking
  • Conversion optimization tools
  • Performance reports
  • Click-through tracking
  • Delivery tracking
  • Unsubscribe database
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Drag and connect journey builder: Map every touchpoint of the customer journey with an intuitive drag and drop interface that’s fun and easy to use.

Multi-channel marketing: Autopilot lets you automate your email, texting, in-app messaging and direct mail marketing communications. You’ll be able to connect with customers online, offline, and on mobile.

Event-based automation: Trigger marketing actions based on events and user behavior to ensure that leads are always being nurtured towards becoming high-paying customers.

Best practice guides: Autopilot’s guides are built from tried and tested lead nurturing strategies and help you kickstart your marketing in seconds.

Built-in integrations: Autopilot partners with the best-of-breed technologies including Salesforce CRM, Zapier, GoodData, Segment, Slack, Twilio, and Lob.

Universal tracking: Autopilot enables you to track all your contact and anonymous visitor behavior across any touchpoint, from emails to your website, with an activity feed where you can watch actions in real time.

Advanced insights and reporting: Autopilot’s built-in Insights give you a visual understanding of the performance and results of your marketing efforts. Know which messages convert, track journey trends, and optimize performance based on real-time results.