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Built.io Flow overview

What is Built.io Flow?

Built.io Flow is a cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service (IPaaS) designed to provide end-to-end integration and business process automation for IT admins, developers, and business users. The Express edition is designed with a point-and-click interface for business users to create automated workflows without requiring the input of the IT department, and the Enterprise edition is suited more for technical teams, with a drag-and-drop interface, API builder, and custom code editor.

Built.io Flow Express includes a library of workflow templates to automate common processes, and users can also create custom flows to connect multiple applications using “if-this-then-that” scenarios, triggers, and actions. Multiple simple flows can be connected to automate complex processes across several departments, and users can customize the format of data output, with options including HTML, SMS, CSV files, ordered and unordered lists, and tables. Workflows are executed in real time, and can be scheduled to run at specified dates and times, or triggered manually using Webhook URLs. Users can test workflows without needing to use live data, and

Built.io Flow Enterprise enables users to connect their cloud services, mobile applications, legacy enterprise systems, and IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure, and manage workflows across these domains. Complex workflows can be created with custom logic, loops, and multiple execution branches, and collaboration bots can be included to enable workflow triggers within chats, such as booking conference rooms, setting up dial-in numbers, and synchronizing participants’ calendars while users coordinate a meeting. The built-in data mapper normalizes data between multiple sources, allowing data to be reconciled between systems. Built.io Flow Enterprise also includes custom Node.js code blocks, support for Swagger and RAML, and advanced API builder, visual testing and debugging, and more.


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Built.io Flow pricing

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30-day free trial, no credit card required.

Standard - 5 active workflows: $9 per month
Premium - 25 active workflows: $29 per month

Light - 5 active workflows, 5 triggers, 2500 credits per month: $29 per month
Standard - 10 active workflows, 10 triggers 10000 credits per month: $99 per month
Premium - 50 active workflows, 20 triggers, 100000 credits per month: $499 per month
Custom: starting from $1499 per month
(1 credit = 1 second of runtime in Built.io Flow)

Built.io Flow features

Collaboration Tools
Drag & Drop Interface
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

Access Control (176 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (239 other apps)
Activity Tracking (127 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (124 other apps)
Auditing (122 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (178 other apps)
Compliance Management (132 other apps)
Data Import/Export (168 other apps)
Data Visualization (128 other apps)
Monitoring (264 other apps)
Real Time Data (120 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (149 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (200 other apps)
Search Functionality (118 other apps)
User Management (109 other apps)

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Key features of Built.io Flow

  • Visual debugger
  • Workflow groups
  • Multiple execution branches
  • Loops
  • Custom logic
  • Enterprise gateway
  • Collaboration bots
  • Workflow triggers
  • Data mapper
  • Real-time triggers
  • Activity builder & library
  • Advanced API builder
  • Visualized testing
  • Swagger & RAML support
  • OAuth authentication
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Pre-built utilities
  • Custom code blocks
  • Workflow mapping
  • Workflow validation
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Workflows can be created and mapped to real business processes, with custom logic, loops, and multiple execution branches.

Collaboration Bots enable users to trigger workflows from within collaboration tools including Slack or Cisco Spark, such as booking a conference room, setting up a dial-in number, and syncing with participant’s calendars, all while coordinating the meeting.

Built-in data mapper transforms data for transfer between heterogeneous systems that use different formats or nomenclature, such as Marketo and Salesforce.

Real-time triggers can be used to initiate simple or complex workflows spanning multiple systems, such as adding a lead to the CRM system, creating a note in Evernote, and sending an SMS or Slack notification when a task is entered in Trello.

Meta-APIs can be created using the advanced API builder to combine, wrap, and abstract multiple API calls into a single one, which can be exposed with a simple URL.