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Highrise CRM

Simple CRM for tracking leads and managing follow ups

4.5/5 (111 reviews)

Highrise CRM overview

Highrise is a straightforward and simple CRM which provides a set of basic features to give you what you need and NOT what you don't.

With Highrise you can store and share lead and contact information with your team members through a central database of contact profiles. You can import leads directly from Outlook, Gmail, Excel, MailChimp and other 3rd party apps.

You can use Highrise to send emails directly to clients and store important emails, attaching them to contact profiles so you have all their information in one place. You can also attach important documents and files and attachments such as contracts.

Highrise lets you create follow ups and tasks, assign tasks to team members, track your tasks and receive reminders via email or SMS to carry out tasks. Colleagues can add notes to contacts for review by other team members. Custom privacy settings let you decide which information your share with whom.


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Highrise CRM screenshot: See all of the latest activity at a glanceThe Ultimate Guide to HIGHRISE - The #1 CRM for Business NinjasHighrise CRM screenshot: Prioritize and get stuff done with easy tasks and follow upsHighrise CRM screenshot: View an entire lead or contact history on one pageHighrise CRM screenshot: Keep up even when you're on the go with our iOS and Android appsHighrise CRM screenshot: Add notes and link follow ups and tasks to them as neededHighrise CRM screenshot: Olark and Highrise integration is just one of our many integrations

Highrise CRM reviews

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Vicki Floyd

A Database Program That Has Multiple Functions

Reviewed 2016-01-13
Review Source: Software Advice

Before we began using Highrise, we thought that we were going to have to hire someone to create a database for us, then hire someone to maintain it. When we discovered Highrise, this solved our issues. We are an executive search firm, and Highrise allows us to keep track of every job candidate who sends us a resume. We have their contact information at our fingertips, and we can attach their resumes and any other pertinent info to their Highrise entry. We have also found it extremely useful to use the tags. In this way, we can differentiate our candidates by the type of work that they do, and also by what positions they have applied for in the past. If we are trying to reach out to someone with a financial background, we do a Highrise search using our financial tag, and everyone who has financial experience will come up in the search. We can even narrow it down to region, city, state or zip code. We like using the notes so that any of our team members who look at a Highrise entry can see if there's anything about a particular candidate another team member found notable during a phone conversation, for example. We also really like how integrated Highrise is with LinkedIn, because we use LinkedIn quite a bit. There are a lot of features of Highrise that are automatic that help us a lot. For instance, as long as a person's profile in Highrise has their email address, we can forward emails to a dedicated Dropbox email and Highrise will automatically pick it up and add it to that person's Highrise profile.

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Bismark Del Villar

The most useful CRM I know. The features available are the most widely used. Powerful & Intuitive

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

I have been able to keep under control interactions with my customers regarding both sales and customer service. By using tasks, I never missed a follow up, an employee's birthday or anniversary. The software has given me a great sense of control and made it look simple.I have been running two companies for the last ten years out of Highrise CRM. PROS: Only useful features included. I use ALL the features in highrise and feel that nothing is lacking. I can do sales, customer service out of the same database for two companies. The tags structure allows me to segment my contacts like no other system I have ever tried. The ability to now send mass emails to segments of or my entire database is extremely useful. The ability to create custom fields and then be able to search by them as well is simply amazing. Task management is very simple in Highrise, perhaps, the most intuitive I have ever seen. Deals and the search capabilities are the icing on the cake, but what truly sets this CRM apart from all its competition is how simple it is to use. You can start using it immediately. No videos to watch or learn. The system is that intuitive. I highly recommend this CRM to anyone running a small to mid size business.

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Ivan Collins

Highrise packs a lot of power for a great price

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-11
Review Source: Software Advice

It's not sales force, but as a CRM tool it's got to be one of the better priced options considering the features.I love Highrise. It offers great tagging with the ability to filter companies by tag and include employees of those companies (so you don't have to tag all employees). You can use it for broadcast email, although the bounce and spam rates are pretty tight to know you off the system. It will auto record all emails sent to clients using a BCC to highrise feature so you can store all interactions and make them available across all employees. You can add custom fields as well for mail merge. The desktop UX is great. The mobile UX is OK. The mobile apps are getting better. That's the main thing I like, they announce new features and functions routinely and it's getting better all the time.

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Kyle L. Schott

The key system to making my business run smoothly. We'd be a disorganized mess without it.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

Allows our team and clients easy access to all communication and orders with our accounts. Highrise is a screen always open and in constant use. It's a very easy to use and appealing CRM.Aesthetically, I find the website to be pleasing and easy to use. It's second nature to us now as we've been using Highrise for almost 7 years. All our accounts that used to live in my head are now neatly organized and accessible by my team and our clients. Amazing to be able to offer that transparency. We use the deals function and send out samples and orders. Highrise links with some other sites we use - mailchimp and easy insights to name a few. I love how you can set permissions and tailor each users view. When we were searching for a CRM we researched many options before settling on highrise. It's been critical to our growing business.

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Samuel Stephens

Highrise is close to perfect, with responsive and helpful customer service

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

Business contact info and organization is excellent. Great customer support.Highrise makes building your business contact list easy, with plenty of options for organizing them. Best of all is the way of filtering through tags. Sure, every site has tags, but if you really care about them as a way of creating lists and sublists and sub-sub-lists, you typically can't. Highrise's gives you a great way to view to filter through your contacts by adding/subtracting tags or word search. When I've run into problems or questions about certain features, the Highrise team is great at replying with real help. I'm not used to getting an answer so quickly from a website team without being put through the grinder of being put on hold or a beauracracy of emails, but Highrise has been stellar on that front.

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Highrise CRM pricing

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Highrise Basic: $24/month
Up to 6 users
5,000 contacts
10 deals
5GB storage

Highrise Plus: $49/month
Up to 15 users
20,000 contacts
Unlimited deals
15GB storage

Highrise Premium: $99/month
Up to 40 users
30,000 contacts
Unlimited deals
30GB storage

Highrise Max: $149/month
Unlimited users
50,000 contacts
Unlimited deals
75GB storage

Highrise CRM features


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Additional information for Highrise CRM

Key features of Highrise CRM

  • Import contacts from Outlook or Excel
  • Store customer emails
  • Reply to emails
  • Attach documents and files
  • Assign tasks
  • Task tracking & reminders
  • Email/ SMS notifications
  • Notes & comments
  • Meeting notes
  • Proposal & deal tracking
  • Custom privacy setting
  • Share contact/ company data
  • Custom data fields
  • Data import/ export
  • Track employee reviews
  • Mobile app for iPhone or Android
  • 3rd party integrations
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Contact management: Store lead and company information by entering data or easily importing from your email, Excel or 3rd party apps.

Task management: Create follow ups, assign tasks to teammates, track the progress of tasks and set alerts and reminders.

Email management: Store important emails and attach them to contacts. Reply to your emails directly within Highrise.

Document management: Attach documents and files to lead and contact profiles and within Highrise.

Privacy settings: Decide which information to mark as private for only you to view or select specific team members to share information with.

Multiple 3rd party integrations: Including Zapier, Wufoo, LiveChat, PieSync, Olark, Formstack, Constant Contact, Freshbooks, Bidsketch, Cyfe, Picreel, Help Scout, and many more.