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Bottlenose overview

Bottlenose helps brands discover, understand and analyze trends around their brands, campaigns and industry as they happen. The app uses an ocean of data and intelligence to give you a much more accurate and in-depth understanding of your audience and industry, helping to refine your social advertising and digital marketing campaigns, gauge audience sentiment and engagement, prevent potential crises, analyze competition and benchmark your efforts.

Bottlenose offers a number of patented, high-tech features such as the Bottlenose Nerve Center™, Bottlenose Mission Control ™ and the Sonar trend visualization tool to capture and present data in from multiple resources in multifarious ways. You can use the trend dashboard to see a live visualization of all trending topics, hashtags, images, videos, links, messages, and people, as well as positive and negative influencers and sentiment trends.

The sonar trend analysis tool helps to spot emerging trends and make sense of fast emerging streams of messages and conversations, displaying this information in a visual sonar. You can also add broadcast channels to this analysis, detecting and analyzing how your brand is perceived on TV and radio. Powered by linguistic technology from Lexalytics®, Bottlenose offers a sentiment analysis engine to identify different kinds of emotions.

Bottlenose also offers live audience insights that allow you to track and visualize audience interests, geography, languages, gender, ethnicity, activity and content trends, spot influencers, and dive into a single person's social media activity. Real-time and historical Social Influence Metric (SIM) scores let you compare and benchmark against competitors or entire industry segments.

The Bottlenose Mission Control™ hardware platform lets you run the Nerve Center on a range of displays anywhere in your headquarters, offices or even at events. This tool lets you display insights, statistics, news, market data, trends and any other intelligence through data visualizations on any screen.


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Bottlenose screenshot: Use Bottlenose to discover positive sentiment Bottlenose screenshot: Use Bottlenose to spot top links, trending topics and peopleBottlenose screenshot: Bottlenose sonar viewBottlenose screenshot: Bottlenose trend dashboardBottlenose screenshot: See trending images and media using BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: Sentiment analysis from BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: Use Bottlenose to analyze your audience by geographyBottlenose screenshot: Bottlenose trend alert emailsBottlenose screenshot: Competitive benchmarking with BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: Discover influencers using BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: See postive and negative topics with BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: Analyze broadcast and social trends in one with BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: Audience and languages analysis in BottlenoseBottlenose screenshot: Bottlenose Mission Control CentreBottlenose screenshot: Bottlenose Nerve CenterBottlenose screenshot: Bottlenose shows you trending articles

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Additional information for Bottlenose

Key features of Bottlenose

  • Bottlenose Nerve Center™ (trend intelligence)
  • Real-time & historical data analysis
  • Automated trend alerts
  • Emotion & demographic analysis
  • Live, visual trend dashboard
  • Top positive & negative influencers
  • Top positive & negative sentiment trends
  • Trending Images & videos
  • Trending links & popular messages
  • View trending messages by type
  • Real-time KPIs
  • Sonar trend visualization
  • TV & radio trend analysis
  • Real-time search & discovery
  • Sentiment analysis engine
  • Live audience analysis
  • Social Influence Metric (SIM) score comparisons
  • Bottlenose Mission Control ™ hardware
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Trend intelligence: Discover emerging trends and new viral content in real-time, keeping up-to-date and ahead of the competition in terms of industry news.

Brand health: Track public perception of your brand overtime, measure campaign performance and KPIs, and benchmark against competitors.

Real-time marketing: Helps brands discover trending topics around their campaign objectives, using this data to send timely, targeted messages and promotions.

Crisis management: Track live and historical crisis sentiment, analyze PR efforts in real-time, identify key influencers, and mitigate potential threats before they go viral.

Competitor monitoring: Track and understand what your competitors are doing -with analysis into keywords, influencers, hashtag relationships and more.

Live event monitoring: See the real-time social buzz being generated as it happens around live events, such as sports events, product launches, campaigns, conferences, PR events and more.

Social overlap analysis: Analyse and identify common trends among brands, campaigns and audiences through a live map comparison.

Social business intelligence: Use the Bottlenose Nerve Center™ Mission Control hardware and widgets to discover and share live social analytics and connect them to other company data and initiatives.