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Market Quest Real Estate

Marketing & CRM software for the Real Estate industry

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Market Quest Real Estate overview

Market Quest for Real Estate is useful for both individual real estate agents and groups of professionals who need to remain in touch with referral partners, previous clients and new prospects, and use good marketing content for increasing overall sales. The solution can be deployed only in the cloud.

By storing effective email and detailed information, Market Quest for Real Estate enables users to stay in touch with home vendors and buyers. The solution helps users to nurture customer relationships and generate future referrals by staying in contact with existing customers. Agents can automate the sending of holiday cards, weekly real estate newsletters, and birthday e-cards to referral partners. Market Quest also facilitates the building of relationships with other professionals such as financial planners, certified public accountants, loan officers and other real estate agents.

Users can add their contact information and photo to emails and letters sent out to prospects to help increase referrals. Other key features of the solution include lead management, email marketing, calendar management and alerts. The solution can be integrated with Outlook and Excel. A free demo is available for new users and training is provided through documentation and online videos.


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Market Quest Real Estate features

Automatic Notifications
Calendar Management
Contact Database
Customer Database
Social Media Integration
Third Party Integration

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Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Key features of Market Quest Real Estate

  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Calendar management
  • Client database
  • Contact management
  • Email marketing
  • Referral tracking
  • Integration with outlook and excel
  • Post to social media
  • Lead management
  • Database marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Partner co-branding
  • Prospect marketing
  • Past client marketing
  • Marketing drip campaigns
  • Postcards
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• Market Quest for Real Estate provides various tools for helping real estate agents to build customer relationships and increase sales.

• The software enables agents to produce more referrals and increase existing customer loyalty.

• Market Quest offers real estate marketing content such as postcards, digital newsletters, and financial industry news, along with marketing drip campaigns.

• The intelligent import functionality gathers information from several sources into a common centralized database.

• Market Quest imports all useful data such as leads from landing pages, mortgage websites, and real estate lead providers.