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Springboard Retail

POS and Retail Management Solution

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Springboard Retail overview

Springboard Retail is a cloud-based POS and retail management software built by retailers who understand the ever-changing needs of the retail industry. Springboard Retail's Mobile POS and robust retail management platform helps retailers nationwide ranging from 1-50 stores sell more, smarter. With real-time inventory management, detailed custom reporting, open APIs for extensive customization, and portability across platforms and devices, Springboard Retail is easy to use, quick to get started with and loved by its users for making their jobs easier.

Using Springboard’s mobile POS to reclaim valuable in-store square footage for better merchandise displays and engage with customers at the point of decision, Springboard users process $200 million annually across the United States. With Springboard's Customer Dashboard, retailers can track key customer buying habits to make smarter suggestions and better serve their customers in the omni-channel retail industry. Springboard Retail places actionable real-time data in the hands of every person who needs it--from sales associates to the CEO--giving retailers better control over sales and profitability

"Springboard Retail gives us the information we need to make better decisions for your company. We can look to see what our top sellers are, what a specific customer has bought in the past, check inventory and sell-through by vendors and so much more. It's the incremental adjustments that we make with the data that is the difference between good and great profitability." -Dobbs Jewelry Store



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Springboard Retail reviews

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Ashley Breski

Springboard Retail works for Wholesale Companies, too

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-20
Review Source: Capterra

We found Springboard Retail after searching for a program that can manage many elements of a wholesale business all in one program. We started using it Summer of 2014. We are now able to manage our inventory that is in our office and out with sales reps and on consignment. Although there is no "consignment" part to the program, there's a workaround within the system that is fine. Since everything is in the cloud, we have access to this information anywhere and anytime, even on a mobile phone with the app. It is especially helpful at tradeshows. The reporting functions are amazing and show us very valuable information about sales and products and locations of products that we never had before. Each inventory item allows you to add images and customize as you need. You can duplicate items easily and set up frequently ordered items as needed. It does take some practice to learn everything, especially since we use the program from a wholesale view but once you figure everything out, it is very quick to use and invaluable to our company now. The support service always gets back to us right away if we have a question or problem (which isn't very often). My only issue is with our Quickbooks integration. The integration pushes invoices or credits over to Quickbooks from Springboard as journal entries but then you have to re-enter the invoice/credit specifics into Quickbooks in order to actually have the info/details in Quickbooks. Then we run a Quickbooks report to make sure we haven't missed any invoices. It is a bit time consuming and there is room for error if you forget to enter in an invoice or mistype something. Springboard has said they are working on a better way to handle this but we haven't received any details yet. This one issue is small compared to the positives of the software. I would highly recommend it to any business that needs to manage inventory in one or many locations and is looking for a great reporting system.Manage inventory, run reports, invoice and credits, manage consignments -- everything is all in one program. It's mobile and in the cloud so we have access anywhere and anytime. Support always responds in a timely manner.

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Darren Sao

DLM Supply

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-22
Review Source: Software Advice

I have been very pleasantly surprised about how well Springboard has worked out for our Men's Clothing boutique in Dallas. My colleague and I did some extensive research in POS systems. We both had a history of working with larger clothing retailers so we were accustomed to robust reporting, advanced order systems, and detailed item management. Springboard has been able to deliver on all fronts. I've also come to appreciate the support system that is built in. There is a message board available to submit requests/questions and the follow through has been pretty good. They have listened to some of our feature requests and I have noticed a couple of them were implemented on the following system update (which they also do frequently). We are currently working on getting our website up and running on Shopify, and the integration is working great in terms of syncing inventory. Reporting, reporting, reporting. Reports are entirely customizable and there are several metrics to choose from. I feel like i have been able to replicate several of the reports that I had available to me at the large corporation that i worked at, and that has been very impressive. User friendly interface on the POS. Very easy to teach to new users. Detailed item management capability with unlimited customizable fields. Allows for even more robust reporting. Ipad app works well

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Katie Sanford

Incredible System

Reviewed 2015-07-30
Review Source: Software Advice

We moved over from RICS because it was an older slower moving system. Springboard's reporting function is dynamic - it works as fast as my brain works. In the past, I would run a report on performance and invariably another question would come up while I was reviewing that report - In RICS I would have to go back and rerun another report (5 mins) - with Springboard I can slice the data any way I want in a matter of seconds. I also have been consistently impressed by the support team - any time I have a question, the team is available to answer my questions - and always with a friendly and helpful attitude. ALWAYS. I know their names, they know who I am, it just feels really comforting to know I have a support team who seems to care about my business as much as I do. If they don't have the answer I am looking for, they are always quick to provide a suggestion for a workaround AND add my need to a list of projects they have going forward. I have seen almost every single one of my suggestions turn into a feature on Springboard. I also really like that I can open up another register (Station) as my business dictates - I am not locked into paying for features that I only use seasonally.

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Eric Mayer

Springboard Retail is modern POS software at it's very best.

Reviewed 2015-11-03
Review Source: Software Advice

The Springboard Retail team hails from a multi-store retail background so they know first-hand what POS software needs to do, how it should work and that it must to be simple and intuitive to use. That is exactly what they have created; no fluff, incredibly flexible and reliable software that is as close as one can get to a custom written solution, offered at a reasonable price. Unlike many other platforms that try to serve restaurants, grocery stores, and everything in between, Springboard simply focuses on doing one thing incredibly well - retail. The software provides quick access to key customer information that enables sales staff to offer exceptional and personalized customer service, and offers the most extensive reporting system I've seen in the various products I've used or researched.

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Seth Goff

Great product, even better company

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-05
Review Source: Software Advice

I consider it a great decision on our part to go with Springboard Retail. While I am able to list some areas of opportunities for them, it is very reassuring to know that they constantly strive to improve their software based on client input. They actually really listen to feedback and many times act on it quickly if other clients can benefit from the change. This is refreshing. In my opinion, it would be challenging to find a better value or partnership on the market.Ease of use - intuitive nature Support team - always feel as if we are partners working together Dynamic Reporting Easy to customize certain fields to fit business needs Real-time reporting and sales sales metrics Mobility - using ipads within the stores, viewing results via smartphone Integration - happy with the timeline, support, and ease Training - very easy to train on this software, love the training mode Knowledge base - this is such a big plus. The articles are current and easy to find quickly Search capability - this is easily overlooked, but being able to put in part of an item's name, number or description and find what you need is huge! Same with customer information.

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We offer three tiers based on your company's needs. You can easily change among tiers as your needs change.

Standard: $79/month, billed annually; $89/month, billed monthly (per selling station)

Professional: $119/month, billed annually; $139/month, billed monthly (per selling station)

Enterprise: $179/month, billed annually; $199/month, billed monthly (per selling station)

Contact Springboard for further pricing information.

Springboard Retail features

Customizable Reporting

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Additional information for Springboard Retail

Key features of Springboard Retail

  • Intuitive Mobile Point of Sale
  • Integrate with top retail technology
  • Real-time company insights
  • Customer history to make smarter suggestions
  • Real-time retail inventory management
  • Easily create and save the reports you need
  • Real-time reporting
  • Stay on top of sales whenever, wherever
  • Build purchase orders that suit you
  • Smoothly enforce accuracy when shipments are received
  • Reward loyal customers, keep them coming back
  • Access key customer data from the POS to sell smarter
  • Segment customers based on spend, location and more
  • Track inventory across all channels in real-time
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Manage your business anywhere

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