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TicketSpice overview

TicketSpice is an online system for event management, booking and ticketing, which allows users to sell tickets for one-off, recurring, multi-day and multi-location events through their own branded web page. Users can create ticketing pages with the drag-and-drop builder, and select from a range of custom fields to be included, such as phone number, date of birth, meal choice, T-shirt size, and more. Social media integrations enable users to track Facebook and Twitter shares, and offer incentives or rewards in the form of fixed amount or percentage reductions in ticket prices.

Actions based on conditional logic allow users to control the pricing and availability of tickets, for example setting certain sets of tickets to release on a specified date, or increasing ticket price once inventory drops to a preset level. These actions can also be used to discount purchase fees for bulk purchases, or require buyers to answer survey questions to secure their tickets.

The integrated point of sale (POS) system enables users to sell additional products, assists with inventory management, and generates reports on merchandise sales. TicketSpice also reports back to users on metrics including transaction time, conversion rates, device usage, and pageviews, as well as allowing users to export ticketholder information and transaction reports.

TicketSpice’s mobile ticket scanning app works with both laser-scanning and camera-enabled devices, syncs in real time across multiple devices, and incorporates built-in fraud detection, allowing users to track and identify any fraudulent or duplicate tickets.


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TicketSpice screenshot: TicketSpice allows users to set up one-off, recurring and multi-date eventsTicketSpice Online Ticketing SoftwareTicketSpice screenshot: Users can customize multiple fields on their ticketing pages with TicketSpiceTicketSpice screenshot: The custom fields are filled in at the same time as personal and delivery information when a ticket is bought through TicketSpiceTicketSpice screenshot: TicketSpice allows users to set up multiple ticket levels with different prices and fees, and limit the number of each ticket type availableTicketSpice screenshot: TicketSpice allows users to set actions using conditional logicTicketSpice screenshot: TicketSpice's actions give users control over ticket price and availability based on inventory, dates and moreTicketSpice screenshot: Tickets can be sent out from TicketSpice as mobile QR codes, with no need for printingTicketSpice screenshot: Users can sell merchandise alongside their event tickets with TicketSpiceTicketSpice screenshot: TicketSpice has multiple design options for users to customize the branding of their ticketing pageTicketSpice screenshot: TicketSpice's mobile ticket scanning app enables users to spot duplicate or fraudulent tickets

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Sarah Quinlan

Peanut butter ticket time

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-04
Review Source: Capterra

I had a good experience overall. It's always challenging to switch versions but I found it to be pretty easy. I like the look and feel much better. Software looks great on mobile devices and loads fast. templates are easy to use.

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Danielle Papageorgiou

Immensely better than Eventbrite!!

Reviewed 2016-11-29
Review Source: Capterra

I signed up for TicketSpice for my conference website ( after comparing a lot of different options. TicketSpice seemed to offer the most flexibility for the price and I also was really excited about the social networking options. I loved the idea of incentivizing my customers to share my event for an additional amount off their ticket! I was hesitant about the .99 fee TicketSpice charges per ticket, since the other option I was considering was a free Wordpress plugin, but it's still cheaper than Eventbrite and it has been well worth it! I just added a $1 fee per ticket, so in the end, I'm not really paying anything extra besides credit card processing fees. The flexibility of the program has been amazing! Unlike Eventbrite, I am able to set up my basic tickets, but then I can add what they call "actions" to create variables for each ticket. In other words, I have two basic tickets for my conference: Single and Family. But we also have a fair on Saturday after the conference. It is free for attendees, but others can also sign up just to come to the fair portion. I added actions so that when someone selects the Single or Family Ticket, they see the fair ticket with a $0 price, as well as an additional Speaker Luncheon ticket option. But if they select the $15 fair option at the beginning, then the single and family tickets disappear and the Speaker Luncheon option also remains hidden. Not possible with Eventbrite! Also, I have set up early bird, regular, and late tickets. With Eventbrite, I had to do each ticket for each length of time separately. It was confusing and time-consuming! With TicketSpice, I just created an action for each ticket. The coupon codes are also nice because I can add actions so that they can only be used in certain instances. For example, I had a Cyber Monday sale, so I added an action that the coupon could only be used on the specific date of November 28th. Worked perfectly! Finally, the customer service has been outstanding! I worked a lot during Thanksgiving week, but my questions through chat were always answered in a timely manner, even on Sunday...pretty important since one of my actions would have resulted in giving away all my tickets for free instead of only the first three sold! Ryan was so helpful and encouraging and even sent a video showing how to do what I needed to do. Can't say enough good things about TicketSpice!! Happy enough to take the time to write this long review! :)

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Mike Abrams

Now the best ticketing software period

Reviewed 2015-12-16
Review Source: Capterra

After coming from Eventbrite, and testing out MANY ticketing systems for our many events, I have found the NEW 4.0 version of Ticketspice to be the best and in a class by itself. Why? 1. The clean and modern look.. On MOBILE and on web - Looks great... Have yous een an Eventbrite's STRIPPED OUT mobile version? It looks like a contract of text! All the graphics are gone. 2. The crazy flexibility of the builder in Ticketspice. You can basically customize it to look CLEAN AND SHARP... Streamlined.. ONE PAGE ticket checkout... Move things around, add all different elements.... It's easy and interactive and looks GREAT and modern and clean... but without sacrificing features. 3. The responsive customer support... they'lll live chat with you any time to fix issues and open to suggestions.. They are the best. Ever try dealing with a person at Eventbrite. Good luck with that. 4. They add new features. Eventbrite is notorious for putting in their blog 'we are adding apple pay' or something like that then saying it won't be for months and never happen. These people are proactive. They probably have a smaller team and can move quicker. Eventbrite being cannot make changes quickly or at all... they promise things that never come. 5. The action commands. Nothing on ANY other ticketing system comes close. You can literally incentive in a major way by having sections appear based on criteria. Want to ovver a free t shirt when someone buys 10 tickets.. you CAN. Want to only show a ticket type for an age group when they put their age in. You CAN. Want to sell merch on the site... ANY amount (not 5 items like Eventbrite) You CAN. Want to have different instructions appear for different ticket types... you CAN. Want to have a 2 for one sale when someone buys multiples of 2 tickets.. you CAN.... You can do SO MUCH to incentive and create a ticket buying experience that is fn and gives people reasons to buy things. And is SMART without cluttering up the page. 6. The checkout process on one page is simple - easy for anyone. 7. Want to get paid.. WITHOUT WAITING?? They clear through STRIPE, WEPAY and other services that deposit NIGHTLY... NO WAITING for WEEKS to get YOUR money (like with Eventbrite). Oh.. YOU can set the fees.. any fee you like ... you aren't locked in.. like with Eventbrite. And they just charge 99 cents a ticket.

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Solid ticketing platform with low fees

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-13
Review Source: Capterra

We have used many ticketing solutions and found TicketSpice to possess all of the features we have needed from the more expensive solutions at a fraction of the price. Excellent product.

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Shannon Carter

Stellar product, stellar support!!!

Used monthly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-24
Review Source: Capterra

I have used TicketSpice on events for about a year. When I first signed up, they had not yet launched the 4.0 platform, so all the TicketSpice pages for my first round of events were developed on the 3.0 platform. It was so easy to put together a snazzy event page, with a ton of customizable options. At the time, the only thing I was really missing was logic... And I found out at my event that the ticket scanning app was a huge battery drain! And then 4.0 rolled out... And also a new app that allows you to turn off the scanner without killing the app. Those were my biggest hurdles last fall, and they have been addressed. Regarding the team, EVERY contact I have had with them has been a stellar experience. They are friendly, engaging, funny, and oh, so smart... They have always been able to answer my questions and fix what I broke... :) Just this evening, I was working on an event page and had a question about setting up some logic to calculate a discount based on ticket quantities purchased, but it was almost midnight (Texas time). I decided to leave a message and wait for them to get back to me when they opened in the morning... But no... Eric responded within a minute or so, and not only did he answer my question, he wrote the logic for me, and then he took the time to make changes to the design of two of my pages so that my graphics looked better and worked better on a mobile platform. In all, he spent about an hour helping me tonight. Flexibility, ease of use, packed with features, low cost, turnkey solution... To put it succinctly, I like EVERYTHING about this software.

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TicketSpice pricing

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99¢ per ticket holder for paid events; free events are free.

Users can add on additional features, either on a usage or monthly/annual subscription basis:

Unlimited 3rd party integrations, webhooks & API access ($20 / month)
Communication center ($0.02 per message sent)
Custom gateway (1% of transaction)
Salesforce integration ($199 / Month)
Custom domain masking ($500 / year)

TicketSpice features

Custom Fields
Customizable Branding
Social Media Integration

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Additional information for TicketSpice

Key features of TicketSpice

  • Customizable branding
  • Inventory tracking
  • Staff access accounts
  • Conversion tracking
  • Data export
  • Performance dashboard
  • Event analytics
  • Drag-and-drop web page builder
  • Custom web page fields
  • iOS ticket scanning app
  • Mobile and printed tickets
  • Merchandise point of sale (POS)
  • Real time analytics
  • Transaction exports
  • Social media integration
  • Site theme templates
  • Multi-day/multi-location events
  • Recurring ticket sales
  • Conditional logic
  • PCI compliant
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TicketSpice includes a mobile ticket scanning app, which is capable of detecting duplicate and fraudulent tickets, syncs across multiple devices in real time, and works offline if an internet connection is unavailable or too slow.

Actions based on conditional logic can be used to automatically increase ticket prices after a certain date, limit ticket availability, hide or display ticket types based on date, or require survey answers to be completed for certain ticket purchases.

Custom advanced ticketing fields can be incorporated into users’ ticketing pages, requiring buyers to fill in information such as mailing address, age, gender, meal preference, and more, and can be set up in multiple formats, including multiple choice, free text field, date field, and checkbox.

Users can view metrics including conversion rate, average, shortest and longest transaction times, unique visitors, page views, and top referrers.

Users can be incentivised to share events on social media by reducing the cost of tickets by either a fixed amount or percentage. TicketSpice tracks users’ shares on Twitter and Facebook, and automatically applies their reward on the ticketing page.

TicketSpice supports multi-event ticketing, such as festivals (multi-day and multi-location), lecture halls and speaker series, mixers and socials, tours, trips and excursions, and music performances.